Sunday, April 26, 2009

Captain's Log: Saturday 4/25/09

Poor Chuck didn't get to go shooting in his competition because the road to the range was flooded. But we did get to sleep in together because the kids were at the in laws. It's so nice to spend time with my man. I don't think we get to do that enough. Life's just so busy that we pass each other sometimes.

Chuck made breakfast for me and just looking at the picture makes me wish I had some right now.
Breakfast: potato, egg white and cheese breakfast taco with salsa (5 pts) Big, filling and delicious. These are a few of my favorite things.
While Chuck cleaned the kitchen I studied. Then it was time to get a run in before the rains hit again.
5 minute walk warm up; run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes, repeat 8x; 5 minute walk cool down. 34 minutes total. Nearly started a fire from thigh friction. I'll be so glad when that's gone. You have no idea.

After the run I drank way too much water way too fast. Upset tummy. So lunch was something light but filling and very tasty.
Lunch: vitamin water 10, 1 apple, 2 mandarin oranges, 1 egg filled with hummus, All Bran garlic herb crackers with laughing cow cheese (6 pts)
Time to get the kids. but before we walk out the door I grab a snack: yoplait light cinnamon roll yogurt (2 pts)

The kids were not hungry so we took them home and then Chuck and I went out on a date. I love our dates. No awkward moments and wondering what he thinks of me, etc. :) We went to Joe's Crab Shack. I stayed totally on plan!

Dinner: snow crabs and corn on cob (est. 7 pts) I only ate the 1 corn and 2 crabs. Gave the other crab to Chuck because I was stuffed. I think I should have earned activity points for just trying to eat the things. I was cracking shells and crab bits were flying everywhere. I kid you not. It was pretty primal and fun. Got home and got a dessert: chocolate vitamuffin (1 pt) After dinner we took the kids to play glow golf at Main Event. It was so cool! I wish you could see everything glowing in the pic but none of the pics really captured the glowing glory. Other cool features of black lights: your teeth and eyeballs look freakish and you can see all of the lint on your clothes.Golf went by way too fast so we decided to try glow bowl too. Charlie had ever been bowling and the last time Rachel went was when she was itty bitty. The kids had a blast and so did Chuck and I. We have GOT to do that again. And we all got at least one strike.

Rachel's technique: just try to throw the ball to the end and blast the pins away.

Got home pretty late and I had developed some big time munchies from smelling the pizza at the bowling alley. I didn't indulge but if it had been in front of me it would have looked like a shark feeding frenzy. Fortunately for everyone that didn't happen.

Munchy 1: popcorn (1 pt)

Munchy 2: mini Cadbury creme egg (1 pt)

Munchy 3: 2 peanut butter bars (2 pts) This put me over the top and I had to use one of my activity points earned today. That's why we earn them though. :)

Stayed up way too late for a girl who is supposed to meet her trainer at 8am for first Walk-It Challenge session. There are 30 people on the team. I have to get up at 7am.

Points: 25/24

Activity: run/walk 34 minutes +2 pts

Giveaway news: I LOVE reading Just Sweet Enough blog and now she's having a great giveaway. I really want this so don't enter. LOL Just kidding...but I really do want it. Her blog always has some of the most delicious foods and some products I've never even heard of before. Be sure to check it out. And congrats to her on the 100th post. :)


  1. What a great day! The glow stuff looks fantastic, wish we had that here.

    I am most impressed by the fact your husband cooks and cleans up after. My hubby cooks, but leaves the dishes for me. lol

    You're doing fantastic.

    The book I read in 2 hours was Stop Pre-Diabetes Now. I hated it. I couldn't quit reading it, and I was in such a funk when I finsihed that my hubby had to talk me out of it. Basically the book was a NO carb diet book in disguise. They insist even whole grain breads are bad and evil.
    I need to blog about that book, but I haven't yet because it did upset me. lol

  2. It was so much fun! The kids are still talking about it. :)

    And Chuck not only did the dishes but cleaned the stove and swept and mopped. He's definitely a keeper.

    Aw, sorry about the book. I thought you read it so fast because it was a good book. :(

  3. Bowling fun!
    And mmm that chocolate vitamuffin looks great!

  4. do you have any idea how lucky you are that husband, does dinner, (gormet), dishes and cleans the floors??..HOT DANG GIRL..He's more than a keeper!!

  5. Sounds like you had a great day, too! :) Good (tr)eats and love the bowling pics (we should do that as a family, too as we have a local glow-in-the dark place also)!

    Thanks for the idea! and the link. :)

  6. Kelly that sounds like the perfect family Saturday!!! Bowling and mini fun!!! DH & I don't do that enough.

  7. Aww such a fun day ya'll had :) Vitamuffins are a staple in my diet, I actually just had a chocolate vitatop.

  8. You cracked me up with the "thigh friction" comment. I definitely know about that all too well! Here's hoping you are rid of that problem soon! It sounds like you had a great workout, and I'm so impressed with your breakfast making manfriend. How sweet!!

    Thanks for posting about my contest, and for your nice words about my blog. :-) I always love to read yours!!

  9. sounds like you had a lot fun. My hubby will cook, but he never cleans up.

  10. Glow golf and glow bowling look fun!! I wanna try too!
    Great on earning the activity points too :> The munchies sound yummy. Pictures look yummy, too yummy almost - forgive me I have to scroll through them ultra fast ;)


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