Thursday, April 2, 2009

Food Log and Egg Drop

Got up and had to get ready to take kids to the last astronomy class of the year. I can't believe how fast it's flying by. Astronomy mornings are filled with everyone rushing because we sleep as late as we can. I had to make lunches so I grabbed a quick breakfast..

Breakfast: CarbCheck plain bagel with WW cream cheese (3 pts)

I feel that the bagels really helped me in hunger control. They are filled with 19 grams of fiber and 13-14 grams of protein depending on which flavor you buy. I suppose that any breakfast that is high fiber and protein will do the same for you. The oatmeal, yogurt, fruit mixture is also VERY filling and keeps you satisfied.

Went to the George Observatory for class and made it just in time. There was a school field trip and we had to wait in line behind buses and parent/teachers in cars following. Ugh.
Charlie got to do a mock mission to Mars. He was on the remote team and got to control the robot and collect rocks. It was so cool! It was like being in the shuttle and there was even an emergency with lights flashing and sirens going off. He did very well.
Rachel had an egg drop challenge where they had to design something to protect a raw egg when it was dropped from the second story. She did very well and hers came down with a good hang time and didn't break. She won!!!!!!!! While there we had lunch on the picnic tables outside.

Lunch: turkey sandwich with cheese, baked Doritos (exactly 1 oz measure on my scale), apple, and oatmeal yogurt cookie thing. (7 pts total)

Time to go home. Got home and did some studying and then it was already time to go to my WW meeting. I have a great leader. She's always so bubbly and happy. :)

As you know, I lost 3.4 pounds. I'm very happy with that. I can't wait to get that 10% motivational gift. And to sign the 10% wall. I may have to bring a camera for that.

I was going to pick up Subway on the way home but the kids really wanted pizza. So I got myself an Ole pizza from Cici's and got everyone else thin crust pepperoni from Pizza Hut. The car smelled downright edible on the way home.

Dinner: 3 Ole pizza slices (6 pts)

After a while it was time for dessert.

Dessert: chocolate angel food cake (a yummy 3pts)

Watch some TV and studied some more and then it was time for one more indulgence before bed. Cocoa Via Bar (2 pts)

I've had a little trouble sleeping lately because my brain won't shut down. I keep thinking of things I need to do, etc. Tonight I took a Unisom and it totally kicked my butt. I think I was in a coma. Aliens could have abducted me and had their way with me in my sleep and I would have had no idea.

Points: 21/24

Activity: Nope


  1. I have been trying to find the cocoa via bars with no luck. Any suggestions on where to find them? I crave chocolate!

  2. I found mine at HEB in the "healthy section" by the bars. It was on the top shelf.

  3. Oh wow, those bagels sound great. And mmmm pizza. I totally would want a slice, actually, make that two. =P

  4. I totally need to find these bagels that you eat, I've looked at a couple of the local grocery stores here in the DC area and no luck! I'm on a mission to find them though, bagels are one of my favorite breakfasts!!!

    CONGRATS ON THE WEIGHT LOSS!!! That is so flipping amazing!

  5. I have trouble shutting my brain down sometimes at night. I like to take a Tylenol PM. You can take 2, but one helps me. My problem is usually not "going to sleep", but waking up around 3 to 4 am and then getting stuff on my mind. I really enjoy reading your blog. It's always so interesting and the photos really add a lot! And congratulations again on your weight loss.

  6. Sounds like a great day!!

    I think that angel food cake is calling my name!!

    RE (to your comment): looking to move up at the college that i currently work at so that is what my interview is for today and 1/4 c of grape nuts is 1 points...i actually use a little less than 1/4 c because otherwise its too much.

  7. Chocolate Angel food cake?? Did you make that? How...just by adding cocoa powder?? Please advise!! Yum.

    Great job on the WI.

  8. Chocolate angel food cake is available at Kroger by the regular angel food. It's very yum. :)

  9. Awesome job on your 3.4 pounds loss. WOOT!!! That bagel packs some nutriton with that fiber and protein count, WOW!!!


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