Sunday, March 1, 2009

Captain's Log 2/28/09

Woke up kind of late and pretty hungry so I made a big ole Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich. (5 pts) It was totally awesome. :) Of course I had to have my tiramisu coffee and creamer (1 pt). And since I am trying to get all of my fruits and veggies in each day I had a pear (1 pt).

Since my midterm is next week and I am totally unprepared, I spent most of the day studying. Not exactly a fun thing to do on a Saturday but it was so windy and kind of cold outside that I didn't feel like I was missing too much.

Lunch was very yum. I wanted something a little different than a sandwich so I took a Boca Chickun patty (3 pts) and covered it in pizza sauce and WW Mozzarella cheese (2 pts) for chicken parmesan. Add some steamed carrots and a side of spinach (o pts) and it was a great lunch.
While we were eating I made some Red Velvet Cake Muffins (4 pts) so of course I just had to have one. Mmmmm.

Recipe: Red Velvet Cake Muffins (4 pts each)
can of Coke Zero (some folks use diet coke but I have read that the sweetener used in them does bad things to you when it is baked. I dunno..I used Coke Zero just to be safe)
box of red velvet cake mix
2 egg whites, beaten

Mix all together and divide evenly between 12 muffin cups in muffin pan. The cups will be filled to the top. Follow baking instructions on cake box.
4 pts each.

After more studying I needed a snack: WW Caramel Bar (1 pt)

More studying......then time for dinner.
Boca burgers and cheese on low calorie buns (4 pts)
3 oz. french fries (3)
grapes (1)
popsicle (0)

Time to relax and watch TV. Yeah, I know it's not an exciting way to spend a Saturday night but Chuck is in a neck brace from his surgery last Friday. he had a couple of disks replaced/fused so we can't really go out and do much yet.

After staying up too late we both got the munchies: 94% fat free kettle corn (1 pt)
And after staying up even later and watching Seinfeld reruns it was time for more munchies: Deep Chocolate Vitatop lightly heated until chocolate chips melt (1 pt).

If you haven't tried Vitatops you are missing out. These things are totally yum.
Go to and enter your zip code in the store locator to find some near you OR order some online. If you find a store near you, look for them in the freezer aisle near the breakfast goodies. I found some vitamuffins at our HEB and they were even better than the Vitatops. My little boy plows through them pretty fast.

Activity Report: After reading about some bloggers doing a 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels Challenge I decided to order the DVD and give it a try myself. hahaha Silly girl.

Last Wednesday I did it for the first time. Couldn't feel any part of my body and even trying to go to the bathroom became a struggle. I hurt from knees to elbows. The next day I did The Biggest Loser Cardio and further intensified my soreness.

Yesterday I did the Shred on Level 1 and was actually able to do more of it than I did the first time. Yeah, me!!!! And I am able to walk this morning!
I'm so happy.

Weird thing is that since exercising my scale has shown a slight gain. :( Why? That's just terrible. What kind of sick world do we live in where exercise and diet make you gain weight?!

That's it for Saturday, peeps. Thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. :)

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