Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Want a Flat Belly?

Yahoo Health had an article today about how to get a flat belly with the foods you eat.

One thing that was suggested was taking photos of your food! Hey! I did something right. :)

"Taking a photo of your plateful of food can keep you slim. People who took pictures of everything they ate for five days reported consuming fewer snacks and being less likely to go back for seconds than during a week-long period in which they kept a written food diary, a study from the University of Wisconsin at Madison finds. Try capturing your meals for a week to help eyeball portion sizes as well as color variety—aim for more green, less white (unless it's cauliflower). "

Other tips
  • stay away from high fructose corn syrup. It causes spikes in blood sugar and messes up the signals that tell you when you're hungry/full so you will tend to eat more. Eat healthy fats and lots of fiber instead.
  • eat low glycemic index foods. They make you feel full longer.
  • eat a banana. Their 442 mg of potassium help control the puffy effects of sodium.
  • drink green or white tea which contain the most catechins that may help burn fat!
  • eat foods high in vitamin c like grapefruit, strawberries and cantaloupe. People with diets low in C tend to have bigger waistlines. So get your recommended 75 mgs!


  1. Cool idea! I think I'll do that. I photographed last night's meal, and when I look at it I think...where's the color? We ate our salad after our meal (we're weird) but the plate just looked so bland.


    Also, it makes perfect sense but I never thought to up my potassium when I'm swollen. Duh. Thank you for posting that. I'll remember it.

  2. I love this! I am having so much fun photographing my meals! I find myself arranging my food on my plate so it looks pretty. It's a little tricky in restaurants and at family gatherings though!

  3. dont ya love it when you see things like that...and you're already doing it!! i saw that in my fitness magazine and of course i had to take a picture of it!!

    the ww cat cracks me up!!

    oh and your comment today about getting pepper spray or a gun totally made me LOL!! but i agree..i need to get something to protect myself when i run outside my little "safe area" close to home.

  4. Thanks for posting such great tips!! I really appreciate it. Totally love bananas!

  5. Why can't someone make a beer that would help in this aspect? It would give a whole new meaning to beer belly.


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