Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Funniest Weight Watcher Site Ever

OMG! I laughed so freakin hard reading this.

WARNING: Do not have anything in your mouth while reading this. Go to the bathroom and pee before you click on the link. Fair warning. :)

Apparently Weight Watchers has not always been tasty. They came up with some crazy crap in the 70s!

A sneak preview:

"Why, they're much bigger than one would think.

The fisherman would like you to know that he has an impressive pair of buoys, too."


  1. I've been to this site. It was like a trip down memory lane: my mother had WW recipe cards in the 70s. Mostly I remember a lot of bad diet desserts!

  2. Well, I guess it worked! I wouldn't eat it!


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