Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap 3/31/09

So did you watch it or miss it or just don't like it? :)

Here's what happened in case you do care.

Nicole was brought back because she won a mini weigh in between 3 contestants who had been at home. She had lost 87 pounds! Her percentage of weight loss was second only to Tara's.

Ron was having chest pains and had to go to the hospital. It turns out that he had a few ulcers and was losing blood. It seems to be effects from his gastric bypass surgery. Poor guy. He had to stay at the hospital and have a lot of fluid and blood pumped into him.

Allison had her baby so the hosts were Alli and Michelle! They looked great. But by the weigh in Allison was back.

The challenge was standing on a board balanced by ropes and one by one the ropes were cut. Cione (is that how you spell his name?) was determined and won the challenge. He got an extra pound off for the weigh in.

Weigh in: Nicole, Laura and Ron gained. Poor Nicole gained 5 pounds! Too much stress at the house and her schedule was changed. It looks like she did better at home!

Ron and Nicole fell below the yellow line. Phillipe and Cione were still upset that Ron had suggested that Phillipe go home last week so they both voted for him. Helen voted for him too. But in the end, Nicole had the most votes and went home after only 1 week on the ranch. And Ron has some new friends! ;-)

That's it peeps. Time to get off the couch and get moving.


  1. thanks kelly - had to go out visiting tonight and couldn't sleep without knowing what happened!

  2. I know this sounds mean, but I'm a little tired of Ron. I know he's trying, but COME ON!!!

    I missed the very end -did they show how Nicole looks now or are they saving that for the finale??

  3. Marisa-I completely agree with you! I know he is doing his best, and I really feel for him, but I think he really is passed the point of being even remomtely capable of keeping up with the other contestants. I understand why they sent Nicole home (she looks AMAZING), because she really wasnt part of the "group", but still, I wanted her to have a chance.


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