Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Food Log; Alone; My Mii is Hot

Today is the day that Chuck leaves to go to his uncle's funeral. I have to stay home to take care of the dogs. I never thought that dogs would separate us but here we are.

Breakfast: Kashi Honey Sunshine with milk (2 pt)
Chuck comes home from work early and we have lunch. I have a turkey wrap in Flatout bread with FF Ranch, pickles, cheese and lettuce; grapes and jalapeno cheese crackers (7 pts)

*sigh* Chuck leaves with his parents to head to Temple for the funeral. I hate it when he is gone!
Snack: Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar (2 pts)
Time to exercise! I gave Jillian the day off so I worked out with the Wii Fit. It's pretty fun! I did some aerobics, balance games and strength training. I love the boxing! I also ran 4 miles! It was Wii miles so I don't think I actually ran that far. After all, you just run in place. I did 55 minutes total.
While running I must have been looking good! My Mii had her hair all done and she was just jogging and along came this dude wearing sunglasses. He was totally checking mii out! He got so distracted that he fell flat on his face. I just laughed and kept running.
Yes, you really can work up a very good sweat by doing Wii Fit. I was drenched. It felt pretty good!
After a shower I grabbed an apple (1 pt). Also drank lots and lots of water. I like to use my fancy new water bottle. It makes drinking water a little nicer. :)
BTW, this is called a Jazz apple. If you have them available near you I highly recommend that you get some. They are very crisp and VERY sweet. I just love them. I found some at my HEB but I have also gotten them from Whole Foods before.

Dinner: leftover hot dogs from the camping trip, bean dip, Guiltless Gourmet tortilla chips (9 pts). I was hungry. :)
Dessert: 2 peeps (1 pt). I know that 4 are shown but I shared with my son. I'm so nice. Apparently I bought a batch of boy Peeps.
It was a nice day. The wind was really blowing so I opened the windows to air the place out.
When it was bed time it got a little weird. I'm a strong woman, right? Apparently not. The house makes different noises when your man isn't there. Everything sounds different..even the AC kicking on. I kept thinking that I heard someone breaking in. Maybe it was that Mii who was checking me out earlier! Exhaustion got the best of me and I fell asleep.
Points: 24/24
Activity: 55 minutes with Wii Fit

*Note: a Mii is a figure that you make up on Wii to represent you.


  1. I just about spit out my water when I read that you got a batch of boy peeps. So funny!

    I'm thinking we need to get a Wii Fit! We have the Wii and love it, but have yet to go out for the Fit. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. rolflmao!!!! Boy peeps!!!!! Now, I'm gonna have to "look" when I buy them!!

    I love Wii Fit, too!

  3. Haha! I burst out laughing at the boy peeps! I'm at work and I'm being stared at! Haha! That made my day!

  4. Update: I went to the grocery store and it looked like all of the pink bunny peeps are boys but the yellow bunny peeps are girls. So you can take your pick. :)


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