Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Food Log 4/13; Hoisin Glazed Pork Chops (4 pts) recipe

So much to do today. I'm supposed to get up extra early so I can prepare my study materials for the upcoming final but I got sidetracked reading all of your blogs. How dare you make them so interesting! ;-)

Breakfast: oatmeal, WW cherry yogurt and a banana (4 pts)
Exercise in self control: eat 1 Milk Dud (o pts)

Lunch: salad with egg white, feta, dried cranberries, orange and some crumbled up All Bran garlic herb crackers (4 pts) So good! Had to go to the grocery store. I'm not a fan of grocery shopping. But today was a good day. Found a new obsession: Smart Food popcorn clusters. OMG!! The one in the pic is the chocolate cookie caramel pecan for 2 points (120 calories). I also bought the honey multigrain and they are only 1 point per bag (110 calories). They are both incredible and I am fixating on them all the time. They're so darn good that I may have to do a giveaway and spread some love. Think Fiddlefaddle or Crunch n' Munch. That's what you get.(sorry for the terrible pic)

Also picked up some low cal Vitamin Water (1 pt) at the store and drank it on the way home. Good. Very small energy boost but not like my SF Rock Star.

While at the store I had to go by the bakery and they have all of these bags of freshly baked bread out for samples. Usually they have them cut in tiny bits but they had whole slices out today. I had to try a piece of the country bread (1 pt?)...the kind with the crunchy outer crust and the soft delicious inside. It took every bit of self control not to go back for another slice. So good!

Today is day 10 for Charlie and his staples in the head. Time to have them removed. We went to our regular doctor but he did not have the right tool to remove staples. So I'm like, "Yous guys wants me to go over to Office Depot and picks you up a remover? Bodda boom bodda bing. Little pain and blood and theys outta der." No luck. But here's a pic of Charlie waiting at the doc office.

So we head over to the ER where he had the staples put in. Fortunately they were slow so we got right in. The doc came in and removed the staples without any problem. Charlie did great but wanted to pose in this pic as if he were in great pain. What a character. :)

I have my training schedule for the WW Walk-It Challenge. I decided to train to run for a 5k instead of walk so my schedule is different than the walkers. I just want to push myself a little.

Training: warm up 5 minutes by walking; run 1 minute; walk 2 minutes; repeat run/walk pattern 7 times; cool down walk 5 minutes

I hate being this out of shape. I shouldn't be huffing and puffing after every run but I am. but I did it and felt so great afterwards. I had my MP3 jamming to Muse and Depeche Mode.

Time for dinner: Hoisin-Glazed Pork Chops (4 pts); spinach (0 pts); garlic roasted potatoes (2 pts) I love these chops. The kids liked the savory baked chops the best still but I like these.

Hoisin Glazed Pork Chops

From Biggest Loser Family Cookbook, pg 158

Olive oil spray

4 (4 oz) trimmed, boneless pork loin chops about 3/4" thick

1 tsp garlic powder

salt and pepper to taste

1/4 cup hoisin sauce

Preheat broiler. Line a small baking sheet with foil and lightly spray foil with olive oil.

Lightly spray both sides of the chops with olive oil and season evenly with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Place shops on prepared baking sheet and broil about 3" from the heat for 2 minutes per side. Remove form oven and brush or spread 1.5 tsp of hoisin sauce over top of each chop. Continue broiling for 1 minute longer. Turn chops and brush each with an additional 1.5 tsp hoisin sauce. Broil for 1-2 minutes longer, or until pork is just barely pink inside and the hoisin sauce is a bit caramelized. Serve immediately

Note: I broiled mine longer

Servings 4; 177 calories; 26 g protein; 5 g carbs; 5 g fat; 74 mg cholesterol; trace fiber; 261 mg sodium

Points: 4

Dessert: 2 chocolate covered marshmallow eggs (2 pts) and bowl popcorn (1 pt)

Points: 21/24

Activity: +3; total of 4.1 miles today


  1. That salad looks sooooo good, and the good news is that I have almost all of the ingredients!! I know what I'm having for lunch.

  2. great job!..So happy for Charley too..Good luck on your finals

  3. Pork Chops look great! I may try that one next week!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Charlie = hilarious!

    As always, your food looks amazing.

  5. I am so totally impressed that you were able to eat only one Milk Dud. :-) And staples - ewwwwww. I don't handle stitches or staples well AT ALL. Kudos to Charlie.
    Path to Health

  6. I love your blog...I just love seeing what new things you've got on there each day...and the food looks so yummy.

  7. That salad looks absolutely heavenly!

  8. glad to hear Charlie got his staples out!! what a silly boy posin!!

    the pork chops look so good!!! mmm!!

    Keep walking/running and you will gain stregth and edurance before you know it! I think I am going to join the challenge too!!


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