Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mini Vacation to Dallas

It's good to be back home! The weather was crazy around here with flooded streets and trees blown over. Our house was fine though.

Breakfast: eggs (whites), toast, hash browns and coconut chai tea (3 pts)
Lunch: Chik Fil A grilled chicken sandwich and a fruit cup (6 pts)
Snacks: Fiber One (2 pts), SF Rock Star (o pt), Monster Low Carb (o pt), Spree candy (1 pt)
Dinner: POINTLESS! tequila taster sampler, margarita, shot of tequila, chips and salsa, chicken chimichanga, rice, beans, 1 sopapilla, 2 pralines and a Diet Coke

Activity: run/walk scheduled workout 5 minute warm up walk, run 1 minute/walk 2 minutes repeat 7 times; 5 minute cool down walk
+2 points

This picture symbolizes my eating for the weekend. Look at the size of that dinner plate! Holy cow I bet you could load that thing down. It's actually a piece of art at the hotel. It was filled with beautiful eastern style art everywhere. This hotel had several restaurant and 10 shops inside. We were given a map when we got there it was so big! It had a private 7 acre sculpture garden park, spa, tennis courts, 3 pools, croquet court, basketball court, lagoon, and huge chunks of the Berlin Wall. It was an amazing place. Chuck got a package that included tickets to the King Tut exhibit, breakfast buffet and a junior suite. It was one of the nicest places we've stayed.

We decide to have dinner in one of the restaurants in Atrium I. Everyone wanted Mexican food. This place was so cool: 40 varieties of tequila and a tequila sampler. I love tequila so I had to get the sampler. And I didn't even share. :)I also had a margarita and another tequila shot. Oops. Sure was good.

Let's not stop there. How about a deep fried chicken chimichanga with rice and beans?! Then it's nighty night time for me. I haven't had a "pointless" dinner in a while and this was good and really fun and SUPER expensive. You know how hotel prices are. It's not something that we do this was the first time.


Breakfast: ham and bell pepper egg white omelet; black coffee; 1/4 cup grits; 3/4 strip of bacon; fruit; yogurt (approx 12 pts)

Snacks: Bit O Honey candy (4 pts); chewy Runts (2 pts); SF Rock Star (o pt)

Lunch: Cracker Barrel chili jack chicken sandwich and fries; 2 cornbread with butter (another pointless meal)

Dinner: Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken (6 pts) and salad (0 pt)

Activity:Bodybugg says 10105 steps

Got up and enjoyed the substantial breakfast buffet at the hotel. They had everything! And a chef who argued with me about how much oil you have to have in order to make an omelet. We finally came to a compromise. :)

Went to the museum and it was packed with people. I don't like crowds at all. Fortunately we had VIP tickets and got to walk right past the long, long ticket line.

We couldn't take pictures inside but here are the kids outside with a giant Anubis statue and a King Tut poster. Very cool.

After leaving the museum we headed home but stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch. I was not very good. Oh well. So tomorrow I work my tail off and earn some activity points.

The weather in the Houston area has been really bad the past couple of days. Everywhere were flooded streets and downed trees.

I'm glad to be home. Oh, and guess what was waiting in my mail box when I got home? The new Hungry Girl Cookbook! I see some things that I really want to make. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend so far. I'm a little loopy from fatigue so it's time for bed.


  1. I found that coconut chai tea - it's so yummy!

  2. What a great mini vaca!!!

    And holy guacamole - lovin that tequila!!!!

    Glad you have fun =)

    Gonna look for that SF Rock Star - 0 pts.?? really?

  3. Sounds like a great time! Which was your favorite tequila?

  4. Your Mini vacation sounds like such a great trip! And that Mexican food!!!!...Oh my!!! How Yummy!

  5. Glad you foind it, Karen. Isn't it great? I want to try some more of those teas.

    Bonnie, I liked the El Tesoro Anejo the best. It was a very smooth tequila. The Sauza was my least favorite. It always reminds me of drinking hair spray. Not a good tequila even though it is popular.

    Yep, Marisa. 0 Points for SF Rock Star. I've bought many of them and Target has the best prices. They are $2 cheaper per 4 pack than my Kroger.

  6. I like the giant plate! May I please photoshop myself into the image with you. I'm going down in a blaze of glory with food this weekend. I need a big plate to handle it all. lmao

    PS...I'm jealous of your Dallas trip. I wanna go!!!!!!!!

  7. glad you had lots of fun. mini vacations are the best. and love guacamole!

  8. I have a little statue of that dog thing. I'll have to take a picture and send it to you!

    Glad you guys had fun.

  9. Yumm-O look at that Tequilla and Mexican Food! We had a run in with some Mexican food this weekend as well, but yours looked WAY better!

    Sounds like you guys had a great mini vacation :)


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