Friday, April 3, 2009

Food Log and ER Visit

I woke up this morning in a panic over trying to get everything done. The kids are going to my parent's house so they can all go to the Southeast Texas State Fair. Chuck and I were going too but a free hotel room opened up for us in Galveston so we are going away for some much needed time alone. The Feather Fest is going on and I really want to go bird watching.

So I need to write my essay for class, study for final, wash clothes, go clothes shopping with MIL, take kids to PE and get the bird cages cleaned. We have 2 cockatoos, a macaw and a cockatiel. The bird room is always so messy and LOUD!

I make some coffee to fuel the day.
Coffee and creamer (1 pt)

Breakfast: oatmeal, yogurt and blueberries (5 pts) Took kids to the "Y" and got some reading done on a book that's due next week. More panic. I'm meeting my MIL at 2pm to shop for kids' clothes so I have to rush home and feed the kids and myself lunch.

Lunch: turkey sandwich with FF cheese and FF Pringles Chips (4 pts)

We meet at Kohl's and start a shopping marathon. The kids got TONS of clothes!! It was so sweet of MIL to buy them all. I bought myself a new nighty and undergarments. Sadly, my others don't fit anymore. :)

We're leaving Kohl's and I hit the trunk release for my miniature van so I can put all of the clothes in the back. Charlie, the boy that he is, was running with his head down. He makes contact with the edge of the trunk.....hard.

He was jumping around asking if he was bleeding and on the verge of tears. I tell him he should have been watching where he was going (again) and start looking for a bump. Instead I find a 4" gash gushing with blood. It was everywhere.

Fortunately there was an emergency room nearby. I won't bore you with how I nearly ripped the hair out of the nurses who checked Charlie in. They were so rude!! We went to the back and the doctor came in to see the boy. They kept asking him how he hurt his head. Then they gave him several shots in the scalp to deaden it. I had the fun job of holding my son down who was crying and screaming bloody murder. THAT was a tough job. It broke my heart.

The doc put three staples in and then check it out. He said he had to put in another staple because the cut went so far back but that part wasn't deadened. So Charlie had the option of either suffering through more pain killer injections or just take the staple quickly. He chose to take the staple saying, "Let's just get it over with." He screamed and then it was over. The doc started to clean up all of the blood on his head. The sheets on the bed were soaked too. It was gruesome. My poor, sweet boy. It was killing me to see him go through this.

Chuck finally arrives after all of the fun is over. He said my face went white when I saw him and I just sort of collapsed into the chair. I had been the brave mom for long enough and it was time to pass the torch to dad. I felt drained. Drama. I have a picture of the injury with staples but I figured you didn't want to see that.

Got home and immediately started writing my essay. Charlie is very hungry and I have no plans to cook dinner. To reward him for surviving the ordeal we take him and the in laws to Texas Roadhouse.

Dinner: steak fillet, mashed sweet tater with only cinnamon and Splenda, steamed broccoli and carrots, 2 Long Island Iced teas, a little bit of cheese fries and a roll. (approx. 30 points)

Believe it or not it was the mixed drinks that drove the points up so high.
Got home around 9:30, finished writing the essay at 10:30pm and turned it in online. Whew! Made it!

Drama really takes a lot out of you. I was so exhausted. Charlie is doing just fine. He's back to his old self now. Needless to say, Charlie is not going to the fair. He'll be going with us to Galveston. Rachel is still going with my parents though.

Points: 24 plus 16 of my weekly allowance points

Activity: just drama


  1. Oh my gosh, so intense! And sorry to hear that the nurses were not so nice. But in the end, I'm Charlie is okay now! And he is a strong one! ahhh I'm scared of pain. LOL

  2. Oh my goodness! What a day you had. I remeber those trips to the ER when my boys were young. I could sooo identify with you about being strong and holding it together until your husband arrived. I did that when mine were young. You're strong until daddy arrives and then then you're just DONE! Oh yeah, I remember those days..

    Your dinner looks soooo good!

  3. Oh wow...what a day! When I read your title it gave me's never good when you have to visit the ER. Glad to hear Charlie is feeling better though. Hope everything heals quickly!

  4. Glad Charlie is ok. I used to live w/ my nephew when he was growing up and I always had to take him to Dr. or ER and had the pleasure of holding him down too. NOT FUN!!

    Stinks that you also can't have the alone time now but still will be nice to get away!

    You deserved those 2 long Islands!!! IMO!

  5. Oh my gosh you had some drama yesterday..don't you hate when the adrenaline let's go and you feel completely wiped out as if you've been in a war for years and fought hard?
    Take some time for you..
    (((((charlie))))) and more for his ((((((((mommy)))))))

  6. Ah, I love Galveston. Hope you have fun even with the additional little guest coming along. Glad he's okay! That's a rough one. I hope today is better and stress-free!

  7. How scary! I am the same way with children and emergencies - holding it together until the worst is over...and then I feel like I could pass out! What a brave boy to take that last staple w/o anesthetic! Hope he's doing well today.

  8. OMGosh! Sorry to hear about the whole ER experience!!

  9. That's terrible about your son getting hurt, but it sounds like he'll be okay. In the last post, looks like your kids are doing some neat things at the George Observatory. Have a great time in Galveston!

  10. Glad to hear Charlie is doing good. Poor thing!

    I'm following you on Twitter, by the way.

  11. Oh no! I'm glad he's doing ok, but that sounds awful! Poor kiddo and poor mom!

  12. Man that is quite a day. I haven't yet had to make a trip to the ER with my son but I'm sure it will happen eventually.

    I can totally believe it on the drinks, booze is full of calories. I hope you enjoy your time away.


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