Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Food Log: 3/3/09

Hey folks! Again, Chuck had to practically drag me out of bed today. I felt like I had a bottle of Nyquil last night.

Made breakfast for the family: Whole wheat English Muffins with center cut bacon, FF cheese and 2 egg whites (6 pts) and some coffee with creamer (1 pt). Doesn't that look good?! It was. :)

As soon as breakfast was over I had to get ready to take the kids to PE. When that was over it was a stop to the grocery store. Found some vitatops and WW ice cream there!

Lunch: hot dog (2 pt), broccoli cheese rice (3 pt) and a pear (1 pt).
After a couple of hours of studying I felt like we all needed to get out of the house so we went to the park. Before heading out the door I grabbed a Caramel Fiber 1 bar (2 pts). These things are like having a candy bar. Delicious!
Back from the park and it's already time to start thinking about dinner. BUT FIRST, I had an appointment with Jillian in the living room. She totally shredded my ass once again. I told her repeatedly how much I hated her during the workout (which was only level 1) but she didn't seem to care. And after the whole torture session was over I loved her once again. It's a weird relationship we have. :)

Tonight we had burritos! I used these veggie crumbles that I found in the produce section of the market. Pretty good and very low in points.
So I had a burrito with whole wheat tortilla, ff refried beans, veggie crumbles, Taco Bell hot sauce, FF sour cream, lettuce shreds, and some ff cheese and some grapes on the side (5 pts!)
CHECK THIS OUT!!!! WW Turtle Ice Cream for 3 pts! Think vanilla ice cream, tons of caramel, chocolate pieces and pecans. Oooooohhhhh.....this did not taste like diet food. I also bought chocolate chip cookie dough and mint chocolate chip. They only have 2 points per cup though.

Cue theme song: "What have you done today to make you feel proud?"

Biggest Loser was a "to be continued...." I hate that! It looks like Phillipe freaks out on Jillian on the next episode. I bet Sionne was sent home. We'll have to wait and see. Who do you think will win? Tara is a beast! That girl is strong. Quite inspiring.

I am so nervous: tomorrow is my weigh in and the home scale has not been kind even though I have stayed on plan and started exercising regularly. I also only have one day left to study for my test. This is the biggest stress right now. Plus Chuck's neck is still hurting after surgery. I need him to get better. I miss my man. I want my happy energetic husband back. It is so hard to watch him hurt.

So here are the stats for today:

Points 23/28

Activity: Shred level 1 3 pts earned

That's all, peeps. I'll let you know how the weigh in goes tomorrow. Got my fingers crossed! :)


  1. fiber one bars & breakfast sandwiches are two of my FAVORITE things!!!

  2. Great eats today!!! What do you think of the Shred??!!

  3. Marisa, I hate the Shred with a white hot passion. But after I get through doing it I love it. Weird. It's hard but I think I will see some awesome results.

    How about you?


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