Monday, March 9, 2009

Food Log: 3/8/09 and Midterm and Adventure

Good morning, friends. I agree with The Thin Girl Within Me: the weekend went by too fast!

Yesterday I got some good news: I made a 100 (!!) on my midterm! Will someone give me a whoop?! I am so excited. I thought I did ok but not 100. I'm thrilled. :-D

Sunday morning was beautiful outside. We all had some cereal. I had my trusty Kashi Honey Sunshine for 2 pts.
After breakfast we got dressed and went geocaching. The first place we went to we could not find the cache. We finally gave up and went to another location. The cache eluded us yet again. Third try is a charm. Rachel found it! It was just a microcache but it was still fun to find and sign the log.Time for lunch. We stopped at Sonic. This could have been disaster for me but I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with mustard instead of mayo for 6 points! I brought some of my Weight Watcher Wheat Crisps for 2 points. I was satisfied and had only used 8 pts total. Not bad. I survived the challenge. :)
After lunch we went to Brazos Bend for more geocaching and adventure. Rachel found another microcache in this oak tree.
We went looking for another cache that was way off trail but could never find it. I know we were right on it too.
Went for a walk around 40 Acre Lake and saw 24 alligators. Charlie scored this great cache! You can see him holding it. He got a Lego Bionicle and we left a geocoin.
Here is a slide show of our adventure and some of the things we saw:

We got home way past dinner time. It was definitely a leftover night. I had a burrito for 4 pts.
And an apple for 1 pt.And some Weight Watcher Cheese Curls for 2 pts.
Dessert: peanut butter bars (2 pts)
and a popsicle (0 pts).

Definitely a great day.
Points: 19/28
Activity: +3 points
Calories Burned: 2821 per Bodybugg
Steps: (My pedometer died for a while but I was able to rescue it but the steps reset. Steps are according to Bodybugg today) 9859


  1. Oooh Kappa's sounds pretty awesome!!! I don't know when I'll ever get to visit texas, but...Im' so jealous you guys are in short sleeves already!!!

  2. Thanks for all of the encouragement on the marathon. I really appreciate it.

    That kashi cereal looks so good, looks like captian crunch.

    Great job on the good choice at sonic.

    You have a body bugg? Do you like it? How often do you wear it?

  3. Woohoo! for 100% on your midterm!!

    Great job at SOnic.

    Okay, all we see on our walks in the park are squirrels and chipmunks. You saw 24 alligators!? Cool!


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