Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap 4/7/09

Remember how I said that Ron had some new friends? Oh boy. Fur was flying. Ron thanked the folks who didn't vote for him and said that he hoped those that did vote for him would be struck down and die. Yep. Game on. He is being portrayed as The Godfather. Unfortunately, it looks like he may be dragging Mike into his scheming habits.

Temptation Challenge: several silver serving plates with lids are on display in the gym. Under each is either a fatty treat (doughnut, soda, cupcake, etc) or gum and money but one has a golden ticket that puts one person in control of the game. The holder of the golden ticket will be the only one to vote in elimination. With things going on with Ron and the group, everyone wanted that ticket. Kristen was the only one who didn't go nuts. Ron won $1500. But Laura got the golden ticket.

Let's just say that Jillian and Bob were not happy campers when they walked in the gym and saw the dishes everywhere. They kicked every one's butts during the workout.

Challenge: go to the Rose Bowl stadium and run the bleachers, boys vs girls. Prize: trip for the family to a spa. After the first heat it's down to Sione and Tara (of course). Tara just barely won. But she won! She and Sione had to run those bleachers and I don't know how they did it. Amazing.

Drama is running high as Philipe and Sione try to get people on their side. They're trying to make alliances with folks and back them into a corner to make sure they won't vote for them or, more importantly, will vote Ron off. Folks are courting Laura and her golden ticket. Laura is trying to talk Tara into falling below the yellow line so that she will have to vote off whomever the other person is below the line. There is very little trust between anyone in the house right now. It's getting ugly, people. There is so much tension.

Tara is still playing with the idea of throwing the weigh in but everyone, including Jillian and Bob, say that nothing good will come out of it. She shouldn't throw the weigh in! She should only be worrying about herself, according to Jillian. Last chance work out Tara is definitely not pushing herself as hard as usual. Now here's the deal: if Laura falls below the yellow line, she can't use that ticket to vote!

Weigh in:
Mike lost 5 pounds.
Ron lost 9 pounds.
Tara only lost 3 pounds. Jillian is pretty ticked off.
Kristen lost 6 pounds.
Helen lost 2 pounds.
Filipe lost 7 pounds.
Sione lost 4 pounds.
Laura lost 8 pounds.

That means that Helen and Sione fell below the yellow line. Sione and Helen plead their cases to Laura. Laura is realizing what a burden it is to hold the only vote.

In the end, Laura sends home Sione. Unbelievable. Did she realize that leaves an angry team member behind? Filipe? You vote Helen off and no one is left who is mad at you. Not sure it was the best thing to do.

Sione is now training to become a personal trainer instead working in landscape. He is doing great. Good for him!
I hope that Filipe doesn't hold it against Laura. We shall see!

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