Friday, April 24, 2009

Munchy Friday

Friday morning and I had grand plans of sleeping late with my man. But 8 year old son had other ideas and was up bright and early. *sigh* It's hard to be a goddess when you're a mom to a little boy running around dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh. Plus he has this new idea that if he paints his Legos they will be rare and worth a lot on ebay. LOL Love that kid.

Chuck did his weekend duty and made breakfast. I love it when he cooks. I feel like such a kept woman. It's good to be the trophy wife. ;~)

Breakfast: "fried" egg, toast, bacon (4 pts)
Chuck went to practice shooting before his IDPA match tomorrow. I'm sure he'll do fine. While he was gone I had to get the rest of the notes for my final finished. I think I 'd rather walk on broken glass than study for that test right now. What's the matter with me? I just don't give a flying rat's ass about the Virginia Plan or the Great Compromise or ordinances and stuff like that.

Lunch: tuna wrap, 2 mandarin oranges, hummus stuffed egg (6 pts) Those eggs are a new addiction. So good.
Chuck's parents took us out to eat at Tx Roadhouse tonight. Yeah! I didn't have to cook and they were nice enough to pay for it too. Thanks, guys!
Good: BBQ chicken (ate half), baked sweet tater with cinnamon and a few marshmallows only, steamed veggies (est. points 14)
Bad: about 6 fries with cheese and Ranch, 1 soft roll no butter (est. points 10)
I forgot to bring the camera again! Oops.
It rained so hard tonight. Lots of lightning and our street was flooded for a little bit. I had to stop by Target for some allergy meds for the boy and some Rock Star for the momma. Also got Rachel a cool shirt.
When I checked out there was a woman whose total was over $500. She had a ton of coupons and ended up only paying $58 for that cart full of goodies. Damn! I've got to start clipping coupons. How do people do that?
Brought the kids to in laws to spend the night because they're going to some sort of folk festival tomorrow. Should be fun.
Now it's just Chuck and I home. That's a change! It's so quiet around here.
Got the munchies BIG TIME.
Munch 1: chocolate bar (2 pts)
Munch 2: All Bran garlic and herb crackers with Laughing Cow cheese (2 pts) hey, this is really pretty good. I'll be having this again. Just not tonight. If I can help it.
A new tea find:

Has a slight medicine taste/smell but overall it's pretty good. Not coconut chai good but still good. It's nice for drinking before bed because of the soothing lavender and it doesn't have caffeine. Not good for the morning because it doesn't have caffeine.
Went over on the points today but that's why we have the weekly allowance, right? No worries. I just had to use 16 of my weekly allowance. So all is well.
Guess I better go to bed before the munchies hit again.
OH, and I had some candies for munchies (2 pts).

Activity: day off


  1. OH, thanks for sharing about the tea! I am a hardcore tea drinker. Every morning, everyday. =D

  2. I'd hardly call a few fries and a roll "bad"! sometimes we need a bit of those extras to keep us on track!

  3. Yep, hummus eggs are addictive!

    Love all your eats today. It's so hard to make the "perfect" choice when eating out, but I think you did great! You got to enjoy what you ate and still stayed on program by using your WAP. Way to work the program :)

    I saw that tea in my supermarket and I was desperately hoping to find the Coconut Chai, but they only had the lavender and another kind that didn't sound that exciting :( I'll keep a lookout for it!

    Oh, and about Jil's book - just started reading last night. It's very heavy on biochemistry and I think she's headed in the direction of EVERYTHING organic, eliminating all processed foods and basically, "eating clean". I'm sure there's a lot we can take from it.

    Sorry for the novel, enjoy your weekend with just the hubby!

  4. valuable legos on ebay...totally cracks me up!! bummer you didn't get to sleep in.

    i might have to try those hummus eggs...sound good!

    and oh man do i LOVE tx did you NOT eat any peanuts when you were there?!?!?!? I love that part! Have you been there on a birthday before? Well the bday person gets to sit on the sadle and they sing to you!! It's too fun!!! :D Hope you guys have a good weekend!!!

  5. hey kelly...#2 comment on this post!! :) i found the pizza crust at my local grocery store...hyvee. it was by the pizza sauce and toppings. and comes 2 in package.

  6. The All Bran Crackers & Laughing Cow Cheese is my afternoon crack, so, so blasted yummy.

    I'm a big fan of hummus, so I'm going to have to dry these eggs you keep showing, they look so good! I have a great recipe for a modified version of hummus. Let me know if you'd like me to email it over. 1/4 Cup=1 Point

  7. thanks for your comment!
    i would like help.
    i couldn't find your e-mail address but I definitely want to learn how many points are in different things?
    i think i'm allowed 20 pts. there's 60 calories in one point, right?

  8. Just discovered your blog! I will have to try those hummus eggs, they sound perfect!


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