Saturday, March 7, 2009

Suggestions for a Plateau

During my last Weight Watcher's meeting, our leader told us something that has worked for many people who have hit plateaus in their weight loss. Most of us follow the points plan where you can the points of each food. But there is another method where you eat only filling foods and only count the points of the foods that are not on the filling foods list.

If you are not familiar with it, filling foods are the ones listed in green with a green diamond by them in the points counter book. You'll see something like this: pineapple fresh, 1/4 medium 1 (2)
If you were following the filling foods program you would eat as much pineapple as you wanted. No counting points or calories. IF you put cool whip on the pineapple you would only count the points from the cool whip. The points would be deducted from your 35 weekly allowance OR from your earned activity points.

Our leader said that those who had hit a plateau and did Filling Foods for 1 week saw dramatic weight loss. I don't know....I haven't tried it yet.

Here is a list of just some of the filling foods you could eat without counting points or calories.....just eat until you are full:
Canadian style bacon
New York Strip steak
filet mignon
most all fruits and veggies
fat free cheese
chicken breasts
fat free sour cream
most fish
lean ham
whole wheat pasta
brown rice
fat free milk
lean pork
potatoes (regular and sweet)
fat free plain yogurt

The list is pretty extensive and this is certainly not all of the filling foods.

The leader also said that you need to commit to do it for a full week, not just a day or two.

Just another option for you. :)


  1. My leader says pretty much the same thing. She used to do Core on the old plan, which is the same as filling foods.

    I still don't trust myself to go that route, you know, rely on my gauge of "feeling satisfied" to stop.

  2. My leader hasn't really talked much about this yet and I've been really curious. Thanks for the tips. I think this sounds good, but on a normal week, I have too many chance encounters with friends to trust myself on it!


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