Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goals For Week 7 of Weight Watchers

Before I state my goals I just want to say how good Weight Watchers has been for me. It's not the points or "finally learning how to eat right" or "portion control." It's about accountability.

Last year I started changing my eating habits by using books like The Most Decadent Diet Ever and Hungry Girl. I also started exercising like crazy and even ran a 5k in June. Want to see what a fat girl looks like running a 5k?
I didn't finish last but I certainly wasn't in the winner's circle either. But it felt like an accomplishment and I got a tee shirt!

I was losing weight like crazy and using my Bodybugg to monitor calorie burn and counting my calories. It was simple math.

After a while I fell off the wagon and got right back to my old habits. I gained weight but not all of my weight back.

This brings me to Weight Watchers. I joined for the accountability. I need to know that I am going to face that scale and there will be another person who sees if I have been naughty or nice during the week. The meetings make me want to do good because I don't want to be the only one who there who gains each week. I need that accountability. And that is what Weight Watchers does for me.

I am going to put my goals here because it also keeps me accountable. It would kill me to have to report to everyone that I did not obtain my goals.

Week 7 Goals:

  • Shred 6 days (we all need a day off)

  • walk/run 4 days (unless it's raining then I'll do wii fit or something)

  • eat 5 servings of fruits/veggies

  • cut back my daily points allowance to 24 (this is my own little experiment to see if I see a better weight loss)

  • drink plenty of water and only 1 Dt Coke per day allowed

  • experience at least 1 adventure this week

  • No Stepping on the Scale This Week!!!! Tired of it running my life.

Thanks for listening and letting me make these public. It really does help me. :)


  1. Those goals sound amazing! I love the out of order sign on your scale.

    I'll be running the Disney World 5K in January, and probably some after that. That's what I'm training for this year. Next year, I'm training for the Disney Marathon (maybe the half instead of the whole). Any tips for my training? By the way, in your 5K picture, you don't look fat, just STRONG!

  2. You're sweet. Thanks.
    I know "0" about training. I used this book:
    to help me get started.

    You'll do great in your races. I'm in it for the tee shirts. :P I'd LOVE to do a Disney World race. Maybe I'll join you next year and make a vacation out of it.

  3. those are some great goals!!

    and how awesome that you ran a 5K! I am hoping to that in a few months!

    Oh and I like your "out of order" sign!! I need to do that with my scale...that think is like "crack" to me....I'm addicted! lol

  4. You can do it!

    I like the sign on your scale :)

  5. You look fabulous running! I remember when I finished my first 5K. I was close to the back of the pack, but I was so proud to finish. Hooray for the t-shirts!

    Your goals are great! Setting goals like yours is the way to go. Regardless of what happens on the scale, those are all things to be proud of at the end of the week!!!

    Hugs- Sweetie Pie

  6. I think you look great running your 5K, what an inspiration.

    You are so right about WW and accountability, knowing that you are going to face the scale each week is motivation. Actually going to the meetings each week is what can make you or break you (at least in my opinion!) The two co-workers that I started this journey with 10 weeks ago, no longer go to the meetings, but I find more and more that is what keeps me motivated.

    Good luck with the scale this week! I'm going to enjoy seeing how it goes. I dont know if I have the will power not to check in each morning!


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