Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oodles and Oodles of Food Finds

Here's what happens when you go to the grocery store before having lunch. Everything looks good! But I did find a lot of low point treats to share with you. Unfortunately, most are sweets. :)

Runts are hard fruit shaped candies. I like the banana ones. :) You get 12 pieces for 1 point. A great treat to sneak into the movie theater!
I LOVED Bottle Caps when I was a kid. My favorite were the root beer ones. What was yours? You can have 10 of these for 1 pt!
I splurged and bought another Cocoa Via bar. This one is Crispy Chocolate for 2 pts each.

I loved the Cheesecake Bars so much that I had to try the chocolate ones. Plus it had a coupon attached! Only 2 points each. These were located near the granola bar section in my grocery store. Not all stores have them yet. Not even Wal Mart.

Just look at these! Entenmann's Golden Creme Snack Cakes are only 2 points each and their little butts are dipped in chocolate. What's not to like?

I used to love Little Debbie oatmeal cremes. These Mrs Freshley's Yogurt Creme Oatmeal Cookies are only 1 point each!!
I picked up some Tastykake Hippity Hops at Wal Mart. They are 2 points per cake. They are like a Mounds bar. Coconut covered in chocolate.
Fiber Plus Bars are filled with chocolate and their bottoms have chocolate too. A filling treat for only 2 points.
Jello Sugar Free Pudding has Dulce de Leche for only 1 point! I found this at Wal Mart near the butter. Yum!
Jello Sugar Free Pudding also has Boston Cream Pie flavor for only 1 point each. Stir in some graham cracker crumbs for a real treat.
I love boiled eggs but I absolutely hate to peel them. I usually end up butchering them. Eggland's Best has these boiled and peeled eggs that come 6 per package. Found these at HEB but couldn't find them at Wal Mart or Kroger.
Mmmmm.....crackers. I bet these would be great with some Laughing Cow cheese spread on them. All Bran Garlic Herb Crackers are 18 for 2 points. They're yummy too. Be sure to check out my post on how to get some All Bran goodies for FREE.
Dreyer's Slow Churned no sugar added Mint Chocolate chip ice cream is 2 points for 1/2 cup.
This looks so wickedly good that I hate to even show it to you. It's Dreyer's Girl Scouts Samoas cookie ice cream. 1/2 cup will set you back 3 points.
Remember Dreamsicles? These Sherbet Ice Cream Bars by Weight Watchers are only 1 point each.
I love bagels and those little mini ones only tick my tastebuds off. I want a big honkin' bagel! I found these Nature's Grain CarbCheck Cinnamon Swirl Bagels at Kroger near their fresh baked bagels. They are 2 points each but be warned: they have 19 grams of fiber! Be prepared to get real friendly with your bathroom.
I found this box of individual Hazelnut creamers by International delight. They do not need to be refrigerated so you can take a couple along in your purse to use at a restaurant or work. 1 point each.
That's it for today! :)


  1. Wow! Such great finds. Thanks! I will definitely be looking for some of these next time I go grocery shopping.

  2. Wow, thanks so much for sharing!! So many awesome products!!

  3. Great food list! Def some foods that I will need to add to my aresenal. Would you mind if I steal your idea and do a similar list of my favorite food finds on my page (even with pictures...)???

  4. Of course you can! These aren't really my favorite foods (yet) but just a bunch of stuff I found at the grocery store. Looking forward to seeing your list. :)


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