Thursday, April 23, 2009

Food Log 4/23/09

I'm almost finished preparing my study notes for my final. Yeah! I figured even if i don't show up I will get a 76 in the class. That puts my mind at ease but I'd like a 4.0

Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese (3 pts) and 1 boiled egg minus yolk and filled with hummus (1 pt) Marissa had the idea a while back to use hummus and I've wanted to try it ever since. I have a bunch of dyed Easter eggs in the fridge. :) These are so delicious. I'm going to have to make more of these. Also had a bottle of Vitamin Water (1 pt)
I mostly studied all day. The pressure is on!
Lunch: leftover Taco Soup from last night (4 pts) and a few candies (1 pt)

More studying. Sorry, my life is going to be pretty darn boring until I am though with this final.

Dinner: Zesty Baked Flounder (7 pts) and baby broccoli with cheese (2 pts) I only like to give out recipes to the dishes that we really like. Since family only gave this 3 out of 5 stars I'll spare you the trouble of making it. But it was fun to try a new veggie. Kids weren't thrilled with it though. Let food settle and went for my scheduled run: 5 minutes walk warm up; 1 minute run, 2 minute walk, repeat 7 times; walk 5 minutes cool down. total 31 minutes. I did a little better tonight. I was sore from doing Shred yesterday but I LOVE the way I feel after a run.

I had planned to take my first Spin class tonight but with studying and getting dinner ready it just didn't happen. Darn. I really want to try this. Probably not the best thing to do if you're already sore from previous day's work out.

Snack: watermelon (1 pt)

Dessert: vanilla crumb Holey Donut (3 pts) I pinched it so you could see how soft and wonderful these are. These things have definitely binge trigger possibilities. It's an exercise in self control to have just one. I'll have to keep these in stock. I'll probably have some popcorn (1 pt) while watching TV with hubby. He's off tomorrow so we can sleep in. :)

Points: 24/24

Activity: 31 minute walk/run +1 point


  1. I could not keep those donuts in my house - let's just say that the entire order would be gone in an evening - but I admire your restraint!

    Great job with the running! Glad that you enjoy how good you feel afterward - I know for me that's what keeps me going back for more exercise!

  2. Yay for hummus eggs!!!! Glad you liked them! You made yours look so pretty with the paprika:)

    Good luck with your final!

    Btw, you are KILLING me with those donuts!!!!

  3. Awesome job!
    But oooh wow, donut love!

  4. great job on the run Kelly!! you're going to speeding right along before you know it!! And I totally know the feeling awesome!!

    and look at all that studying your doing...such a good student!! :) Hope your final goes well!!

    PS totally jealous of you getting to sleep in with your hubby!! that i want to sleep in with YOUR hubby...but with my hubby!!! lmao!!!

  5. Good job with the run, and the studying. I hope everything goes well. I have so many memories of being buried in books during this time of the year. Ugh.

    I love the hummus eggs, and I want those donuts in the worst possible way. Maybe I should just follow you around for a day if those donuts are going to be involved! :-)

    Good luck with the learnin'!

  6. Looks like you are doing great with your food though! And the exercise!

    Those donuts look great. I have no self control in donuts though so I am wondering if I can have those in my house. Maybe not.

  7. Ooh, hummus. I need to try that idea...

  8. wow, your site is wonderful!
    i will enjoy reading it!
    XOXO Diet Diva!

    Please follow my blog too:

    PS. i MUST have that doughnut!!!!!!! HAHA

  9. great job with the run and good luck with that studying. Pretty soon school hell will be over.

  10. Wow you really track your points and are very conscious in what you are eating.

    I was under the impressions that a decent bagel was like four bread servings in the FDA piramid thing and cream cheese was essentially fat?

    Did you ever think about the oddities and similarities between different things:

    In most sports you want more points, yet I can only think of golf and WW off the top of my head that you want to limit your points.

    After the spinning class shouldn't you somehow add fabric softener.

    and the walk run thing is just like taking washing your hair, rinse and repeat huh?

    Random thoughts are just the foolsfitness way!-Alan

  11. foolsfitness, most bagels are bad. Mine are carbcheck and have 19 grams of fiber and like 13 of protein. The cream cheese is 1 pt and fat free. :) It's all good.

  12. Since you're in Houston and I'm in Dallas, I'm hoping that you're going to be able to give me some good news...

    Where do you buy the Holey Donuts? (please please please be at a store we have here too.)

    I just found your blog and I love it! It's going on my reader.


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