Monday, April 27, 2009

An Accidental 5K

Had to get up at 6:45am on a Sunday to get ready to meet my Walk-It team members and leader. Ever walk around like a zombie because you're so tired? You kind of bump in to things and only one eye is open. Look, I didn't even get my bagel on the paper towel. It's just sort of laying on part of it. haha

Breakfast on the run: Carb Check bagel with FF cream cheese (3 pts) The Rock Star really helps get the juices flowing in the morning. :) So we met at the park and most of these women look like they've already reached goal. It was slightly intimidating. We split up into two groups: runners and walkers. I chose to push myself to the limit and went with the runners.

Now it's time to stretch before our walk/run. As I am bending over I realize, "Oh crap! I forgot to shave my legs!" I just know the ladies to my left and right saw them too. Just call me Sasquatch. Way to make friends and influence people, Kelly. Jeez. Also forgot to put lotion on them so I look scaly and hairy. Why am I telling you this? LOL

Runners start out first. Jen, our leader/trainer, puts us at a 5 minute warm up walk and then to run/walk at a 1:1 ratio. WHAT?! Excuse me, um, pardon me, but I've been doing 1:2 ratio at home.

Let me just tell you that these women are already in shape. They take off like they just heard the starting gun. I'm keeping up though somewhat in the back. Our first run problem. After a few of these I'm hurting so badly. My legs are screaming at me and my lungs have deflated. And by that time the pack is waaaayyyyy ahead of me. Like I can't see them any more.

We were supposed to turn around after 15 minutes but I guess the in shape ladies thought they would go ahead and finish the 5K loop. So I accidentally finished a 5K without having the intention of doing one. I felt fantastic after finishing when those endorphins started in.

My emotions weren't so great though. I felt more than a little defeated most of the day. I'm getting pretty sick of being last in everything. Last today, last when we went for that meetup to walk Houston, last at my 5k last summer, just last. It kind of gets to you after a while. Will I ever be able to run a mile without walking? Sometimes I wonder.

Snack: boston cream pie pudding (1 pt)

I was pretty exhausted when I got home so I took a pretty long nap. Woke up and then Chuck had decided that the little shitzu needed to be shaved. His hair (the dog's, not Chuck's) is so long that it gets matted very easily. He's very high maintenance. So Chuck and Rachel spend hours shaving this poor little dog. When they get through it looks bad. I mean real bad. Chuck does not have a future in dog grooming. But maybe he can shave Buddhist monks or something. Stick to cooking breakfast, sweety. ;-) Poor dog.

Lunch: Healthy Choice Orange zest Chicken (5 pts) very good but I still like the potstickers best.
I was so sleepy most of the day. Also had the munchies.
Snack: popcorn (1 pt); some candy (1 pt)

Time for dinner and I am missing some key ingredients. Pizza sounds better anyway. :) Domino's delivers and the large thin crust pineapple and ham is 4 pts per slice. I have enough points to have enough for a meal. Not a healthy meal but it's food.

Dinner: Get the freakin door, it's Domino's! Domino's pineapple and ham pizza (14 pts) (had half of a slice to get to the 14 which is not a factor of 4, I realize) Dessert: WW dark chocolate raspberry bar (1 pt) and a mini Cadbury egg (1 pt)
I can't get over how tired I am today. Going to bed early. I guess being tired kind of put me in a funky mood too. I was even getting irritated with my new Cooking Light magazine. Where do these people get off putting a sandwich in there with 23.6 grams of fat and calling it "light?" They also have a recipe for enchiladas where one, yes one, enchilada is 10 points. Come on, people. That's not light. Sorry, I'm off my soapbox now. :) All better.

Points: 27/24 (had to use a couple of AP and a weekly point)

Activity: 5k +2 points


  1. Well, you're not last in blogging. Your blog is one of my favorites! =)

    I should join one of these 5Ks with you, because I definitely would be last.

  2. Thanks jo. :) And come run with me any time. I'd enjoy the company.

  3. Kelly don't get too down on yourself. Like you said the women you were running with started way before'll get there! With your persistence, I know you will!! :) You should be proud of yourself for finishing tho!

    The hairy leg store cracked me up!! I end up like that at the gym all the time! Oh well!!

  4. just found your blog and wanted to say hi! I look forward to reading more posts ;)

  5. Go with the walkers and you'll come in first :) You should be so proud of yourself for finishing the 5k! That is awesome.

  6. You might be last now, but you did it. Not only that, think about how much faster you'll be once you're at goal. If I went with would be first. :)

  7. A walking fun. BTW love those steamers. My husband eats them but I have them a shot and those suckers are pretty good. lol

  8. Thanks for the support, guys. I think I'm just hormonal because it usually wouldn't bother me so much. Took a couple of Midol and should be better in a day or two. :)

  9. Just found your blog and had to comment because I had the same hairy leg dilemma today too. I just figured if I walked/jogged fast enough no one would see. I did have to pass some people walking but I didn't look back to see if they were laughing or retching.


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