Tuesday, July 1, 2008

De-Nile Ain't Just a River in Egypt

For so long I have thought of myself as looking like this:

When the reality is that I look like this:

What happened to the skinny chick that I used to be? Could it be that I got older, lazier and had 2 kids?

I've decided to do something about it not only for myself but for the man that I love and also for my kids. It's not fair to them that mom won't go swimming with them or tires out to easily. Plus Coldwater Creek has some really cute clothes that look best on skinny girls. I want a new wardrobe!

SO it's time to get in shape!

Game plan:

  • Eat fewer calories and less fat

  • Exercise with T-Tapp and canoeing and walking.

I can't exercise on a treadmill. It's just too boring. Heck, it's pretty bad just watching a video! So I want to get outside and enjoy nature and live while losing some major pounds.

T-Tapp is very low stress on the joints but gives you a very hard workout. At least it's hard to me ;)

I'll share any great recipes that I come across that I think you may like. If you have any to share please do!

I bought

which is filled with low fat and low calorie alternatives to our regular junk food. Look guys, this is NOT healthy food. It's low cal junk food. I am going to incorporate healthy too but we live in a real world with lots of tasty treats out there and unless you plan to lock yourself in a closet and eat cardboard the rest of your life then you might as well enjoy some low cal junk. Life's too short!

Hungry Girl has a great sense of humor and I highly recommend her email newsletter that arrives cheerfully in your email box daily. This isn't your typical newsletter, trust me! It's filled with tips, recipes and much more.

So today I had a bowl of Ezekiel cereal. Lunch was some lean roast beef rolled up in a flour tortilla with some mayo and cheese and lettuce and a bag of 100 calorie Doritos.

I've exercised today and been a good girl. Yeah for me!

Watch out, Claudia. There's a new skinny chick arriving on the block pretty darn soon.