Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Food Log: 3/2/09

I had the worst time waking up! I tried coffee and creamer (1 pt) but it didn't really help. Tasted good though. I'm out of my SF Rock Star. Gotta get some more.

I was finally able to find Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal (4 pts) at the store so I had a huge bowl for breakfast. It's really only 1 point for 3/4 cup and 1 point for 1/2 cup milk but I doubled it for breakfast. It reminds me of Captain Crunch cereal. Oh, it's good.

Then it's back to studying for midterm. I sure hope I do good on this. I have this weird thing that I have to make and A or it's the end of the world.
After a few hours it's time for a midmorning snack. banana (2 pt)
Then back to studying. What an exciting life I lead. :) A little after noon and I was starting to hear Hungry around the house so I made a BIG salad with boiled egg white, fat free feta, little bit of 97% fat free ham, greens and some spray honey mustard dressing (4 pts). Thanks for boiling the eggs while I studied, Chuck! Such a sweety.
Time for dessert! I love these little peanut butter sticks. They are so darn good. 1 pt per stick. The whole package was only 2 points.

Back to studying. Did I mention how glad I'll be when this test is over? It's an early American history test. We have to be prepared to write 6 essays and define 90 terms but on the test we'll have to write 3 essays and define 18 terms. I'm a little nervous because the essays are things like "Discuss the Revolutionary War and why the British lost. Be sure to include battles, politics, economics, patriotism, strategy, etc." Volumes have been written about that subject matter!
OK, time for an afternoon snack. Gotta keep Hungry at bay. How about a 1 pt WW Chocolate Chip Cookie and some 1 pt WW strawberry shortcake yogurt? Very yum.

Back to studying and doing a little laundry. The day flies by fast and it's already time to cook dinner. But first, a drink. Studying will do that to ya. I made Chuck and I each a 3 pt Peach Bellini. Normally they are only 2 points but I added a little more rum. OMG, I love these things so much.

Don't worry. I only had one. The other is for my hubby. Aren't they pretty? Come on over and I'll make one for you.

Dinner: baked potato with light butter, leftover turkey chili, fat free cheese and fat free sour cream and a salad with spray honey mustard dressing. (6 pts) Very good dinner. I love baked taters.

That bellini was so good that I thought I would make a purple cow (2 pts).

It's so pretty. Love the color; love the taste. Gosh, I'm partying like it's the weekend or something. haha Just in a good mood, that's all.
Watched a little TV. Like I was going back to studying after those drinks! LOL Sent the kids to bed and watched some Family Guy with Chuck and a bag of popcorn. (1 pt) I only had half the bag but still counted the full point. I'd rather overcalculate points than undercalculate.

Points used: 27/28
Activity: 30 minutes Wii Fit (I was really sweating too!) +2 activity points
I have 35 weekly allowance points left and 7 activity points left


  1. Thanks so much for the comment yesterday! I needed a pick me up :)

    I'm totally going to try the Kashi cereal, I'm a huge Captain Crunch fan!!! Yum and the peach Bellini! I'm going to add you to my blog roll so that I can keep up with the tasty meals :)

    Scale Warfare

  2. Thanks! I added you to my blog roll too. :)

    DO try the Kashi! Yum.

  3. I need to try to find that cereal...sounds yummy!!

    And I've never seen that flavor of yogurt...makes me sounds 'cause it sounds so good!!

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment and stopping by my blog!! It's always fun to "meet" new readers like you and vising your blog!

    I have still to try those honey sunshine cereals!! they look so tasty!!


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