Monday, March 2, 2009

Food Log: 3/1/09

Ah, first day of March. It was super windy outside again and slightly chilly.

Chuck and I stayed up way too late and woke up very late. It was almost 10am before I finally got motivated to get out of bed.

I started to do a visual food log of my intake like Darci does on her blog: It's so clever and it's nice to actually see what people are eating. I like pictures. :)

Breakfast was some low sugar maple cinnamon oatmeal from Quaker and a pear. (3 pts) Also had a sugar free Rock Star. Wonder what would happen if I had a Rock Star and then played Guitar Hero.
I had a midmorning snack (that was actually closer to lunchtime) of Baked Tostitos and salsa (2 pts). I love Herdez salsa. I put all of it in the blender because I don't like chunks. :)
I was out of milk, bread and some other things so I decided to get my grocery shopping done for the week. On the way, Chuck and I stopped by a boat ramp for a possible future canoe trip. We just wanted to check it out. Looks like it will be perfect for a paddle on Chocolate Bayou. Gosh, with a name like that it's got to be good!
While at the store I picked up some spicy tuna sushi and springrolls. (8 pts?)
Doesn't that springroll beautiful? It tasted WONDERFUL! Unfortunately, I sometimes have an allergic reaction to shrimp. This one really got me. I was having trouble swallowing as my throat continued to swell. I got kind of nervous and took half a Benedryl. So the rest of the day I was pretty loopy and had trouble doing anything. Next day my throat is still a little scratchy.
The spicy tuna was surprisingly good for being made at Kroger! The wasabi had more kick to it than usual. I love that stuff. I always ask for extra.

Did someone say dessert? This is one of those red velvet cake muffins I mentioned a couple of days ago. Made from diet soda and cake mix. Very good and large for 4 pts.

The day went by really fast because we got up so late. Before I knew it I was cooking dinner. I like cooking with beer so I popped open a Miller 64 that I picked up at the grocery store. Tasted watered down to me but it was only 1 point. Not bad! Not as good as my peach bellinis from the other night.

Dinner was 2 chili cheese hot dogs and 3 oz fries with ketchup. Sorry, I ate one of the hot dogs and some of the fries before I remembered to take a picture. Remember, I'm a little loopy from the Benedryl. And a beer. Benedryl+Beer=sleepy woman

In case you are wondering, the hot dog is a Ball Park Fat Free Beef Frank (1 pt). The bun is a sugar free Nature's Own bun (1 pt). Toppings: mustard (o), fat free cheese (1 pt for both dogs), 99% fat free Wolf Brand turkery chili (1 point for both dogs), dill relish (o pt).

After dinner I had a 0 pt popsicle. Yum. Forgot to take a picture again. But you know what a popsicle looks like, right?

Later, Chuck and I watched Tropic Thunder. Stupid movie but we still laughed a lot. Tom Cruise looked like a total sleaze. Wait a minute....Tom Cruise IS a total sleaze. LOL He's not my favorite but I really liked him in this movie.

Of course you can't watch a movie without popcorn! So Chuck popped some kettle corn (1 pt) for our movie watching pleasure. Oh it was good. Sorry, no picture. Just imagine what popcorn looks like and there you go. :P

That concluded our munching day.

Points used: 27/28

Activity: did Level 1 of Biggest Loser Cardio. Ouch! I didn't do so good. I'm still hurting from Jillian kicking my ass. But I did earn 2 activity points. Woohoo!

I did not eat enough fruits and veggies today. Oops.


  • physical activity each day whether it be DVD, walking, running, hiking or paddling
  • eat 5 servings fruits and veggies per day
  • lose 8 pounds this month


  1. looks like a great day food wise!!

    and mgd 64 is my fav since you they are only 1 point!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) And man, I need some sushi, like, NOW!

  3. That photo just made me really want a hot dog! I haven't had one in a while.


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