Thursday, April 9, 2009

Food Log 4/9/09; hula hoopin' and runnin'

Today was a non-eventful day. I guess that's good from time to time. And I didn't take pics of all of my food like usual. Sorry. :( I'll be back on my game tomorrow. :)

Breakfast: bagel and cream cheese (3 pts)

Time to take kids to the "Y" for PE. I had planned on running but the wind was blowing so hard that it was spinning my ponytail around in circles. Seriously! So I headed for the treadmill.

One thing that intimidates me about the treadmill is trying to run or even walk without holding on to the sides. I am amazed at the people who jog on those things like they are just as comfortable as if they were on a finely paved trail. Me? I let go to walk and look like a drunk sailor. I'm all over the place and finally grasp on before I trip and fall on my face.

Today my goal was to be a real treadmill walker. I had visions of Jillian yelling at me to "let go of those sides" and Bob yelling "what the ^&%#$! Stop talking and just do it". Remember him freakin out on Joelle on Biggest Loser? So I let go....and I looked like a drunk sailor. But then I got it! Woohoo! A small victory but I did it. I was even able to jog. I only tripped once and knocked my MP3 player off but don't tell anyone because I don't think anyone saw. ;-)

So I walked/jogged for 2 miles and had sweat pouring off of me. It felt so totally awesome!

On the way home I had a few errands to run and stopped by Academy and got a weighted hula hoop. The new Weight Watchers magazine had a girl who used the heavy hula hoop and lost 4" off her waist in a month! Plus it's just fun to do. Oh, and I got a jump rope but I apparently suck and will never get through any of the cool jump rope songs that we used to do in grade school.

Lunch: turkey sandwich and pineapple (4 pts)
Something about that workout made me so tired. I didn't want to cook so I thought we would try the WW friendly menu at Applebees. I was the only one in my family who ordered healthily (it's a word, I think). tisk tisk. I had the steak and portobello and a big house salad without bacon, cheese or croutons. I don't think the dressing was very low fat so I only used a teeny tiny bit and counted it as 3 points.
Dinner: steak and portobello, broccoli, potatoes and salad (10 pts)

This is not a picture that I took. I forgot my camera at home! Darn. But it looked something like this. I was not impressed. Sorry to anyone who likes it but it made my stomach feel so bloated and blech. I would have preferred another chicken ranch sandwich like last night. No one felt good after eating here.

Got Easter candy shopping done. Yeah!! The kids are going to have great baskets. I can't tell you about it just in case one reads this. :)

Dessert: 10 bottlecaps candy (1 pt)

Late night snack: Heavenly Hash Egg (4 pts) I just couldn't help myself. LOL It is marshmallow, chocolate and almonds. Easter time.

Just wasn't too terribly hungry today. I'm sure it will catch up with me and I'll want to eat the plaster off the walls. haha

Points 22/24

Activity: +3


  1. I had that same drunken sailor walk on the treadmill the first couple of times when I finally let go of the rails! I'm better at it now, but if I lose my concentration, I start weaving again. I'm still worried that one of these days I will go flying off the back!

    I am going to walk to our Academy tomorrow (it's about .5 miles each way) and buy a jump rope! I managed to jump 11 times in a row so I'm feeling motivated improve on that. Your hula hoop sounds like fun!

  2. Great job with the treadmill!! OK, I must admit I LMAO when reading about you sending your MP3 crashing down. Been there done that, many times. Also, the Biggest Loser flashback with Bob, too funny!!

  3. OH I CANNOT walk let alone run on the treadmill without holding onto the sides. I totally don't see how people can do that. Call me paranoid but I always feel like I'm gonna fall if I let go.
    I don't like the treadmill much,, but when I (have to) use it I use it to powerwalk on an inclined slope. I don't like to run teehee.

  4. the drunken treadmill thing, again, cracks me up - because that is EXACTLY how i feel when I let go of the bars . . .

    before I was vegetarian i ate from the applebees WW menu a few times - not once was I impressed. I think it is just not worth it.

    The hoola hoop intrigues me . . . I might have to check that out!

    p.s. congrats on keeping the treadmill trip up on the dl - i'm usually clumsy enough that at least 23498237 people see me.


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