Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Food Log and Weigh In Results week 10

Got up a little earlier this morning so I could study. I am so far behind. I wish I could just absorb the material by osmosis.

Breakfast: Carb Check bagel with cream cheese and Sugar Free Rock Star (3 pts)
Had to take the two little dogs to my mom's for babysitting. We had planned to go camping this weekend and the dogs are little pains in the neck on the camping trips. The sheltie barks the whole time and the shitzu can't go fro walks, gets overheated and the entire forest floor sticks to his fur. It's a 2 hour drive one way to my mom's. But it was good to see her and dad and all of the work they are doing with the flowers in their yard. They can grow anything; I can kill anything.

On the way home I ate a Fiber One bar (2 pts).

Well, the weather is going to be bad this weekend where we had planned to camp so we scrapped those plans and Chuck made reservations in Dallas so we can go see the King Tut exhibit. I'm REALLY looking forward to that! So we leave on Friday and will be back Saturday. Just a fun, quick trip.

Finally got home and got a late lunch.
Lunch: buffalo style chicken, cheese and mustard sandwich and a few chips and blueberry Greek yogurt (6 pts)
Studied a little and had a cup of the most awesome tea. And I love the name: Zhena's Gypsy Tea...Coconut Chai. I found it at Kroger's in the "healthy section." It comes in a cute tin container but it's the flavor that will keep me coming back for more. The aroma.....ahhhhhh.
Went to Weight Watchers meeting where we were given a cookies and cream bar (1 pt). Then I rushed home to make dinner.
Dinner: chili dog and some fat free chips and a beer (6 pts)
Look what I picked up at the Weight Watcher meeting! It's a Hungry magnet. Isn't he cute? :)
Now for the weigh in results: down 1.2 pounds! Woohoo! That's a total of 20.8 pounds in 10 weeks.

Here is a picture of me stomping on Hungry with my socks that sweet Vickie sent to me. I absolutely love them. I have a thing for chickens and these say "smart chick" on them. hehe CUTE! I was going to take a picture of me standing on the scale at Weight Watchers while wearing the socks but I was running late and forgot my camera. My new weigh in socks. :)
That's the other Hungry monster I got at WW. He's so cute but a good reminder to be a good girl.

After dinner Chuck and i went for a 30 minute brisk walk. Total covered today was 2.3 miles.
After the walk I had a banana (2 pts)
I'll probably have a 1 pt sweet before bed. Those Smart Food popcorn clusters are like crack. I'm just sayin.
Points: 21/24
Activity: 30 min. brisk walk +2 pts

Only 2.2 pounds before I reach my 10% goal and get that keychain. :)

PS: Thanks so much for the socks, Vickie. I really do love them.


  1. I think I should join WW just for one of those little Hungry dolls :D

    Awesome on the weight loss! WooHoo!

    My family loves that tea as well! Yum!

  2. Oh wow, awesome!!
    And that little hungry doll is soooooo cute!!

  3. First off. Congrats on the weigh in..Second..I love that little orange guy and want to get one for myself..Can someone who does the plan online go into a weight watchers place and buy one? Three that popcorn you've been showing on your blog..They don't sell it here..BUMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEERRRRR...YOU Lucky Duck!!!

    Again Congrats!!!

  4. Congratulations on your weight loss! Those socks look so cute on you! I'm glad you like them. I love the bagels!! I had one of the cinnamon ones for breakfast this morning. When Vern saw them he said even the bagles are bigger in Texas!...:) Thank you again

  5. Woo-hoo, congrats on your loss! You are doing fantastically well!

    I'm so jealous of everyone with their Hungry monsters. That's the price I pay for not going to meetings!

  6. Yay, Kelly!!!!!! You are doing amazing!

    Gonna look for that Coconut Chai Tea..mmmm

    Love the hungry monster! So excited to see if my location will have them:)

  7. Congrats on all the progress! And I have my own hungry monster sometimes, but he's not nearly as cute as yours!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss! and I absolutely love your socks! Your blog is an inspiration...thanks!

  9. Looks like another great loss for you this week! Congrats!

    I am so getting a "Hungry" at my meeting this weekend - they are adorable!

    Have fun in Dallas, I've been there a couple times for work, it seems like a fun city!

  10. I need to find a fun keychain to give myself when I reach 10%. Congrats on your loss!

  11. those lil hungry monsters are fun!! i don't think our meeting has them. but i want one...wait the furry thing...i don't want the hungry monster to visit me or anything!! lol

    and congrats on the loss...almost 21 lbs in 10 weeks is AWESOME!!! You are doing so good and such a daily inspiration to me!!!

    oh and the socks are fun!! :)

  12. Yay! Good for you. Man they should totally send you a hungry doll for joining online. I don't go to meetings but I still want a hungry doll (pout).

    I'm impressed about the class. That sounds hard. And, um, grossed out about the bug. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have contained myself to finish knowing there was a bug in my head. HA!

    The smartfood IS crack I tell you! I'm going to have to look for that tea. I've been trying to drink more tea lately.

  13. I LOVE Hungry Monster! I hope they have them at my meeting today, I totally want one :)

    Congrats on the loss! You are doing so well. Averaging 2 lbs per week is something to be really proud of!

  14. YAY!!!! Great loss, and great eats! Great socks too. :-)

    I love that tea, but I rarely find a coconut tea that I don't love. They always smell SO good!

    I hope you have fun camping, and I hope the weather is perfect. Have a great weekend!

  15. LOL, the socks are great! I may swing by my local WW and pick up one of those little Hugnry Monsters!! Too cute! Congrats on your weight loss! Keep it up!!

  16. AWESOME!! You are so close to taht 10%. Keep working and with your average of about 2 pounds a week you just might get there next week.


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