Monday, April 13, 2009

Food Log for Easter

Guess what. I left the camera at the in laws' house so there are no pieces of evidence pictures to post today. :(

Got to sleep late and it felt so good. Chuck is usually the one to cook breakfast but I did this morning. I made biscuits for everyone (actually just cooked some frozen ones) but since they were 4 points each I didn't have any).

Breakfast: eggs, hash browns, toast, coffee with creamer (5 pts) Chuck took a great picture of it. Wish I could show you.

The kids were involved in a chocolate bunny massacre while we lounged around the house. Then it was time to get ready to head to Chuck's parents' house for lunner (late lunch early dinner).

I brought turtle pie and a salad that was so awesome. It had greens, feta, dried cranberries, apples and pecans. I also had a raspberry vinaigrette to go with it.

So far I've had no candy. Good job, Kelly!

Dinner was so good and filling. I'm guesstimating the points here.
very small piece of ham (4 pt?), broccoli (1 pt), baked sweet potato with marshmallow (5 pt?) and salad (3 pt?)

You're doing great, Kelly. Keep it up!

Played some wii and watched the kids play. Oh, and they got more candy. We could be a warehouse for Hershey right now.

Dessert time! turtle pie (4 pts) and iced coffee with creamer (1 pt) I could have done much worse considering that there were brownies which are my all time favorite weakness.

Went home and we were all stuffed and sleepy. But it was a nice, relaxing afternoon. Everyone had a nice time. I just wish that I hadn't left the camera over there. It's really their camera but they let us use it. I just can't afford my own $1200 camera right now.

So guess what I did! I'm super excited about this. I signed up with a walking team for the Weight Watchers Momentum Walk-It Challenge!! And then I signed up for a 5k in June called the Tortoise and the Hair 5K. Apparently some people have an autoimmune disease that basically makes them allergic to their own hair and this benefits them. Yeah, I know.
I also downloaded a training schedule! Woohoo! If you would like a training schedule for running let me know and I will email it to you. Or join the challenge and get one.

Also, did you know that Jillian Michaels has worked with the folks at Nordic Track to develop an incline trainer? It's not in my budget but I sure do want it. It is even iFit compatible. You just put in a chip and Jillian talks to you and controls your workout and basically tries to kill you without leaving a mark. No bruises or blood. You're just found in your own pool of sweat.
You can read more about the torture device machine here: Nordic Track Incline Trainer

I had no plans to cook after a big dinner/lunch like we had earlier. Unfortunately the munchies hit. Here's where it goes downhill.
2 pieces of egg bubble gum (2 pts?) it's not egg flavored gum but egg shaped. :)
Cadbury creme egg (4 pts) that's usually the points of my entire breakfast!
chocolate covered marshmallow egg (1 pt)
popcorn (1 pt)
and to finish it off on a good note: banana (2 pts)

I could have done worse but I could have done better. I had to use up some weekly allowance points but that's what they're there for. I was just so hungry that evening.

Usually by this time of the week I can see some sort of movement on the scale. This week it has not moved at all or gone up slightly. I'm a little nervous about weigh in. I need to go back over my food log and re-evaluate. I know I've had way too many processed foods and not enough greens and fruits. Maybe I can redeem myself before weigh in.

Points: 33/24

Activity: None

I'll have pics tomorrow. :)


  1. You're doing just fine.
    I think you will be surprised at weigh-in this week.

    I will be your trainer this week. I am not the push-over that you think I am.

    Okay... maybe I am.

  2. You'll be my trainer? Does that mean you're going to get that cool incline trainer for me? :D

    Thanks, sweety. It's great to have your support. Love ya!

  3. Kelly I am so impressed that you calc/estimated your points for your food all day! I wasn't near as good!

    And how exciting to look forward to the 5K!! Too bad we weren't closer...we could do it together!!

  4. I can totally relate to your late in the day slip ups - were you channeling me this weekend? Ugh. Let's make today a totally on-plan day!

    Ooh, and congrats on the walking challenge. I hope they discuss it at our meeting this week!

  5. I would say that you did VERY well given all of the treats that were dancing around you during the day! I love those Cadbury Creme Eggs. Sigh... It is a good thing they aren't available year round!

    Good for you for signing up for the 5K. I haven't done one in a while, and that reminds me that I should find one to do soon. I can't wait to hear about your training! Awesome!

  6. Oh wow, that sounds great with the challenge!!

  7. Sounds like you used your activity points from yesterday :) It's ok to use those lady, dont be scared. Drink lots and lots of water until weigh in day to get all of the sodium and sugar out of your body, and I bet you'll see the scale move!

  8. I forgot to add...that incline trainer looks EVIL

  9. Great job on signing up for your 5K. YEA!!! Perfect thing to get you to walking/running consistently.

  10. Playing catch up here on all my blogs! Can you e-mail me that running schedule? I've been needing to start my training for the half marathon I want to run in January.

    I saw Jillian's Noditrack at Sears, and the hubby and I were all impressed and drooling over it. Maybe one day...


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