Monday, April 27, 2009

"Sweet" Food Log and Tuna Croquette Recipe (4 for 3 pts)

My poor Chuck stayed home from work today because he's sick. No swine flu though. Not that we're worried about that or anything. It was nice having him home even though he felt so terrible. Fortunately he was able to work from home so he still gets a paycheck. I love computers. :)

Breakfast: bagel and cream cheese (3 pts) and coffee (o pts) no picture. How many bagel pictures do you really want to see anyway? HA

I had so many chores to do today. First to drop off a "lost" library book which I think I owe $40 on now. Then I had to go to the vet to get more flea medicine because they're terrible this year already. After that I stopped by Lowe's to pick up some treatment for the back yard to kill fleas and ticks. And then off to do some grocery shopping. Found some really great things like naan bread which I used for my sausage sandwich mentioned a couple of posts ago. Got some cheeses and crackers and chocolates.

I just had to try a piece of this most beautiful lavender blueberry chocolate (1 pt) So good.
I had also stopped by Old Navy to just look around. Found a pair of capris and had a nonscale victory: shopping off the rack in Old Navy. I haven't been able to wear anything there in years. It felt good to shop and be able to wear some cute stuff. I do have to return a couple of tops because they just don't fit across the chest. But check out these cutest of cute shoes!!

Lunch: Morningstar Italian sausage with grilled peppers and sweet onion in a naan wrap (7 pts) You can see the pic a couple of posts down. This was awesome!

The rain came in this evening with a vengeance. It was pretty bad. I felt terrible for the folks stuck out in rush hour traffic during all of that.

Dinner: tuna croquettes, mac and cheese, and salad (7 pts) These remind me so much of the ones my mom used to make. They were so good. Chuck gave it 5 out of 5 stars. Tuna Croquettes (4 for 3 pts)

1 6-oz can albacore tuna in water, drained

3/4 cup Fiber One original cereal

1/2 cup Eggbeaters

2 green onions

2 tsp dijonnaise

1 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp salt

additional salt, pepper, onion powder and any other seasonings you like

Place fiber One in blender along with any seasonings you like such as black pepper, onion powder, salt, etc. Grind to breadcrumb consistency. Place half of crumbs in dish and other half in mixing bowl.

Shred tuna and add to crumbs in mixing bowl along with other ingredients. Stir until mixed.

Line baking sheet with wax paper and form tuna into 8 mounds on paper. Let it sit at room temp for 15 minutes.

Coat the mounds in the dish of Fiber One crumbs and cook in skillet heated over medium heat and coated with olive oil spray. Cook for about 3 minutes and flip. I cooked mine on a griddle so I could do them all at once.

Makes 2 servings of 4 croquettes each

170 calories; 2 g fat; 22g carbs; 10.5 g fiber; 25.5 g protein (3 WW points)

recipe from Hungry Girl's new cookbook

Dessert 1: double scoop ice cream cone with mint chocolate chip and chocolate chocolate chip (2 pts) Did you know that a small flat bottom ice cream cone is 0 points?! That's right. And my ice cream was 1 pt for 1/4 cup so I just made my scoops small. Dessert 2: small piece of chocolate with crystallized ginger (1 pt) This is made by the same people who make the cherry almond chocolate that I'm giving away. It's organic and you can read (and understand) all of the ingredients. Plus it comes with a lovely love poem inside the wrapper. Love, chocolate, organic.....what's not to love?! I am so bad. I just had evil cravings for sweets. It's ok to crave....not so ok to cave in. I stayed on plan but what plan wants you eating this many sweets? LOL Sure was good though. I'll be better tomorrow, I promise.

Dessert 3: Holey Donut strawberry frosted (3 pts)

And while it was raining outside I enjoyed a hot cup of red lavender organic herbal tea (o pts)

If you haven't heard, I've got a SWEET giveaway going on. Check the post below for more details. It involves lots of chocolate.

Points: 24/24

Activity: day off (though I did get quite a few steps in...don't think shopping counts as exercise though, does it?)


  1. I was in Old Navy today too! All their work-out gear is only $10! I went nuts! :)

  2. Whoah! $10? Hmmm....I may be going back. :)

  3. Oh, those tuna croquettes look WONDERFUL. Thank you for sharing the recipe, I'll definitely be trying them!

    Cute shoes! Great job on the NSV!!

  4. Shopping should count as exercise lol!

    Mmm, any day filled with dessert is my kind of day :)

  5. Thanks for the recipe post - I can totally make this...(i think lol)!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It sounds great. I am really on a fish kick right now. I think I am going to enjoy it.

  7. Hubby loves tuna croquettes, so I will definitely have to try this.

  8. Lavender blueberry chocolate from Yoda's planet? How cool is that.

    (Also, I'm from Austin, so you can mark me down in the Happy column too.)

  9. tuna croquets. Very interesting. My mother used to make chicken ones when I was growning up. I miss her home cooked meals. I am a terrible cook.

  10. Oh I can just imagine the feeling you had when you put on those Old Navy clothes! I can't wait until I can shop in non-plus-size stores.

    Both the lavender blueberry chocolate & the crystallized ginger chocolate really sound intriguing. And,mmmm, your tuna croquettes recipe sounds delicious!

    The one thing I can have now is the red lavender organic tea. I've become such a tea freak! LOL I'll have to find some of this.

    Great post & great blog. :-)


  11. Really Kelly...
    Those doughnut pics are about to drive me over the edge. They look devine. I must order some soon or risk injuring my face on my computer screen!

  12. Yum the Tuna Croquettes looks so good! I need to pick up the new Hungry Girl Cookbook, I have the old one, and love it.

    Off the rack, congratulations lady! That is so awesome :) Big hug for you!

  13. I <3 flip flops!!!!

    And how exciting to shop off the rack....that's a reward in itself!! Congrats girl!!! :D

    Your ice cream cone has me drooling!!! I think that is one of my favorite summer treats!!!

  14. I must try that tuna receipe. I'm not a fish eater but I will eat tuna and it so low cal. Thanks so much for sharing your receipes.

  15. I love the Dagoba chocolate! Just outing myself as Star Wars geek!!

    Mmmmmmm, I really need some of that dark chocolate with ginger. Sounds good for morning sickness!

  16. OMG!! Hey y'all, Wei Sic Meow is PREGGERS! Congratulations. :)

  17. Ummm, the tuna looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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  19. OMG I am DYING for holey doughnuts!!


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