Thursday, March 12, 2009

Food Log 3/11/09; Park; Pizza

It's weigh in day so I am going to be on my best behavior today. Must lose weight!

Breakfast: Fiber One cereal with milk and strawberries (2 pts)

Visited with my mom for a while then had a midmorning snack. See how good I am behaving myself? I even drank lemon water to try to flush myself out.
Snack: the juiciest, sweetest pear (1 pt) I think I've ever had. The kids had been begging to go to a certain park so I packed some water and bars in my backpack (always be prepared!) and off we went. I took the niece and nephew to another park first so they could hunt their first geocache. My nephew found it but was scared to open it at first. I don't think he understood the whole concept yet.

At the park I broke out a Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar (2 pts). I was feeling a little hungry.

Rachel loves this contraption. You stand on a spinny disk and hold on to a spinny disk and you spin and spin until you hurl. Fortunately she stopped just shy of being sick but she didn't feel too good afterwards.

Of course I had to do it for a while too. This this is as addictive as the Tilt-A-Whirl that I used to ride at the fair as a kid.

Charlie has his own style of doing it.
Rachel and Katelynn on the see saw.
Got back home and I needed something to eat NOW. I cut up some chicken from last night and made a salad: chicken, pineapple, greens, crushed WW cheese curls to act as croutons (7 pts). This salad was so delicious. I wish the picture would have turned out better.
Mom went home. The kids are always sad to see her and my niece and nephew go.

I got my essay written and then Chuck came home. That sweet man wanted to ride with me to my Weight Watche meeting just so he could spend some time with me. He even waited in the car during the whole meeting. :) What a guy. He's so supportive.
Get this: I asked him if he was going to be happy when I got skinny. His answer? I think you're beautiful just the way you are. Awwwwww........
So at WW I lose .8 pounds. Could that have anything to do with my lack of exercise and the binge at Gringo's? Nah. Or TOM? Nah. But I've reached 5% so I am happy.
On the way home I really needed a munchy so I tried one of the raspberry chocolae bars I had bought (1 pt). They are totally awesome!
Dinner: Cici's Ole Pizza at 2 pts per slice (8 pts) and a slice of the family's Pizza Hut crispy pepperoni pizza (7 pts!!).
Lesson Learned: ALWAYS check the points BEFORE you eat something. I would not have wasted 7 points on that if I had known. Ugh. Sure was good though. :)

No, I didn't eat the whole thing. Just 4 slices.
Points: 28/28
Activity: none
For info on points for various restaurants, visit

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