Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pineapple Angel Food Cake (2 pts): Losing My Mind; Walking Lessons

My hubby is home again today. I just LOVE having him here. Have I mentioned that before? Sorry. He's just my best friend and it's so cool to have him with me all day. I never get tired of him even after 18 years. :)

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Jay Robb Pina Colada protein (1/2 packet) and WW strawberry banana yogurt (4 pts) Sweetie Pie has talked about this protein powder before but I had never seen it until a grocery trip a few days ago. I like the fact that it's sweetened with stevia instead of some of the other chemical concoctions that are available. I get enough of those in my Diet Cokes, thank you very much. :) Very good and filling breakfast.
Most of my day was spent trying to study. I'll be so glad when this is finished and life can get back to "normal."

Lunch: baked tater with mesquite smoked turkey, cheese and FF sour cream and a salad with fat free feta cheese(7 pts) Boar's Head deli turkey is only 1 point for 2 ounces. You can find all of the nutritional info for their foods on their web site.

I love sweets so much as you can probably already tell. You don't get to be a big girl like me without enjoying your food. ;-)

Mid-day snack: pineapple angel food cake (2 pts) Very yummy and pretty low in points. I want to try it with some FF Cool Whip next time as an icing. Pineapple Angel Food Cake

1 angel food cake mix (make sure it's the kind with only 1 packet in the makes a difference)

1 20-oz can crushed pineapple, undrained

Mix ingredients. It will get kind of puffy. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9x13 pan with cooking spray. Pour batter in pan and bake for 25 minutes or until golden.

16 servings is 2 pts each or 124.7 calories

12 servings is 3 pts each or 166.3 calories

Dinner: taco chicken wrapped in corn tortillas with FF pepper jack cheese, sour cream and Shreds (shredded lettuce); Kroger brand Spanish "rice-a-roni"; FF refried beans (7 pts) For taco chicken recipe just look on the right side of my blog and scroll down to "recipes" It's pretty easy: just 1# chicken, 1 cup chicken broth and 1 packet taco seasoning; throw in crockpot and cook and shred.

I am so losing my mind. We're eating dinner and talking about the week and suddenly I remember that I forgot about my Weight Watcher meeting! I've never done that before. This is either a good thing and means that I am not obsessing about the scale anymore or a bad thing and I am becoming senile at an early age. I'm choosing the good news. And it's not like I was worried about the weigh in or anything. I was just so concerned about studying that I forgot. Huh.

After dinner yum: piece of ginger chocolate (1 pt)

Time for my walk. Today I was going to do 1 hour walk. I got my mp3 player (sure wish I had one of those cool sleeve things that holds them) and took off. Now, some lessons that I learned today:

  • vampire bats giant mosquitoes make good motivators to move quickly
  • a very small hole in a sock can make a very large blister on the foot
  • the Twilight soundtrack has some great music to walk by
  • snakes come out after a flood

And so, another day is done training for my Walk-It Challenge. That'll do pig. That'll do.

After walk snack: Sobe zero calorie lifewater and watermelon (1 pt) Just so you know, the Sobe 0 calorie water is made with Stevia. Good stuff.

I might have one of my 3 Musketeers 100 calorie bars (2 pts) so I'm going to go ahead and count it.

Points: 24/24

Activity: walked a 6k +5 activity points

REMINDER: don't forget to sign up for my "Sweet Success" giveaway. Ive added a box of those 3 Musketeers to the prize box. Drawing is on Friday, May 8th. :)

Speaking of giveaways, my friend at Shrinky Dinky is giving away a copy of Jillian Michael's new book. Be sure to enter! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Green Smoothie (6 pts); Calzone (5 pts); Creamy Baked Chicken (4 pts) Recipes

My hubby is still feeling poorly so he stayed home today. I hate that he feels bad but I love having him around.

Remember how badly I ate yesterday? Way too many sweets and not enough fruits and veggies. I stayed on plan but it just wasn't healthy. So this morning I made sure that I had ALL of my fruits and veggies servings by 9am. Yep. :P

and post-blend....... Don't let that green color fool you. Years ago I used to make these every morning when I was doing the "raw food diet" and I gave my kids a blind taste test and they had no clue that it had veggies in it. Trust me.

Green Smoothie
1 c. unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
1 c. ice
2 c. fresh spinach leaves
1 T. flax seeds
1 orange, peeled
1 banana, peeled
1 kiwi (the fruit, not the bird), peeled
some sweetener (I use Stevia)
Blend and enjoy your 5 servings of fruits & veggies.

Mid morning snack: piece of lavender chocolate (1 pt)

For lunch I wanted to make something a little different. I had 1 Morningstar Italian Sausage left and there was some canned, refrigerated pizza dough in the fridge. Why not try to make calzone?!

Lunch: Pepperoni sausage calzone with pizza sauce and salad (5 pts) This pizza dough is 3 pts per 1/6th so I just cut it in six pieces, added some chopped turkey pepperoni, a chopped sausage link and 2/3 cup of WW mozzarella (total for all 6 pieces of dough). I also sprinkled some Italian seasoning in there. Fold over and seal edges then bake according to the pizza crust directions. Serve it with warm pizza sauce. was so good. Seriously mouth watering good. Everyone thought it was definitely 5 stars.

Got a little studying done. Guys, I am going to bomb this final. It's going to be bad.

Time for my run for the Walk-It Challenge. This time I make Rachel go with me because she has a 5k coming up on May 9th. She had a tough time with the run so I'm going to take her along with me from now on. She needs this as much as I do.

Walk 5 minutes; run 1 minute/walk 2 minutes; repeat 7 times; walk 5 minutes. We did a little bit longer because I mis-timed a run and went two minutes a couple of times. Total time: 34 minutes.

Got cleaned up and headed to Kroger for some Rock Star to help me with late night studying and some waffles for Charlie. Why am I having such a tough time finding the Sugar Free Rock Star? It's sold out everywhere I go. Kroger only had 1 4-pack so I bought it and all of the individual cans that they had.

Guess what I found while shopping. 100 calorie packs of Twix, M&Ms, Reese's sticks and 3 Musketeers! All of them are 2 points except the Reese's which is 3 pts.

These are so good that I am including a box of the 3 Musketeers in the "Sweet Success" giveaway.

Dinner: Creamy Baked Chicken, roll, broccoli with cheese sauce (7 pts) That chicken made the house smell heavenly. Very good.Creamy Baked Chicken (4 pts)

4 6-oz chicken breasts

1 can 98% fat free cream of chicken

1/4 cup water

2 cups Stove Top stuffing mix

1 c. fat free chicken broth

4 oz. low fat (or fat free) swiss cheese

Cut chicken breasts in half so you have 8. Place in 9x13 pan and preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix soup and water. Put Swiss cheese on chicken breasts. Pour soup over chicken. Sprinkle crushed stuffing mix over chicken. Drizzle chicken broth over. Bake for about 45 minutes or until done. Check it at 40 minutes because every one's oven is different.

4 pts per breast.

I did something kind of weird today. I saw that quite a few other people are doing it so I did too but it's not something that I would normally do and not sure how I feel about it. Maybe I'm over analyzing it. I nominated my blog for a blog award. You are welcome to vote for it but don't feel obligated. I just feel kind of bizarre putting myself out there like that. So I might eventually take it off. We'll see. The link is at the top of the blog. Hey, why not nominate YOUR blog?!

I did much better today with the eats and even got my run in even though it was over 80 degrees and extremely humid.

Tomorrow I'll be pretty much MIA as I get ready for the final from hell on Thursday. I'll be so glad when this is over.

Hope your day was terrific. Mine was ended on a bad note when RON on Biggest Loser made it to the final 4. That guy even lied to his trained and Bob knew it. Shows Ron's total lack of character. But I am very proud of Tara. I hope that girl wins. She is amazing.

I would like to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend at The Thin Girl Within Me. She just foud out that she is preggers! Yeah! I look forward to following her journey to motherhood. :)

Good night all. :)

Points: 21/24

Activity: 34 minutes walk/jog +2 points

OH! And I found out about a new blog from Darci's web site called Iowa Girl Eats. Great blog but, better yet, she's having a giveaway! So I entered and if you want some good munchies check it out.

Monday, April 27, 2009

"Sweet" Food Log and Tuna Croquette Recipe (4 for 3 pts)

My poor Chuck stayed home from work today because he's sick. No swine flu though. Not that we're worried about that or anything. It was nice having him home even though he felt so terrible. Fortunately he was able to work from home so he still gets a paycheck. I love computers. :)

Breakfast: bagel and cream cheese (3 pts) and coffee (o pts) no picture. How many bagel pictures do you really want to see anyway? HA

I had so many chores to do today. First to drop off a "lost" library book which I think I owe $40 on now. Then I had to go to the vet to get more flea medicine because they're terrible this year already. After that I stopped by Lowe's to pick up some treatment for the back yard to kill fleas and ticks. And then off to do some grocery shopping. Found some really great things like naan bread which I used for my sausage sandwich mentioned a couple of posts ago. Got some cheeses and crackers and chocolates.

I just had to try a piece of this most beautiful lavender blueberry chocolate (1 pt) So good.
I had also stopped by Old Navy to just look around. Found a pair of capris and had a nonscale victory: shopping off the rack in Old Navy. I haven't been able to wear anything there in years. It felt good to shop and be able to wear some cute stuff. I do have to return a couple of tops because they just don't fit across the chest. But check out these cutest of cute shoes!!

Lunch: Morningstar Italian sausage with grilled peppers and sweet onion in a naan wrap (7 pts) You can see the pic a couple of posts down. This was awesome!

The rain came in this evening with a vengeance. It was pretty bad. I felt terrible for the folks stuck out in rush hour traffic during all of that.

Dinner: tuna croquettes, mac and cheese, and salad (7 pts) These remind me so much of the ones my mom used to make. They were so good. Chuck gave it 5 out of 5 stars. Tuna Croquettes (4 for 3 pts)

1 6-oz can albacore tuna in water, drained

3/4 cup Fiber One original cereal

1/2 cup Eggbeaters

2 green onions

2 tsp dijonnaise

1 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp salt

additional salt, pepper, onion powder and any other seasonings you like

Place fiber One in blender along with any seasonings you like such as black pepper, onion powder, salt, etc. Grind to breadcrumb consistency. Place half of crumbs in dish and other half in mixing bowl.

Shred tuna and add to crumbs in mixing bowl along with other ingredients. Stir until mixed.

Line baking sheet with wax paper and form tuna into 8 mounds on paper. Let it sit at room temp for 15 minutes.

Coat the mounds in the dish of Fiber One crumbs and cook in skillet heated over medium heat and coated with olive oil spray. Cook for about 3 minutes and flip. I cooked mine on a griddle so I could do them all at once.

Makes 2 servings of 4 croquettes each

170 calories; 2 g fat; 22g carbs; 10.5 g fiber; 25.5 g protein (3 WW points)

recipe from Hungry Girl's new cookbook

Dessert 1: double scoop ice cream cone with mint chocolate chip and chocolate chocolate chip (2 pts) Did you know that a small flat bottom ice cream cone is 0 points?! That's right. And my ice cream was 1 pt for 1/4 cup so I just made my scoops small. Dessert 2: small piece of chocolate with crystallized ginger (1 pt) This is made by the same people who make the cherry almond chocolate that I'm giving away. It's organic and you can read (and understand) all of the ingredients. Plus it comes with a lovely love poem inside the wrapper. Love, chocolate, organic.....what's not to love?! I am so bad. I just had evil cravings for sweets. It's ok to crave....not so ok to cave in. I stayed on plan but what plan wants you eating this many sweets? LOL Sure was good though. I'll be better tomorrow, I promise.

Dessert 3: Holey Donut strawberry frosted (3 pts)

And while it was raining outside I enjoyed a hot cup of red lavender organic herbal tea (o pts)

If you haven't heard, I've got a SWEET giveaway going on. Check the post below for more details. It involves lots of chocolate.

Points: 24/24

Activity: day off (though I did get quite a few steps in...don't think shopping counts as exercise though, does it?)

Sweet Success Giveaway

It's giveaway time! I wanted to celebrate my 10% goal achievement by sharing the sweet taste of success with my friends. :)

So what kind of goodies do you get? Oh just a few of my favorites:
  • 100 Calorie Cheesecake Bars
  • 100 Calorie Cocoa Roasted Almonds
  • Cocoa Via chocolate bars
  • Numi Organic Fair Trade Aged Earl Grey Tea
  • Green&Black's Mayan Gold Chocolate
  • Cherries and Almonds in Dark Chocolate
  • Warm Delight Minis Chocolate Raspberry cakes

It's sweet decadence. :)

So what do you have to do to win this? You can get up to 2 entries for the drawing:

  1. leave a comment and let me know which one you want to try the most
  2. post a link to this post from your blog and let me know in the comments

Don't have a blog? Just send an email to and you'll still be entered.

The drawing will be Friday, May 8th. Sorry, only US addresses due to shipping costs.

Good luck to all. It's a "tasty" giveaway. :)

Morningstar Italian Sausage Review

I've always loved the flavor of sausage but hated the chunks of fat and gristle in it. I also wasn't too fond of the casings they came in. Yuck. So I was excited to find these vegetarian Italian sausages at my local HEB store. I haven't seen them at Kroger yet. But Kroger still doesn't have the Morningstar Riblets yet either. Get with it, Kroger!

Nutrition info from the box is below. If you're a Weight Watcher, the points are 3 per sausage.
I decided to grill up some peppers and sweet onion with a spray of olive oil and serve it sort of like is pictured on the box. The sausages take about 4.5 minutes if you use the griddle or about 1.5 minutes in the microwave. I prefer the griddle since it gets browned and picks up some of the onion and pepper flavor. I chose to wrap mine in half of a whole wheat naan bread (Indian bread) that I heated over a gas burner. For Weight Watchers, half of the naan was 3 pts and the peppers are 1.

The flavor is intense and delicious. It has a strong caraway taste that is complemented by the peppers and onions. I bet this sausage would be awesome made into a calzone! Just use some pizza dough, pizza sauce and low fat mozzarella. I'll try that next.

My impression: worth buying and keeping on hand for fast fixes. It seems that most Morningstar products are 3 WW points. My husband was VERY impressed and went back to make another. He loves it!

I give it 5 out of 5 stars for flavor, texture and points/calorie value. Do go out and get some.

If you would like to know some more about this product or would like some recipes, go to the Morningstar web site.

An Accidental 5K

Had to get up at 6:45am on a Sunday to get ready to meet my Walk-It team members and leader. Ever walk around like a zombie because you're so tired? You kind of bump in to things and only one eye is open. Look, I didn't even get my bagel on the paper towel. It's just sort of laying on part of it. haha

Breakfast on the run: Carb Check bagel with FF cream cheese (3 pts) The Rock Star really helps get the juices flowing in the morning. :) So we met at the park and most of these women look like they've already reached goal. It was slightly intimidating. We split up into two groups: runners and walkers. I chose to push myself to the limit and went with the runners.

Now it's time to stretch before our walk/run. As I am bending over I realize, "Oh crap! I forgot to shave my legs!" I just know the ladies to my left and right saw them too. Just call me Sasquatch. Way to make friends and influence people, Kelly. Jeez. Also forgot to put lotion on them so I look scaly and hairy. Why am I telling you this? LOL

Runners start out first. Jen, our leader/trainer, puts us at a 5 minute warm up walk and then to run/walk at a 1:1 ratio. WHAT?! Excuse me, um, pardon me, but I've been doing 1:2 ratio at home.

Let me just tell you that these women are already in shape. They take off like they just heard the starting gun. I'm keeping up though somewhat in the back. Our first run problem. After a few of these I'm hurting so badly. My legs are screaming at me and my lungs have deflated. And by that time the pack is waaaayyyyy ahead of me. Like I can't see them any more.

We were supposed to turn around after 15 minutes but I guess the in shape ladies thought they would go ahead and finish the 5K loop. So I accidentally finished a 5K without having the intention of doing one. I felt fantastic after finishing when those endorphins started in.

My emotions weren't so great though. I felt more than a little defeated most of the day. I'm getting pretty sick of being last in everything. Last today, last when we went for that meetup to walk Houston, last at my 5k last summer, just last. It kind of gets to you after a while. Will I ever be able to run a mile without walking? Sometimes I wonder.

Snack: boston cream pie pudding (1 pt)

I was pretty exhausted when I got home so I took a pretty long nap. Woke up and then Chuck had decided that the little shitzu needed to be shaved. His hair (the dog's, not Chuck's) is so long that it gets matted very easily. He's very high maintenance. So Chuck and Rachel spend hours shaving this poor little dog. When they get through it looks bad. I mean real bad. Chuck does not have a future in dog grooming. But maybe he can shave Buddhist monks or something. Stick to cooking breakfast, sweety. ;-) Poor dog.

Lunch: Healthy Choice Orange zest Chicken (5 pts) very good but I still like the potstickers best.
I was so sleepy most of the day. Also had the munchies.
Snack: popcorn (1 pt); some candy (1 pt)

Time for dinner and I am missing some key ingredients. Pizza sounds better anyway. :) Domino's delivers and the large thin crust pineapple and ham is 4 pts per slice. I have enough points to have enough for a meal. Not a healthy meal but it's food.

Dinner: Get the freakin door, it's Domino's! Domino's pineapple and ham pizza (14 pts) (had half of a slice to get to the 14 which is not a factor of 4, I realize) Dessert: WW dark chocolate raspberry bar (1 pt) and a mini Cadbury egg (1 pt)
I can't get over how tired I am today. Going to bed early. I guess being tired kind of put me in a funky mood too. I was even getting irritated with my new Cooking Light magazine. Where do these people get off putting a sandwich in there with 23.6 grams of fat and calling it "light?" They also have a recipe for enchiladas where one, yes one, enchilada is 10 points. Come on, people. That's not light. Sorry, I'm off my soapbox now. :) All better.

Points: 27/24 (had to use a couple of AP and a weekly point)

Activity: 5k +2 points

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Captain's Log: Saturday 4/25/09

Poor Chuck didn't get to go shooting in his competition because the road to the range was flooded. But we did get to sleep in together because the kids were at the in laws. It's so nice to spend time with my man. I don't think we get to do that enough. Life's just so busy that we pass each other sometimes.

Chuck made breakfast for me and just looking at the picture makes me wish I had some right now.
Breakfast: potato, egg white and cheese breakfast taco with salsa (5 pts) Big, filling and delicious. These are a few of my favorite things.
While Chuck cleaned the kitchen I studied. Then it was time to get a run in before the rains hit again.
5 minute walk warm up; run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes, repeat 8x; 5 minute walk cool down. 34 minutes total. Nearly started a fire from thigh friction. I'll be so glad when that's gone. You have no idea.

After the run I drank way too much water way too fast. Upset tummy. So lunch was something light but filling and very tasty.
Lunch: vitamin water 10, 1 apple, 2 mandarin oranges, 1 egg filled with hummus, All Bran garlic herb crackers with laughing cow cheese (6 pts)
Time to get the kids. but before we walk out the door I grab a snack: yoplait light cinnamon roll yogurt (2 pts)

The kids were not hungry so we took them home and then Chuck and I went out on a date. I love our dates. No awkward moments and wondering what he thinks of me, etc. :) We went to Joe's Crab Shack. I stayed totally on plan!

Dinner: snow crabs and corn on cob (est. 7 pts) I only ate the 1 corn and 2 crabs. Gave the other crab to Chuck because I was stuffed. I think I should have earned activity points for just trying to eat the things. I was cracking shells and crab bits were flying everywhere. I kid you not. It was pretty primal and fun. Got home and got a dessert: chocolate vitamuffin (1 pt) After dinner we took the kids to play glow golf at Main Event. It was so cool! I wish you could see everything glowing in the pic but none of the pics really captured the glowing glory. Other cool features of black lights: your teeth and eyeballs look freakish and you can see all of the lint on your clothes.Golf went by way too fast so we decided to try glow bowl too. Charlie had ever been bowling and the last time Rachel went was when she was itty bitty. The kids had a blast and so did Chuck and I. We have GOT to do that again. And we all got at least one strike.

Rachel's technique: just try to throw the ball to the end and blast the pins away.

Got home pretty late and I had developed some big time munchies from smelling the pizza at the bowling alley. I didn't indulge but if it had been in front of me it would have looked like a shark feeding frenzy. Fortunately for everyone that didn't happen.

Munchy 1: popcorn (1 pt)

Munchy 2: mini Cadbury creme egg (1 pt)

Munchy 3: 2 peanut butter bars (2 pts) This put me over the top and I had to use one of my activity points earned today. That's why we earn them though. :)

Stayed up way too late for a girl who is supposed to meet her trainer at 8am for first Walk-It Challenge session. There are 30 people on the team. I have to get up at 7am.

Points: 25/24

Activity: run/walk 34 minutes +2 pts

Giveaway news: I LOVE reading Just Sweet Enough blog and now she's having a great giveaway. I really want this so don't enter. LOL Just kidding...but I really do want it. Her blog always has some of the most delicious foods and some products I've never even heard of before. Be sure to check it out. And congrats to her on the 100th post. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Munchy Friday

Friday morning and I had grand plans of sleeping late with my man. But 8 year old son had other ideas and was up bright and early. *sigh* It's hard to be a goddess when you're a mom to a little boy running around dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh. Plus he has this new idea that if he paints his Legos they will be rare and worth a lot on ebay. LOL Love that kid.

Chuck did his weekend duty and made breakfast. I love it when he cooks. I feel like such a kept woman. It's good to be the trophy wife. ;~)

Breakfast: "fried" egg, toast, bacon (4 pts)
Chuck went to practice shooting before his IDPA match tomorrow. I'm sure he'll do fine. While he was gone I had to get the rest of the notes for my final finished. I think I 'd rather walk on broken glass than study for that test right now. What's the matter with me? I just don't give a flying rat's ass about the Virginia Plan or the Great Compromise or ordinances and stuff like that.

Lunch: tuna wrap, 2 mandarin oranges, hummus stuffed egg (6 pts) Those eggs are a new addiction. So good.
Chuck's parents took us out to eat at Tx Roadhouse tonight. Yeah! I didn't have to cook and they were nice enough to pay for it too. Thanks, guys!
Good: BBQ chicken (ate half), baked sweet tater with cinnamon and a few marshmallows only, steamed veggies (est. points 14)
Bad: about 6 fries with cheese and Ranch, 1 soft roll no butter (est. points 10)
I forgot to bring the camera again! Oops.
It rained so hard tonight. Lots of lightning and our street was flooded for a little bit. I had to stop by Target for some allergy meds for the boy and some Rock Star for the momma. Also got Rachel a cool shirt.
When I checked out there was a woman whose total was over $500. She had a ton of coupons and ended up only paying $58 for that cart full of goodies. Damn! I've got to start clipping coupons. How do people do that?
Brought the kids to in laws to spend the night because they're going to some sort of folk festival tomorrow. Should be fun.
Now it's just Chuck and I home. That's a change! It's so quiet around here.
Got the munchies BIG TIME.
Munch 1: chocolate bar (2 pts)
Munch 2: All Bran garlic and herb crackers with Laughing Cow cheese (2 pts) hey, this is really pretty good. I'll be having this again. Just not tonight. If I can help it.
A new tea find:

Has a slight medicine taste/smell but overall it's pretty good. Not coconut chai good but still good. It's nice for drinking before bed because of the soothing lavender and it doesn't have caffeine. Not good for the morning because it doesn't have caffeine.
Went over on the points today but that's why we have the weekly allowance, right? No worries. I just had to use 16 of my weekly allowance. So all is well.
Guess I better go to bed before the munchies hit again.
OH, and I had some candies for munchies (2 pts).

Activity: day off

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Food Log 4/23/09

I'm almost finished preparing my study notes for my final. Yeah! I figured even if i don't show up I will get a 76 in the class. That puts my mind at ease but I'd like a 4.0

Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese (3 pts) and 1 boiled egg minus yolk and filled with hummus (1 pt) Marissa had the idea a while back to use hummus and I've wanted to try it ever since. I have a bunch of dyed Easter eggs in the fridge. :) These are so delicious. I'm going to have to make more of these. Also had a bottle of Vitamin Water (1 pt)
I mostly studied all day. The pressure is on!
Lunch: leftover Taco Soup from last night (4 pts) and a few candies (1 pt)

More studying. Sorry, my life is going to be pretty darn boring until I am though with this final.

Dinner: Zesty Baked Flounder (7 pts) and baby broccoli with cheese (2 pts) I only like to give out recipes to the dishes that we really like. Since family only gave this 3 out of 5 stars I'll spare you the trouble of making it. But it was fun to try a new veggie. Kids weren't thrilled with it though. Let food settle and went for my scheduled run: 5 minutes walk warm up; 1 minute run, 2 minute walk, repeat 7 times; walk 5 minutes cool down. total 31 minutes. I did a little better tonight. I was sore from doing Shred yesterday but I LOVE the way I feel after a run.

I had planned to take my first Spin class tonight but with studying and getting dinner ready it just didn't happen. Darn. I really want to try this. Probably not the best thing to do if you're already sore from previous day's work out.

Snack: watermelon (1 pt)

Dessert: vanilla crumb Holey Donut (3 pts) I pinched it so you could see how soft and wonderful these are. These things have definitely binge trigger possibilities. It's an exercise in self control to have just one. I'll have to keep these in stock. I'll probably have some popcorn (1 pt) while watching TV with hubby. He's off tomorrow so we can sleep in. :)

Points: 24/24

Activity: 31 minute walk/run +1 point

Walk It Challenge Media and Diet v Exercise

Have you registered for the Walk-It Challenge? Weight Watchers rarely teams up with an outside company but has joined forces with to motivate YOU to get up, get out there, and get moving.

Teams are filling up faster than I think even Weight Watchers could have predicted. But don't let that stop you. Virtual teams are forming. Just sign up at and get all kinds of great goodies for starting the challenge and completing a 5k. You don't have to run. You can walk the 3.1 mile race and still be a winner. Just do it.

The Walk-It Challenge was mentioned on Good Morning America. Check out the video here.

Is it better to diet alone to lose weight or exercise? According to an article on Yahoo :
"Weight loss is possible by watching what you eat exclusively, but the research says that any successful long-term weight loss program includes a strong exercise component. In fact people who diet often regain all the weight they've lost and then some. Not to mention that constantly restricting food can be irritating, leaving us feeling grumpy, tired and hungry all of the time."

Not what you wanted to hear? I'm just the messenger.

So if you can lose weight with diet alone, why is it important to exercise too? Can't I just cut calories, get to goal weight, and call it a day? Here's why.

  • Exercise changes your metabolism. You burn more calories and who doesn't want that?!
  • Cardio burns calories. You need a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day to lose one pound of fat per week. You could just restrict your calories but that's also going to slow your metabolism. You'll be tired and cranky then and nobody wants that.
  • Activity makes you more active. Well, duh, Kelly. No, seriously. Studies show that folks who exercise are generally more active throughout the day. It's like a body in motion tends to stay in motion...until it reaches the sofa or a cookie. Whichever comes first.
  • Exercise builds muscles. When you're moving you're building muscles. Your body needs to nourish those muscles so it uses stored energy in the form of fat. As your energy requirements go up (more muscles) you burn more calories during exercise and all day long. More muscles=more calorie burn=lose weight Plus you don't want to look all jiggly in that new swimsuit you plan on getting for this summer.

I was listening to Jillian Michael's radio show last night and she was recommending for some serious quick weight loss to exercise 5 hours per week. Want to really boost it? Add in a 30 minute cardio in the evening after your 1 hour morning workout. That woman scares the bejeezus out of me.

Watching your intake is good. But it looks like we also have to move our booties too. Walk, crawl, run, hike, spin, kayak, skate, jump rope, Shred...whatever it takes. Just move. :) We want that weight to come off and stay off.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Double Your Exercise; Double Your Fun

I was in the mood for something a little different for breakfast so I had a bowl of Golden Grahams with skim milk. (3 pts) Let me tell you something sad: Golden Grahams is not filling even though it is yum. Mid morning snack: fuji apple (1 pt)

Got lots of studying done. Yeah!

Lunch: tuna wrap and strawberries with sugar free chocolate sauce (5 pts) oh it was so good. I was behind on my exercise schedule from so I was trying to catch up. So today was 31 minutes of walk/run with 1 minute running and 2 minutes walking. OMG, is this ever going to get any easier? Shouldn't I be able to run a mile yet?!

I was sweating so much! After cooling down I did Shred Level 1 with Rachel. I LOVE Shred almost as much as I hate it. LOL Figure that one out. ;-)

Dinner: taco soup with FF sour cream and FF cheese (4 pts) This was incredibly good. Never get tired of it. Have you tried this yet?Also had one of my favorites: soft pretzel (3 pts) I used to get these at the mall with some fake cheese sauce and a cola icee. Oh those were the days when I could eat and not gain weight. Memories. But this pretzel was very much like the ones I used to get...only smaller. Oh, these are found in the freezer section of your grocery store or Wal Mart. Dessert: low fat chocolate chocolate chunk ice cream (3 pts)

And you already know that I reached my 10% goal. I'm so happy!

My reward is a zip line adventure!!! Anyone want to go? :) I have a horrid fear of of heights and I'm going to face it by jumping out of trees and zipping across a ravine. Woohoo! Adventure. I don't know when we are going just yet but I'm pretty excited. Chuck, Rachel and I are going to do it but Charlie is a little young.

I think I'll also treat myself to my first pedicure. Isn't it sad that I've never had one? I live a sheltered life. haha

Goodnight blogger friends.

Points 19/24 A little lower than it should be

Activity +3 points

Week 11 Weigh In Results

I knew I was going to be way too busy studying and being a mom and wife to get to Weight Watchers tonight so I weighed in on the Wii Fit.

Results: -2.4 pounds for a total of 23.2 pounds gone.

This means I reached my 10% goal!!!!!

I'm a little bummed that I won't get that fancy keychain this week after waiting so long for it but I'll grab it next week. And get to sign the wall! Woohoo!

And now, Deep Thoughts with a Happy Texan........

I never thought I would ever lose this weight. It seemed to be something I was just doomed to carry around with me for the rest of my life. I've tried so many darn diets and nothing worked. I'm sure that many of the diets were fine but they didn't fit my lifestyle and eating habits. And I guess I wasn't going to conform to fit the plans either.

I am literally astounded, like jaw on the floor astounded, that I have been losing weight this easily. Yeah, there are challenges from time to time but I'm actually losing. I'm not even counting the days until I can stop "the diet." I realize that any eating lifestyle is a diet but I, along with most Americans, have come to know the word "diet" as a temporary eating plan to attain a goal and then quit.

As the weight has dropped off my self confidence and happiness have increased. Weight loss won't solve all of my problems but it sure as hell doesn't hurt! :)

Not only has Weight Watchers helped me but my family has reaped the benefits as well. Every one of us, excluding my 8 year old son, has lost weight and clothes sizes. I feel a little guilty knowing that it was my fault that they had the weight issues because as soon as I start cooking food healthier we all lost weight.

This 10% goal is such a mile stone for me. I didn't think it was possible that first night I showed up at a Weight Watchers meeting on a whim. I was so shy and feeling slightly defeated. Now look at me. Just 11 weeks!

Now it's time to set some new goals for the week:

  • eat 5 servings fruits/veggies each day
  • keep up with my training schedule for the Walk-It Challenge
  • try a new exercise activity this week (Zumba, Bosu, Spinning?)
  • stay on plan
  • look for something to be happy about each day
  • tell my family how much I love them each day

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Road Less Travelled; Chocolate Trifle (3 pts)

I LOVE spring. Love it. Pretty skies, green everywhere, flowers blooming. It's great.

Breakfast: cinnamon swirl bagel with a couple of squirts of I Can't Believe You Call This Butter spray (2 pts) and a SF Rock Star (o pts)

I was supposed to take the kids to PE today but Rachel's throat was sore from so much crying. My poor girl. She was just in a rotten mood today. I decided it would be best not to take them to the Y. Instead we were going to go for a walk in the woods. It always works to cheer me up so I thought I'd try it on the kids.

But first...

Lunch: black bean soup (1 pt), hummus and feta rolled in tortilla (4 pts) and 2 mandarin oranges (1 pt)
The black bean soup was from the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook and it wasn't that terrific. But the hummus rollups were sooooo good.
Today's hike was a 2.84 mile trail at Lake Jackson Wilderness Park. The trail borders a river that joins the Brazos River. It was really high since the huge amounts of rain we had over the weekend.

The kids on the trail. I can definitely tell the difference in attitude once they get out in the warm sunshine and nature.
The end of the trail marked by an old washed out bridge.
The Brazos River is very high and moving very fast. There were logs and lots of debris floating at a pretty good rate. I wouldn't want to paddle this! While we were out this way I thought it would be fun to visit the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge.

Lola, our GPS, pointed us in the right direction but I began to question her judgment when she told us to turn right on County Road 306 and it looked like this! I was definitely on the road less travelled.
This was an actual sign on the road. And we did cross a cattle guard on the road. LOL I was expecting to see someone with a gun guarding cattle but it turns out to be a bunch of bars in the road to keep the cattle from getting away.
Then we finally get to the entrance. The sign is more than a little confusing. OK, there is waterfowl hunting available but firearms are not permitted? So do you hunt them with a throwing stick? I'm confused. And then there's the whole list of "permitted" and "not permitted. " Why is consulting signs for brochures and regulations not permitted? OMG, does that mean I broke the law by consulting this sign?!
It was the circle of life in full force out there. We are greeted by a bird munching on a snake. How many points is that, mister?
This Great White Heron had just swallowed a crawfish. Points?
Another Great White Heron.
Aw, a pretty bull thistle.

There were also several HUGE alligators. We just drove the auto tour because the mosquitoes were so bad that I would have to turn on my windshield wipers to "shoo" them away from time to time. I'm serious.
Also saw a hawk attacking a rat right in the middle of the road. Gruesome! Nature is hard core, I tell you.

It's 5pm and time to go home. When we leave we come across some of those cows in the road that the cattle guard was guarding. Imagine, cattle right in the middle of the road!!! I kid you not.
Got home and we were all so darn hungry. I needed to whip something up fast so I made my favorite. :)
Dinner: "Chicken" Bacon Ranch sandwich with swiss and some fries (10 pts) This is seriously one of the best sandwiches ever. Low cal or otherwise. Just take a Morningstar Chicken patty, FF swiss cheese slice, FF Ranch dressing (1 Tbs), 2 slices bacon and some lettuce and put it on a bun. That's it.

And now dessert. This is from Hungry Girl's new cookbook. The recipe is out there on the web but I'll give it to you here.
Dessert: double trouble chocolate trifle (3 pts) Chuck really couldn't believe that it was low cal. LOL It's that good.

Chocolate Trifle (3 pts)

4 Vita Tops (any chocolate flavor), thawed
1 2/3 cups Cool Whip Free, thawed, divided
1 cup skim milk
2 tablespoons sugar-free fat-free chocolate instant pudding mix
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar-free chocolate syrup

Cooking Directions
In a mixing bowl, combine skim milk with pudding mix. Whisk until blended and thickened, about 2 minutes. Refrigerate for at least 5 minutes.

In a separate mixing bowl, combine syrup with 1 cup Cool Whip. Mix gently until completely blended. Refrigerate for at least 5 minutes.

Break VitaTops into pieces and place in the blender. Pulse until reduced to crumbs.
Into the bottom of a medium serving bowl, layer 1/4 of the Vita crumbs. Top with half of the pudding.

Spread 2/3 cup Cool Whip over pudding layer. Sprinkle evenly with 2/3 of the remaining Vita crumbs.

Spread the remaining pudding in a layer over the Vita crumbs. Top with the chocolate syrup-Cool Whip mixture. Finally, sprinkle remaining Vita crumbs over the top and dig in!

Serving size 1/4 trifle; 193 calories; 1.5 g fat; 39.5 carbs; 6.5 g fiber; 15 g sugars; 5.5 g protein

I made mine in individual glasses. :)

Points: 21/24

Activity: walked a little over 3 miles; burned 2300 calories