Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Food Log; Bugs & Weights Don't Mix; Biggest Loser Recap 4/14/09

I actually got some studying done this morning. Yeah me!

Breakfast: CarbCheck Bagel with cream cheese and a little sugar free grape jam (3 pts) and a Sugar Free Rock Star Time to take the kids to the "Y" for their PE. At the last minute I decide to take the Power Pump class or Body Pump or whatever it's called.

I was the biggest chick in the full class. I hate that feeling. I can't tell you how sick I am of being the biggest girl in every social circle. I used to always be the smallest. Not only was I the biggest girl today but I was also the only new girl who didn't have a clue. I just watched every one and got out the same equipment they did: weighted bars, balls, step platforms, rubber bands and mat.

I have to tell you, if it hadn't been for Jillian and the Shred I would not have been able to do this workout. But I did it!! It felt good to be able to do 40 push ups. It felt good to get down on those squats with weights.

I was on my back doing an exercise called a "Skullcrusher." Doing great until a gnat (a small flying bug) goes right up my nose into my sinus cavity. I could feel the damn thing moving around up there and I was almost in barf mode. But with an exercise called the "Skullcrusher" and being the new girl, my options were pretty limited. I don't want to look stupid so I start trying to snort the bug out of my nose while I'm doing the exercise. The instructor thinks that I am having difficulties so she starts trying to encourage me. LOL "It's ok. You're almost done. Hang in there. You're doing great." I wanted to yell "There's a freakin bug working its way to my brain!" but that might freak out the daintier ladies in there.

I finished the 1 hour class and quickly excused myself so I could go dig the bug out. Sorry, I know. I know. I only got part out. I'm still so grossed out I can hardly stand it. Why do these things happen to me? Oh well. Gotta laugh about it. :)

Lunch: buffalo chicken wrap with laughing cow cheese, FF Ranch, lettuce; BBQ Pringles and a cute baby banana (5 pts)
Back to studying and my favorite new snack: Smart Food Honey multigrain popcorn clusters (1 pt)
My daughter, whom I am so proud of, asked me to sign her up for a 5k. So we found one for May 9th for her. I signed Charlie up for the 1k. I'm looking forward to cheering for my kids at the finish line. I'm trying to talk Rachel into a triathlon team at the Y.
Dinner: 2 tostadas with meat, lettuce, FF sour cream, taco sauce and 1 oz FF cheddar (7 pts)
That fat free cheddar that I got from the store the other day is pretty darn good on stuff. I wouldn't eat it by itself but it's really much better than the Kraft brand.
What you don't see in the picture is that I dropped one on the floor face down before I could get a picture. It's just the perfect addition to a day with a bug up my nose. haha

Dessert: Vitabrownie (1 pt) I took a bite before I remembered to take a picture.
Dessert #2: watermelon (2 pts) I was disappointed. It wasn't that sweet.

Biggest Loser: Tara won another challenge. That girl is so awesome. Then everyone had makeovers. Ron had his dead squirrel beard shaved off. Tara looked like a movie star. Beautiful.
Laura was diagnosed with a stress fracture in her hip. Very dangerous for her. At weigh in she gained 3 pounds. She and Kristin were below the yellow line. It was a tough decision but in the end they sent Laura home. Biggest Loser set her up with doctors to help her out at home though.
Weigh in is tomorrow for me. That scale has not been moving so I'm a little nervous. I checked it like 5 times today. Always the same. So we'll see the results tomorrow.
Points: 18/24
Activity: +3 (WW site says I earned 4 but I'd rather underestimate)
PS: at tomorrow's weigh in I'll be wearing some very special socks, Vickie. I'll take a picture.


  1. Mmmmm, everything is amazingly delicious!!!

  2. Okay..I'm going to have to look for this smart food you keep taking pictures of cause that looks DARN good. And I liked the tostada salad.

    Pringles? I can't say no more on those..WEAKNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  3. Awesome trying out the Power Pump class!!!! No worries we all have a clueless 'first' and we got through ours already! In my class all the ladies looked so tough at first but after my 2nd time I convinced myself that I'm just as tough teehee :>

    hahaha great imagery of the gnat. if you can survive lifting weights with a gnat up your nose oooooh lady I think you are ready for ANY workout.

  4. Ang, I found the Smart Food in the cip asile at my grocery store. :)

  5. Ok...Vern, my knight is somewhat rusty armor, thinks I have lost my mind as I am sitting here literally laughing myself silly over you and the bug in your nose!

    I'm looking forward to the photos of your special socks ALMOST as much as I am looking forward to having a HUGE bagel for breakfast tomorrow! Looks like tomorrow is a special day for us both!

  6. Hey there!

    I'm so mad at that BUG!!!! Those things suck, especially when they find their way up your nose.

    Hey, I've totally been there being the biggest girl in a class, in a room, in the entire school even? I know how it feels, but you know what, nobody cares! And the FACT taht you can do freakin 40 push ups is pretty damn amazing because MOST women can't do that! (i.e. ME) I hope you keep pushing through and not letting those mental obstacles and own self-criticism stop you from becoming healthier and happier!!

    :) Your daughter is too cute. I love her name!! I've always wanted to be called Charlie!

  7. 40 push ups??? AT ONE TIME? Wow, you are my hero!! I can do about 12, maybe 15 at a time now, which is HUGE for me! Congrats on taking the class and surviving!!

  8. You're so funny...I love reading your blog. I couldn't help but laugh at the gnat story...sounds like something that would happen to me. I, too, like laughing cow cheese. I can tell just how much to eat...rather than slathering it on like it has no calories. I get new ideas for eating from reading your blog. Just wanted to say thanks.

  9. Kelly, LOL that was hilarious about the bug (well, I know at the time it wasn't, but your recount is!!)

    Great eats today! I especially love the smartfood popcorn (gonna look for that) and VITABROWNIE -love those!

    Good luck with your WI!

  10. I have to tell you I just came across your site a few days ago and I love reading it. The gnat story makes me laugh (I could imagine it happening to me.)

  11. Good for you for sticking it all of the way through the Body Pump class!

    I've been the biggest girl in most social situations since about the 8th grade, I have no idea what it feels like to be the smallest, or hell, just NOT the biggest. We are doing the right things to get there though :) Along the way, we will become WAY healthier than most of the smallest chicks in the room. 40 Push Ups is awesome. It is amazing what Jillian can make us do!

  12. The bug story cracked me up. That's something that would happen to me. Good for you for toughing it out, but still, that doesn't sound like fun. Protein isn't meant to be inhaled! :-)

    Good for your daughter for wanting to do a 5k. Fun!

  13. Your food looks great! Thanks for the recap. What is a body pump class? We don't have any around here that I know of? www.summerfitness.net

  14. I hate being the biggest chick in the room. It's no fun. I seem to tower over all other females & it stinks. I feel like Lurch....but with more meat on my bones. lmao

  15. Kristi, the Body Pump (or is it Power Pump?) class is at the YMCA. It involves a weight bar, balance ball, step platform, rubber band and mat. You do various strength training exercises for an hour until you feel like you are going to lose your breakfast....from last week. But it's really good. I enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again. :)

  16. I could not read this post.

    I got stuck on the photo of the Vitabrownie.

    I haven't craved sweets too much, but THAT...oh my gosh, I want it! lol

  17. I love your blog and I don't even remember how I found it. I love looking at the pictures and they give me ideas of what to eat. I have a question. Did you make your own buffalo chicken or did you buy the chicken with the season already marinaded in the chicken? The wrap looked divine!

    Keep blogging! You are such an encourager to those who read it.

  18. The buffalo style chicken is something I got at the deli in Kroger. It's made by Boar's Head (what a terrible name) and is 1 point for 2 oz. Not bad. :)
    And thanks for the complement.

  19. I am absolutely drooling right now! Holy moly!

    Sorry about the gnat in your nose and the broken tostada. Things like that always happen to me too. I don't have the greatest luck.

  20. Thanks for the info on Boars Head meat. Some Subways have the buffalo seasoning on their turkey. I will be on the look out for the chicken at my local grocer deli.

  21. I'm cracking up over the gnat in your brain! Hope it got out! And yes that smartfood does look good....


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