Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Bi-Annual Post!

Seriously, people! I am sorry for ignoring my wee little blog and all of my adoring fans. haha

I'm going to try to catch you up to speed.

September we had a nasty hurricane named Ike. I am so glad that if I was going to have my ass handed to me it was by a storm name Ike and not Gustav. How sad would that be? Gustav? That's not a tough storm name! Now Ike...that's a storm. Ikes have a history of being bad to the bone. Look at Ike Turner! We rode the storm out at home and was it ever scary. The kids' allergies were acting up (wink, wink) so we gave them some Benadryl to help them sleep through the worst part. We were in the living room for a while and then the wind direction changed so we went to the library. We could hear tornadoes from time to time too. At one point our fence was coming up so we ran outside to nail it down. Talk about a surreal experience! The sky was actually purple at one point. We did end up losing some fence, our electricity, and suffered a little water damage from rain being driven into the ridge vents. Other than that we were fine. We enjoyed a marshmallow roast in our driveway with neighbors during the power outage and watched movies in the mini van. It really wasn't too bad.

October Chuck and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. I love that man with all of my heart. He has been with me through some great times and some really tough times. The kids also went trick or treating. That was a holiday I never thought we were going to indulge in again but oh well. It was Charlie's first time and they loved it! He went as Davy Crocket and Rachel went as Cleopatra. They both made their own costumes and has a blast. Chuck and I enjoyed the candy. :) My mom and niece and nephew spent the weekend with us and enjoyed the fun too.

November: hikes and Thanksgiving. We celebrated Thanksgiving with family at a condo at Canyon Lake. It was HUGE! Bigger than our first house. Chuck and I had our own little apartment. We had a nice relaxing time with grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. We also enjoyed visiting Brazos Bend for hikes.

December: Hell hath frozen over! It SNOWED!!! And boy was it cold. The kids had so much fun. I chose to hibernate through the episode. I really should have an island home. But no hurricanes. And this year we enjoyed..........Christmas. If you are in the know then you know that we haven't celebrated Xmas in years. But this year we decided to enjoy with family and friends and focused on the nice secular aspects of Xmas. We went to look at Christmas lights many times, made tons of candy, gave gifts to neighbors. I feel bad for making the kids miss this fun holiday for so long. The kids got lap tops, wii, Guitar Hero, tons of toys and games and craft kits, money and more. Chuck gave me a beautiful diamond necklace. I gave him a gun and a chronograph and Band of Brothers. He got the scary Xmas gifts and I got the sparkly ones. Remember: Earth's axial tilt is the reason for the season.

January: New Year's Eve we spent at Chuck's parents' house popping TONS of fireworks. We got the mega firework pack from the firework stand. We had to have help carrying it to the car. Oh yeah, baby. It was great. I made pina coladas and Chuck had fun throwing black cats at the kids to watch them jump. Why does he do that? It was a regular redneck New Year's. We stayed up late enough to see the new year in and went home.

And that should just about bring you up to date.

I am taking a class at Alvin Community College. It's nice to be going back to school. Education never stops.
I'll post some pics soon. Chuck has some awesome alligator pics from Brazos Bend.

Stay tuned.......our next trip is to The Habitat bed and breakfast for a Valentine getaway. Looking forward to that.
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