Thursday, June 26, 2008

Canoe Peach Creek on Father's Day

June 15, 2008 Father's Day 2008

We get up earlier than usual to head out for our planned canoe trip. I've mapped out how far we should go before turning around. I've called Lake Houston park folks and asked about the water level. Lunch, snacks and plenty of water are packed. Sunscreen? Check. It's all in order.

We head out and stop for some breakfast at Whataburger. No bacon please.

Traffic isn't too bad. Oh yeah, it's Sunday morning. OOPS! I pass the exit! Rats. Well, let's see if there is a place to put in at Roman Forest. It seems like I had seen a park there near the creek. There it is! We walk to the creek but there is so much plant growth that it would be difficult to get in. OK, back in the truck guys. Let's go find the other park.

No big deal. We get there and pay for our entrance. $9 just for us to put a canoe in the water. Whatever. Can we drive closer to the water to unload? Great! Oh, but then we have to drive the truck to the parking lot and walk to the water? That's a pretty good hike. Can't argue with the authorities though, right?

Canoes are unloaded (good job Chuck! who carries them over his head by himself!). We'll just wait here while you take the truck to the parking lot. Happy Father's Day! Kids are splashing and having fun. We all have our sunscreen on. The water is awfully shallow here. But I'm sure it gets deeper around the bend.

Oh good, Chuck is back. Well, guys, let's head out. You first Chuck. Rachel and I will paddle behind you guys so you can clear out any spiders that might be in low branches. :) Darn it! This is hard to do. It's so shallow right here. Glad that it will get deeper right around the bend.

Gosh it's hot polling through this shallow water. I bet it gets deeper around the second bend. You know, I did call to check the water level. I'm sure that they were telling the absolute truth.

OK, this is starting to suck pretty bad. I'm hot and tired and sick of getting out of this canoe and dragging it along. That means I have to do the same thing on the way back. What? What's that smell?! Good grief, something is dead somewhere and I am stuck in shallow water and there are mini log jams. Oh gross. And there are vultures. Did a herd of cattle die? Quick! Let's get through here quickly!

Glad that's over. It is so beautiful out here with the ferns growing along the bank and the trees and the gravel and sand bed of the creek. There's even a current flowing! Too bad it's not but ankle deep.

Dude, this is really getting hard. Let's turn around and call it a day. This is not a canoe trip; it's a wading and hauling trip. I didn't sign up for an episode of Survivor. I just wanted to go canoeing.

OK. Let's stop for a break. Have fun climbing on the trees, kids. I gotta rest. It is 98 degrees. I think I am going to pass out. Oh no! Rachel had a spider crawl on her. That girl can move when she wants!

Time to head back y'all. Charlie takes a turn pulling the canoe. Good job, son.

We're back but I have obviously gotten overheated. Chuck, I'll be fine. Let me help you. You are so stubborn sometimes but thanks. Wow, he gets the truck and loads both canoes up by himself! Thank you!

Time to head home to get cleaned up. We smell like the rotting catfish that we finally saw in the water by the vultures. I mean, we smell BAD.

Happy Father's Day, my love. Let's get cleaned up and head to your folks' house for steaks. Next time we'll canoe in water instead of sand.
Hey, where was Chuck in all of these pictures?!

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