Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I won!!

A BIG thank you to Lyn at Escape From Obesity for hosting the EatSmart Digital Scale giveaway. I am so excited to have won this.
I needed a digital scale but had been putting off buying one. This was such a shock and a treat. I never win anything! LOL

Thanks again, Lyn. Be sure to check out her blog. It's fantastic.


  1. That's an awesome scale. Congrats on the win! And actually, regarding your previous post, pure dark chocolate is actually very good for you, too. I'm eating Dove dark chocolate every day and have lost over 10 pounds since Feb 9. :-D
    Path to Health

  2. Yay!!!!!! That is a great prize!!! Congrats!!!

    BTW, the salmon roulettes are from Trader Joe's. They are really good but, a little too heavy on the peppercorns around the outside - I just scrape them off after heating.

  3. AWESOME prize!!!!!! Congrats. I never win anything either. What's up with that? I wanna win!

  4. Ooooo! You won! That's awesome!! Congrats! (I want one... hehe)

  5. You're very welcome! I hope you enjoy your new scale :)


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