Thursday, April 9, 2009

Food Log and WW Walk-It Challenge

I woke up early so I could get some more reading done on my history book. The test is due Thursday but I wanted to get it done a little earlier if possible. The book is called The Killer Angels and is about the battle at Gettysburg. I didn't think I would like it but it turns out to be a very good book. I would recommend it. To make a long story short, I finally got the book read and took the test. I made a 100!!! Woohoo! I can only hope I do as well on the upcoming final.

Breakfast: CarbCheck bagel with WW cream cheese (3 pts). Sorry, no picture.

Lunch: tomato soup and Greek yogurt with honey (3 pts) I just wasn't that hungry. I've never tried that Greek style yogurt. Thoughts? It's less sweet and more tart and MUCH creamier than regular. I loved the honey on the bottom. I think it would have been better with some nuts stirred in. I'm definitely going to get some more of this. Very rich and yum.

Remember yesterday I said that I wasn't thrilled with the Biggest Loser Cardio workout? Let me tell you something, my back and butt are so darn sore today. It obviously worked some muscles that Jillian hadn't. I guess that's one reason to mix up your workouts: you get all of the muscles worked.

I read online that sore muscles retain water. Is that true? I don't know. But it sure made me nervous for the weigh in. I had planned on exercising before the WI but I don't think I could do 1 jumping jack. Ouch!

So, you already know the weigh in results. Yeah! I was pleasantly surprised. Haven't really done anything different. My leader, Jennifer, and I were talking before the meeting about how it's good to mix things up once a week. You stay on plan but for maybe 1 meal you have a lot of calories. Don't go crazy but enjoy yourself. It almost always gets you out of a plateau and gets the body losing again. This really does work. My mom used to work for LA Weight Loss and even told people to go out and enjoy a meal. I don't know what it does but the body goes into weight loss mode. But you have to be good the rest of the week. :)

Before the meeting I had a Fiber One Bar (2 pts). We always talk about food in the meetings and it's right before dinner time so I am starving by the time I leave. The bar really helped out.

Whataburger has been running ads about a chicken sandwich with Ranch and bacon that look so good. I wanted one but I really didn't want to waste the points so tonight I made my own.
OMG, it was one of the best sandwiches. Loads of flavor. Makes you feel like you're being naughty on your diet. haha

I just took a veggie chicken patty from Morningstar, cooked it up, then added about a TBS Fat Free Ranch, some bacon and Fat Free Swiss and lettuce. Next time I will find a more point friendly bacon. This was 2 points for 2 slices. I know I can get other bacon that's 2 slices for 1 point.

Dinner: Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich and french fries (10 pts) The sandwich was 8 points but it will be 7 next time I make it:
"chicken" (3 pts)
Ranch (0)
Swiss (1)
bacon (1)
bun (2)

Dessert: watermelon (1)

I got my new Weight Watcher magazine in the mail. Yeah. It has a little write up about The Momentum Walk-It Challenge. It runs from April 12-Jun 6. It encourages you to join a walking team or start your own and walk or run a 5k by the deadline. All challengers will have access to an 8-week online, interactive training program. All members and Online subscribers who sign up for a 5k event will be eligible to receive a 6-month subscription to WW Magazine and, when they cross the finish line, a commemorative award. I want that award!!!
The web site for more info is I have tried the link a few times but it is not working yet. Maybe they are waiting until April 12 to activate it? I dunno. But I definitely want to do this.
If you are looking for events in your area, go to this web site. You can search by type of activity for your location as well. Go ahead and sign up for something! They treat you like a queen at these events and it's so much fun. PLUS you get a tee shirt. :) You can walk and run some or just walk. A 5k is 3.1 miles. You can do that. I ran/walked a 5k last August. I was almost last in age group but I did it. And it was a great feeling to cross that finish line and everyone was cheering. I weighed a LOT. But I did it. If I can do it, you can do it. :)
Dessert: Peeps (1 pt)
Don't forget about the bagel giveaway. It's almost time to draw a name!
Points: 21/24
Activity: nope


  1. MMM that sandwich sounds delicious - I'd add some avocado to it too!

    The tomato soup looks good too - what brand is it?

  2. I made the tomato soup. Just a can of diced tomatoes and a can of stewed tomatoes. Blend and then stir in some Italian seasoning to taste. Delicious. :)

  3. I forgot to mention this yesterday, but you are SO right about Bob vs Jillian. As much as I want to kick Jillian in the face when she tells me she has 400lb people who can do her workouts, it really pushes me. Hearing Bob say things like "dont worry, you can just walk in place" makes me think "eh, I can just walk in place." The Cardio Max is a great work out, I sometimes get a little frustrated with how disorganized it is (ok, so I'm a control freak, I admit it!), but you really can feel the burn the next day if you push yourself :)

    Yet another thing that I will be adding to my arsenal from your blog, the Bacon Ranch Burger. YUM!

    Congrats on the 100 on the test!!!

  4. Oh..I haven't forgotten the bagel giveaway! Not by a longshot...LOL!

    Look at you go! You had the awesome weigh in and then aced the are on a roll!

    Your blog post really encouraged me this morning. I'm so glad I checked in here before I even went to my own blog! I had one of those big meals last night and I'm just not sure ow to feel about it...your post was just what I needed to read to put is in perspective. Have a great day! the way...I'm thinking I'm going to try and get by Walmart today and see if they have any more of those socks with the chickens on them. If they have any left I'd like to send them to you. You can e-mail me at and we'll talk about where I can mail them so you can have them!

  5. Thanks Vickie!! I am a chicken fanatic. :) That's so sweet of you.

    Y'all, Vickie had on the cutest pair of chicken socks on her blog. I want some. :)

    Oh, and I feel that the BL Cardio is disorganized too. But it sure worked my buttocks.

  6. I'm glad you liked the Oikos. I'm definitely a fan. I like the blueberry the best of all, but it is a little harder to find.

    Your sandwich looks so good!! It's such a great strategy to come home and make a healthy version of the unhealthy thing you are craving. I think that has saved me from diet disaster too many times to count!

  7. The chicken sammy looks awesome! I am adding you to my blogroll because I can't get enough of your blog!

  8. i LOVE the Killer Angels. That is one of my absolute favorite civil war stories EVER!!!!

    Your food looks yummy!!!! Now I'm hungry!!!

  9. Hon!
    Thanks so much for helping me lose all of this middle fat.
    Being a guy, I hate the idea of eating healthy. I have never, at any time, felt like I was on a "diet". I truly could continue for the rest of my life.

    So, ladies, if you have a man in your life that is resistant, tell them to ask me any questions they might have. You can post those questions on Kelly's blog, or link to my blog and post them.

    Thanks again, Sweetie!

  10. You are doing so great with your weight loss. I just love reading your blog!

  11. Yay, Kelly!!! Just got back from my trip and trying to catch up - so happy for you and your loss!!! You are doing GREAT!!!

    I have a coupon for that greek yogurt - gonna get some tomorrow!

  12. My sister and I were just talking about that Jillian quote at the top of your blog. We would love to have Jillian for a week so she could say that to us so we would drop some serious fat.

    Oh man, I love watermelon. As soon as the price drops at the grocery store I am getting some.

  13. I love greek yogurt. Add in some splenda and PB2 and it is a yummy dessert! Or a good dip for fruit. Just wish my Walmart carried greek yogurt, but apparently it is too highbrow for them. Back to TJs.


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