Sunday, March 8, 2009

Food Log: 3/7/09, Goodies and Pointless Dinner

First, an open letter to TOM:

Dear, TOM. You totally suck. I want you out of my life. You always come around and ruin plans and I feel terrible even before you arrive. So go away! Leave me alone.
PS My husband hates you too. You always ruin our dates.

Woke up trying to figure out why my lower back was sore and I was feeling a little weird emotionally. Huh, what could it be? Then I found out. Hate TOM.

I fixed a manly breakfast of scrambled egg whites (with 1 yolk for color), bacon and toast. (5 pts). Also had a Sugar Free Rock Star! I was multitasking and my toast got a little more toasted than I wanted but it was good. The stuff on my eggs is a little Taco Bell sauce.
The breakfast kept us full way into lunch. I had to make the kids eat because I knew they would get hungry as soon as we walked out the door. We all just had leftovers from the frig. I spied this hot dog (3 pts) and added some FF Sour Cream Pringles (1 pt) and an apple (1 pt).
Then we were out the door and to a couple of parks in Friendswood to look for launch spots for Clear Creek for the canoe. First was Oxnard Park. There were tons of little trails through the woods that were so much fun. Apparently there was a neighborhood back there that had flooded or something. We found the ruins of an old house by the creek. All that was left was some slab and the fireplace. The fireplace looked like if could topple over any minute. It was an OSHA hazard for sure! No good launch spots but a lot of fun to explore. I even climbed on some playground equipment and ran through the woods.
Then on to 1776 Memorial Park. Jackpot! We found a launch spot. Looks like there may be a couple of log jams from the hurricane but we'll see when we get out there. We walked some trails and found ruins of more houses. It was kind of sad. There were gingers and azaleas and plants that had been used to landscape the old place. Now it's just a few bricks laying around and the plants go on living. I bet it was a beautiful place. We had a great time playing in the woods. :) But poor Chuck's neck was really starting to hurt. Poor guy.
Went back home and grabbed a snack. I was pretty hungry so I had a bowl of Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal with milk (2 pts). I was still hungry after that so I grabbed a Vitatop Chocolate Chip miffin (1 pt).

I wanted to go browsing around REI then. So off we go in search of adventure and overpriced outdoor equipment. We found it! Chuck bought me a metal water bottle with a carbiner clip and flip straw. Totally off the scale in coolness! I tried on some backpacks and browsed through the ultralight tents. I love this store. It brings out my inner hippie.
And then off to Bass Pro Shops. Our friend Mark works security there. He's such a nice guy. I'm bummed that he is moving away for a homeland security job. Why? Why?
While at Bass Pro, Chuck gets me something that I have wanted for a while.....A Garmin Oregon c!!!!!! All of my geocaching, paddling and hiking dreams have come true! Could I be any more excited? Maybe, but I am pretty darn happy. See? :-D I don't know how to use all the features but I can tell it's going to be a geek's paradise with its barometric altimeter, compass, geocaching feature, topo maps, wireless capabilities to share things, heartrate monitor receiver, bike cadence receiver, elevation plots, 3d views, image viewer, area calculator, alarm clock, sun and moon calendar, stop watch and fishing scheduler. Oh, it's a beautiful thing. It even came with a carbiner clip for my backpack. And it's water resistant.

Water bottle: $17
Lunch: free
Garmin: $$

After such a totally awesome day we all wanted to go out to eat. We haven't been to Gringo's in a while so that's where we went. I did not take pictures because I didn't want any evidence admissible in a Weight Watchers meeting of just how bad I was. It was POINTLESS.
I started out with chips and salsa and green sauce. Then moved on to chips and queso. I needed a Cadillac Margarita on the rocks to wash it down. POINTLESS
Dinner was the San Antonio Burrito stuffed with refried beans and beef fajita meat and Spanish rice on the side. I only ate 3/4 of the burrito though.
Gosh, I'm thirsty again. Better get a MEGA Star Spangled Spaniard (a red, white, blue margarita). POINTLESS.
Dessert? You bet! How about a swirl ice cream cone. They're free. And POINTLESS!
My stomach was purring. Chuck's and Rachel's were not though!
I figured I would just say that dinner cost all of my remaining daily points, all my weekly allowance and all of my activity points. I know it didn't cost that much but I am going to say it did just to make sure I am covered and on plan.

What a great day.

Points 54/54 (used all activity, weekly and daily allowance)

Activity: walked, ran and played +3 pts

Calories burned: 2703 per Bodybugg

Steps: 10296


  1. It's okay to splurge once in a while. You'll dust yourself off and get back on track in no time, I know it!

  2. I think you're taking the right steps to deal with the splurge - recognizing it happened and moving on! Sounds like a great day though - what cool presents from your husband!

  3. It was a great splurge. Unfortunately, I don't feel guilty in the least. :) I just figured I used all my extra points and called it even.

    Back on track already. Thanks guys. It's nice to have support.

  4. That seemed like a busy day! Great job on getting in those 10,000 steps!

  5. Hey- Always nice to meet a new friend. I will definately be posting about my Phat Camp prep and the ultimate trip in June. This one isn't with Jen H though. It's through Phit-n-Phat with Corinne Crabtree. I'm super excited. Very cool blog.

  6. You know i forgot to telly get your keychain from ww when you reach your 10%...sorry for the delayed response!!

    and it's nice to splurge once in a while! just as long as you get right back on the wagon!!

    sounds like you had a great day!


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