Monday, April 6, 2009

Galveston Trip Recap with Pictures

Saturday: Got up and took my time getting ready. Rachel was already at my mom's so I just had to get Charlie delivered to his grandparents' house.

Breakfast: Chuck cooked 1 egg white, 2 slices bacon, cheese on a CarbCheck Bagel (4 pts)
Back to packing, changing bird cages and making sure everyone has food before we leave.
Snack: cocoa almonds (2 pts) LOVE these.

Finally on our way for a much needed date with Chuck. We haven't had enough dates lately and I miss it. LOL What kind of date is a weekend alone to do some birdwatching? An 18 year marriage date. :)

We stop at Chili's for lunch on the way. I had the Guiltless Grilled Chicken Sandwich with veggies and Diet Coke. (10 pts)

Got to Galveston to check in to the suite. The place was friggin awesome and HUGE! We had two bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 baths and a living room with a huge balcony. Our bathroom had a really big jacuzzi tub too. I can't believe we got it for free. It is a time share belonging to the in laws. The only bad thing was that it was on the fourth floor and the elevator was out. Go Activity points!

Here is a picture of our living area.For dinner Chuck and I went to a place called Fish Tales on the Seawall. We chose to sit on the deck and watch the surf and cars. I could have sat there for hours and hours. It was so nice to have that time together. Can't get enough of that man. :)

Appetizer: Puffers which are jalapenos stuffed with crab stuffing and fried and served with Ranch. OMG, do I need to tell you how good these are? I had 2. I estimated points at 14.

I ordered a little more smartly for my main dish: snow crabs (no butter) and veggies and 2 glasses white wine. (8 pts estimated) I was not able to finish the crabs or veggies but somehow managed to drink all of my wine. :)On the way back to the condo we picked up some Malibu Rum. Oh I love coconut rum. I had 5 points worth.
Had the munchies later so I had a Fiber Plus bar (2 points). No picture.
Points: I had to use my remainder 19 weekly allowance points and still need to activity points to cover my intake.

Got up, showered and had a dry toasted bagel (2 points) and a Diet Coke. I didn't really pack for breakfast. Oops!
Fed the seagulls from the balcony again. Lucky gulls got popcorn and bagels for breakfast.

Hard to believe it's already time to pack and check out. It went back waayyyy too fast.

Chuck and I went for a hike on the bay side of Galveston Island State Park. News for campers out there: they say that they are hoping to have some campsites on both the bay side and the beach side open this summer. It won't be at full operating capacity for a while though. Their septic systems were totally destroyed so no bathrooms (except portable kind) or showers yet.

We saw lots of birds and mosquitoes! We walked for probably 3 miles . While we were there a police with siren blaring went by on the nearby highway and we heard a bunch of coyotes start yipping and howling. It sounded like a LOT of them were out there. We saw some coyote tracks and scat too. We were hoping to see the dogs but they were hidden somewhere in the marsh.
Chuck took pictures of several different types of birds. Here are just a couple of them.

Common Tern

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (note the debris from Hurricane Ike in the tree)

Time for lunch. Stopped by Joe's Crab Shack and ordered a blackened mahi sandwich with steamed broccoli and a Diet Coke. (est. points 10)

We met my mom in Bolivar and got Rachel. It looks like a war zone out there. The amount of destruction is just terrible. I feel so sorry for those people. Stupid hurricanes. There are places where the beach comes right up to the road now. Everywhere is sand and debris. We saw a house upside down in a cow pasture and cars dotting fields here and there. Crazy.


Stopped by the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge and saw a few more birds and scouted out a possible canoe launch spot.

Time for dinner: Subway turkey sandwich with baked chips (10 pts)
Pick up Charlie and head home. We're all so tired.
Dessert: 2 peeps (1 pt)

Points: 23/24
Activity: 2 earned

And now, back to reality. :)


  1. Sounds like a nice, relaxing mini vacation!

    I agree with you about hurricanes being terrible. I was born and raised in the deep south of Louisiana and I know all about the destruction that can ensue from even small hurricanes.

    How did you like Joe's? It's my favorite restaurant, and I'm going there in two days! YAY!

  2. Oh I LOVE Joe's. The whole atmosphere is fun and upbeat. The food ain't too shabby either.
    When I'm not worried about points I love to have a Shark Attack. :)

    Have fun at Joe's!

  3. Aww how sweet, time away with the hubby. It's always nice to just take a break and have some one on one time where there arent 87 other things on the to do list!

  4. Awh, what an awesome time. And whoa, that picture of the seagull is amazing! I'm kind of scared of them though. I'm worried if they poop on my head when I see a whole lot of them. LOL!


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