Friday, March 27, 2009

Experiments; Hiking Brazos Bend; True Confessions of a WW

So I'm experimenting to see if these fiber packed CarbCheck bagels are the cause of my lack of hunger and snacking. This is day 3 of eating them and so far my snacking urges have been seriously curbed!

Breakfast: CarbCheck bagel with WW cream cheese and 2 coffees with creamer (5 pts)
Midmorning snack: Apple turnover yogurt (2 pts) I wasn't really hungry but I have tons of yogurt in the fridge and I don't want them to go bad. Is that wrong?
Chuck got home early. I love spending Fridays with him.
For lunch I made a salad with grilled chicken, 1 egg white, goat cheese and 2 sliced strawberries on the side for color. (4 pts)

I was eating the strawberries and came across this! food loves me! See the heart?
It's supposed to get cold so we can't waste the warm weather by staying indoors. So we head to the nearest state park for a short hike. I was hoping the baby gators would be there again but we couldn't find them.
We did see some gators but I figured you were tired of seeing gator pictures. :)
These are black bellied whistler ducks.
An angry squirrel watching me from a tree. I have a bad history with squirrels. I'd rather not go into it without having an appointment with a therapist scheduled. Let's just say I have a scar.
Cool looking old barn in a field of yellow flowers.

One of my favorites: yellow crowned night heron
Rachel with a red eared slider turtle. The turtle was looking for a place to lay eggs. It's that time of year. :)
Blue winged teal ducks
An anhinga drying its wings
An immature roseate spoonbill
The quiet before the storm....
All of the wildlife photos were taken by my man, Chuck.
By the time we got home it was time for dinner and we were pretty hungry. I had a Blow Pop (1 pt) as a little snack. No picture.

For dinner I made enchiladas with that taco chicken recipe. I just rolled about 2 oz of chicken in a low carb tortilla and topped it with canned enchilada sauce, sprinkled with very little 2% cheese and baked at 350 until bubbly. It was so darn good!!!
Dinner: chicken enchiladas, Mexican rice, fat free refried beans (9 pts)

Dessert: WW creamsicle (1 pt)

And now.........
True Confessions of a Weight Watcher
I have been on so many diets for nearly 18 years. So many times I've lost weight only to gain more weight until I ballooned into a big bodacious woman.
All along my in laws have watched my yoyo figure. I can only imagine what they must think and say. They are very "concerned" about every one's weight they meet. Do you know what I am trying to say?
Anyway, I have not told them that I am doing Weight Watchers. I am so afraid of failing again in their sight that I just can't bring myself to let them know that I am doing yet another diet. All of the others have failed me. Or I have failed them.
Tomorrow we are going over there for dinner. My MIL has made brownies (my all time favorite deadly dessert) and cake. There will also be veggies swimming in butter. I'm bringing a salad so I can feel good about one thing I eat at least.
But how do I eat WW style without letting them know I am dieting?
I was hoping by now they would comment on my weight loss but they haven't. At least not to me. So I guess they don't see much of a difference.
I just want to succeed and then announce, "It was because of Weight Watchers!" I am really afraid of failing yet again.
There's my confession. I guess I'll say 10 Bloody Marys and call it a day.
To end things on a good note, WW has been the most promising diet I've ever done. And it's not a diet; it's a way of life. I can live like this!


  1. Amazing photos! And congrats on your determination. Hope you survived the visit with the in-laws! ;-)
    Path to Health

  2. Beautiful wildlife photos.

    It is a tricky one with the in-laws. When I am faced with a similar situation I just try to say "I'm just trying to watch what I eat" or "I'm being careful" without talking about diets and saying it firmly as a closed statement and then changing the subject so it's not open for discussion. I know that's easier to say than do but it has worked for me on occasion. Good luck and try to enjoy the dinner!

  3. Those CarbCheck bagels sound great! Where do you get them?

    I love all your nature photos; yeah, that squirrel is not looking happy!

    Your eats look spectacular today; you are doing so great!
    I know exactly what you mean about "the confession" and being afraid to fail, but remember that you are doing this for YOU. Don't worry about what others may/may not think about your trying to lose weight again because at least you are still trying! Some people get tired of the failure and give up all together. Even when you have a bad day or fall off the wagon for a week, you haven't failed; it's just a detour. There are going to be lots of those in this journey; hills and valleys. But, as long as you keep trying, there is no failing and you will get to where you want to be! Good luck at the MIL's. Brownies are HARD for me, too. Do the best you can in your choices; put little bits of things on your plate so it looks full, but not in big portions. Sorry for the novel! Sending you "good WW vibes" for your dinner :)

  4. Hey Kelly!

    First of all your comment on my post yesterday totally cracked me up!! Loved it!! And thanks!! :)

    And as far as dinner with the inlaws...that's a tough one. Mine are kinda the same. So what I do is try not to make it the center of attenttion and maybe like Wei Sic Meow said...maybe say "i'm just trying to watching what i eat"...don't use the word diet, 'cause like you said It's a lifestyle change...not a diet! And also keep in mind that you are doing this for you and your family...don't worry about what they think...even though it's hard (i know!).

  5. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

    And I got the bagels at Kroger in the bakery section under their bagel bin.

  6. Hope all goes with the the in-laws and all.

    Love your photos!

  7. Oh my goodness! Your food looks so good! And the photos of the wildlife...spectacular!

    I sooo know what you mean about not wanting to tell certain people that you're on "another diet." I have been on (and failed at) just about every crazy diet there is and I have told very few people that I'm doing Weight Watchers. I don't have any sage advice for you...and it would be too late by now anyway...LOL. But I just wanted to say I know how you feel!

  8. I LOVE your sight and all the great foods you eat! Keep at it, you're doing great.

    About the's these situations that activity points and weekly allowance points are for. It doesn't mean you have to eat everything, maybe just a little more than usual. And you know what, that is OK...every now and again. So, have half of a brownie..or a small serving of buttery veggies. It will be OK!

    And if anyone says anything tell them you aren't really all that hungry.

  9. Do you have a recipe for your Mexican rice? The whole meal looks delic, but I would love a good Mexican/Spanish rice recipe.

    About the before you go so you're full. Then eat your salad. Feign being "off" or something and that you're just not that hungry. Also, you can put food on your plate and push it around with a fork while you eat your salad, so it looks like you're eating more. Then just say it, I'm full.

    None of my family/friends know I'm on WW because they aren't supportive. I don't have to face eating with them because no one lives close and I never eat out with friends, as they have families, too. I'll count that as a blessing!


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