Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walking Houston and Best Chicken Ranch Sandwich

Oh I did not want to get out of bed this morning. It was overcast and way too early. But there was a hike with the Houston Outdoor meetup group. I wanted to go!

Very quick breakfast of Carb Check Bagel with cream cheese (3 pts). Drop kids off at in laws so they can do the egg thing and rush to the meeting place.

Met some nice folks and then the starting gun goes off. Not literally but the chicks take off at warp speed. I thought I was walking pretty fast but these ladies are professionals! Chuck and I were left waaayyyy behind. But it was ok. I like spending time with him.

We finally catch up with them at the skate park. Then it's off again. LOL

We passed under the Waugh Bridge where a bat colony lives. Very cool! We could hear them and smell them. Ick.
There is a section near downtown where they have blue lights at night. It's really pretty and has a blue bayou theme.
On the sidewalk was painted things like "blue eyes", "blue bell", "blue suede" and then THIS:

LOL! I was surprised. ;-)

The whole hike was 5.1 miles and took close to 2 hours. I checked the WW website and my pocket slider and they all say that I earned 8 activity points. I love it! I'm going to start walking a lot more. Exercise=more food.

I was sore before starting the hike. Now I'm so sore that even my feelings are hurt.

Got in the car and needed a Fiber One bar (2 pts) immediately.

Chuck and I stopped for Subway on the way to get the kids.
Lunch: subway turkey sandwich with cheese and honey mustard and baked chips (10 pts)

Got kids and came home. There was a surprise on our doorstep.
It's a baby mourning dove. The parents are hanging around to take care of it so we just left it alone. So cute though. :)
I don't know if it's the spike in exercise or just because I hadn't been hungry for a few days but it finally caught up with me. I have been so darn hungry all day long! I hate it when I'm like that.
Snack: Greek yogurt with honey on the bottom (2 pts)
Mmmmm. Look at that honey. So good.
Guess what. I'm still hungry. I snacked on a couple of bites of low point candy (1 pt).
Finally! It's time for dinner!
Bacon Ranch Chicken Sandwich and 2 servings of fries (11 pts)
It includes FF Ranch, Morningstar chicken patty (veggie patty), FF Pepper cheese, bacon and lettuce. This has got to be one of our new favorites. Chuck just can't get over it. The kids devour them too. Try it. :)

We gave the kids their Easter baskets tonight so they wouldn't get up too early in excitement. I think Chuck and I are ready for one morning to sleep in.
We got them the biggest chocolate bunnies we could find and filled their baskets with wonderful treats. Rachel calculated the points for her bunny: 144 points!!!!!!!!

I used up some of my activity points today. I was just so hungry. I should have used the points on more fruits. Oh well. I'll be better tomorrow. Maybe. :)

Hope you all have a good Easter! I'm going to bed and getting a leg rub from my man. I'm so sore. Gotta get in shape.

Oh, and I checked with the folks at Weight Watchers and the walk-it challenge web site will be up and running tomorrow, April 12. Check it out when you have a chance.


  1. LOL on the Blue!
    And what a great hike! And delicious! I love your eats!!!!!

  2. What a fun post! The sidewalk writing cracked me up too. I would not want to encounter the bat colony, but, aside from that possibility, that looks like an awesome hike!

    I'm so glad you are enjoying the Greek yogurt. I finally went to a different grocery store last night where they had Chobani so I get to try it next. I feel like I have to have it at least once a day. :-)

    The 144 point Easter bunny made me laugh out loud. I always figured up the points for the most ridiculous things! That's something I would have done. I hope everyone enjoys the day and some treats. Speaking of exercising more so that you can eat more... I need to get my behind to the gym. I'm expecting to eat some treats at dinner, and every little bit helps.

    Happy Easter!

  3. I did not know there was a bat colony under Waugh! That's neat, I'll have to check it out.

    And holy Points on that Bunny!

  4. I forgot to add, where did you get the cheese? Whole Foods or Central Market? I'm thinking I might make this sandwich!

    (And why in the world is my word verification "fatess"?! LOL)

  5. fatess was the verification word?! ROFLOL!

    I got the cheeses at HEB, believe it or not. They melt decently but let's face it, it's not full fat yumminess. But still good.

    Do try the sandwich though. It's one of our favorites now. Something about that bacon and ranch...they were meant to be.

    Oh and the bat colony is way cool. There is even a viewing platform so you can watch them fly out in the evenings. OH, and there is a pontoon boat ride on Buffalo Bayou that will show you the sites. :)

  6. way to go on your walking today Kelly!!! That's awesome!!

    I need to find that greek yogurt...stoneyfield farms sent me some coupons for some free ones and I can't find it!! Maybe I'll have to send them to you! ;)

    I can't believe that bunny was 144 points.... HOLY CRAP!! If that doesn't make you not want to eat I don't know what will!!! lol

    Oh and thanks for your sweet comments yesterday!! You always put a smile on my face!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I saw your comment on fitago. Too funny about the competitive nature, I'm the same way. I'm not really in great shape, I just walk a lot. I wear a pedometer all day, and the mileage I am posting is from a whole day of walking (I had asked David in an earlier post if I was to post just exercise mileage or all mileage and he said if I walked it to post it). I get about 2.5 to 3.5 miles a day just on exercising. Hope this answers your question.

    I look forward to ready your blog and getting to know you.

  8. Your food always looks so good! Also - I tagged you in my last post:

  9. 144 points? Oh my gosh!

    Looks like a lovely Saturday. I love walking around the city with my lovely hubby. I don't even realize it's exercise!

    Happy Easter!!

  10. hiking is tough...great job.

  11. I love that Houston skyline! It's my favorite city in the whole world - yes, I am a born and raised Houstonian. And I am definitely trying that Chicken Ranch Sandwich, it sounds soooo good!

  12. Chicken Ranch Sandwich is on the grocery list for next week!!

    The walk sounds fantastic. Its so nice to be able to get a good chunk of excercise in like that!


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