Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Post for a While

I won't be posting for a few days because Thursday is my birthday so we're going camping at Dinosaur Valley State Park for the weekend. I can't wait!! It's a beautiful place with dinosaur footprints in the river bed. There is also a drive thru wildlife park down the road where giraffes and zebras come to your car to eat out of your hand. It's called Fossil Rim and it's one of the best wildlife parks I've been to so far.
Funny story: Chuck is not a fan of ostriches and last time we went to Fossil Rim I drove so he could take pictures. An ostrich came to the car looking for food so I tossed some food nuggets in Chuck's lap and the ostrich was trying to peck him. Not a place you want a giant bird pecking but I got a big laugh. Chuck didn't. LOL I wonder if he'll let me drive this time...
Today was VERY busy and food was not always the best. My bad.
Breakfast: SF Rock Star (0 pts; 20 calories); 1 c. Fiber One Caramel Delight Cereal with WW yogurt and 1/2 c. blueberries (4 pts; 345 calories)
Took kids to the Y for last day of PE. Instead of working out I gave my calf a rest and made out my grocery list.
After PE had to rush to get to hair cut appointment on time. Stopped by McDonald's for lunch because it was on the way.
Lunch: 6 chicken nuggets and small fry (12 pts; 514 calories) Just so you know, all of the WW info online says that 6 nuggets are 6 pts. If you look at the nutritional info on the back of the nuggets box and calculate the points it is 7. Sorry. :( I'm going with the 7 pts because I'd rather calculate high than low.

Rachel and I got our hairs prettied up and then it was time to go home.
Go to the grocery store for camping supplies and came across a new soup flavor that I don't think I'll be trying any time soon. I called Chuck on the cell to ask him if he wanted some but he said he would pass. :)

(not only that but it's spicy!!)

Dinner: grilled filet mignon, salad with Asian dressing, and baked potato with cheese and a little FF Ranch (10 pts; 571 calories) So good! The steaks were in the "reduced for quick sale" bin so I got a great deal.

During dinner Chuck told me about my birthday present. It has been a life goal of mine to get to pet a penguin. It's just something that I've wanted to do at least once in my lifetime. My sweet husband has arranged a "penguin encounter" with the folks at Moody Gardens for me and my family to get a personal penguin tour and get to pet and hug on a penguin!!!!

I am so excited. I swear I almost cried when he told me. And I am so touched that he went through the trouble of making all the arrangements. It will just be the 4 of us and the penguin keeper getting a private tour with the penguins. I just can't believe it.

In case you did not know this about me, I'm sort of a bird freak. I have a lesser sulphur crest cockatoo, Moluccan Cockatoo, and a blue & gold macaw. I grew up with over 100 chickens which I had named and various birds that we rescued and eventually set free. Great childhood. :)

Since we're going camping this weekend the penguin encounter will have to wait until the following Friday. Did I mention I was excited? No? I'm so excited!!

I was tired today! I mean really tired. Before bed I got in a "screw it, give me some chocolate" mood. Grabbed some chocolate before I snapped back into losing weight mode.

Snack: Chocolate (4 pts; 200 calories estimate)

Y'all have a great weekend! I look forward to sharing my camping and munching with you when I get back. :)

Points: 30/24

Activity: none

Calories burned: 2442

Calorie Intake: 1629

Calorie Deficit: 813

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catching Up: Sunday and Memorial Day Journal

I got a little behind with blogging. Been busy, busy, busy.


Dragged Chuck along for a run/walk combo of 3:2 ratio for 25 minutes. We have just been running at 2 minute intervals so this was a little more difficult for us. Especially in that heat!

After running we walked for 30 minutes. It was nice to sweat with my hubby.

Breakfast: eggbeaters and cheese on whole wheat bun (4 pts; 175 calories); an orange (1 pt; 62 calories) and a SF Rock Star (0 pts; 20 calories) I should probably stop drinking those but they are like a drug, I swear. Love my crack star.
Lunch: baked potato with sour cream and cheese and a salad (5 pts; 308 calories)
Snack: Strawberry shake (1 pt; 64 calories) Look how hard it was raining! We even had hail. Kind of cool to watch it bounce off the trampoline. We got Rachel a very large ball python snake from an individual back in December but the snake was very difficult to feed and she was very shy and kind of intimidating. Rachel was afraid to hold her because the snake would move fast and hiss.
So I contacted the lady at the snake rescue place where we got my son's awesome ball python and she said she would trade snakes for a corn snake.
He's so cute!! He stares at you and likes to just hang around on your neck. Very cool necklace and Rachel is not afraid of him. He also eats without any problems. He's about 4.5 feet stretched out but much thinner than a ball python of that size.
Dinner: grilled chicken, corn on cob and seasoned veggies (5 pts; 270 calories) The Green Giant veggies are 0 pts per 1/2 cup serving!
That night we all sat around outside and enjoyed the brief cool weather. I had a mojito (2 pts; 100 calories) and a margarita (2 pts; 100 calories) and a vitamuffin (1 pt; 100 calories) and some jalapeno cheese crackers (2 pts; 100 calories) and a shot of tequila (2 pts; 100 calories) and some popcorn (1 pt; 100 calories) and a piece of chocolate (1 pt; 40 calories) Yep, the munchies strike with a vengeance when alcohol shows up to the party.
Points: 26/24
Activity: run/walk combo at 3:2 ratio 25 minutes; walk 30 minutes 3.7 miles total +5 AP
Calories Burned: 2540
Calorie Intake: 1539
Calorie Deficit: 1001
Grabbed a banana (2 pts; 109 calories) and headed to the "Y" for run session. It's just so darn hot outside plus my left calf has really been hurting and the treadmill is kinder than the concrete.
Did 15 minutes on elliptical and then 35 min of 2:2 ratio on treadmill for total of 3.3 miles. My calf was killing me. That's it, I'm taking a little vacation from running until this heals. It hurts too bad plus I don't want to do further damage. If it's not better by next Monday I am going to a sports doctor to get it looked at.
On the way home we stopped by Starbuck's for a Light Venti Espreso Frapp with 2 Splenda (2 pts; 150 calories) I'm starting to want to get away from Splenda and the artificial sweeteners after reading some of Jillian's book about boosting your metabolism. Scary stuff! But apparently not scary enough to keep me from my frapp this morning. LOL
Got camera from in laws' house that we left there the night before, hence the reason for lack of pics.
Lunch: Amy's Alphabet Soup (2 pts; 160 calories) and turkey and cheese wrap (3 pts; 170 calories) I love Amy's soup. I can read all of the ingredients and it's organic and tastes great.
We had a scare: Saturday we had a power surge and today the Wii won't work! But Chuck threatened to return it to Wal Mart and showed it the original box and receipt and it decided to cooperate. Good Wii.
Went with Chuck to replace the motor on the AC of our travel trailer. It was so hot outside. Poor guy. He even got cut up while working on the roof of the trailer. But it's replaced. No way to do a test until we go camping next weekend.
Snack: cinnamon raisin gnu bar (2 pts; 140 calories) I am going to write a review about these soon. :)
Went to REI and I got a Buff. Be sure to watch the video of all the cool things it does. I think it's the only thing in my size that REI carries!
Then off to Academy and got a leg roller, a stronger elastic band for Wii EA Sports Active and some shirts for $4.99 each! That leg roller feels so good on my calf. Love it.
I don't believe in calories counting on holidays or birthdays. "It's not the celebrations that get you but the days that connect the celebrations." In other words, it's ok to get a little freaky from time to time but just not every day.
So, we went to Texas Road House. Ate some bread, cheese fries, 1/4th of chicken fried chicken; a few bites of rice, 1/2 of loaded baked sweet potato and 1 more roll. So yum! No calories or points. LOL Yeah, right. But at least it was guilt free.
Too tired to do my EAS when I got home (or too stuffed) so we just watched Wild Hogs and went to bed. Chuck and I exchanged foot massages and went to sleep. Very good day. :) I just hate that the weekend is already over.
Points: None
Activity: 15 min. on elliptical; 35 minutes on treadmill run/walk at 2:2 for total of 3.3 miles +3 pts
Calorie Burn: 2630

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Have a Great Pair!

I have seen other women with great pairs. I have wanted my own for a while. I used to have some good looking ones but then...well...I gained weight and they weren't so spectacular any more.

Sometimes I envy the chicks in the clothes catalogs and their great pairs. I keep feeling mine to see if they are getting any better but it looks kind of funny to be doing that in public. Husband has caught me a few times feeling them.

Since losing some weight I've finally noticed my pair coming out. I'm talking about collar bones. I have missed them so much! And they're finally starting to show again. This is huge for me. :)

This morning we had to get up early for Chuck's IDPA competition. It's a shooting competition with different scenarios set up.

Breakfast: oatmeal with WW yogurt and a glass of OJ (4 pts; 240 calories)
Chuck did so good at the competition. He came in FIRST in his classification and third overall in accuracy. Would have been better had he not shot a "hostage" in the head. Hey, he told him to duck! I'm so proud of my shooter. He looked so cute out there running and shooting and being all accurate and stuff. This is only his second time competing.
While at the "shootout" I had a gnu bar (2 pts; 140 calories) and WW string cheese (1 pt; 50 calories) I've been so hungry since starting all of this exercise stuff.

Got home and leftover Pei Wei (9 pts; 460 calories)
Snack: cocoa almonds (2 pts; 100 calories)

Dinner: 4% fat beef burgers with cheese and fries (9 pts; 385 calories)
After dinner did 40 minutes on EA Sports Active. The jump lunges and jump squats just about killed me. Let me tell you, it is not fun to try jump squats at 200 pounds in front of your family. They're tough enough but getting laughed at because you don't know what the hell you are doing is even tougher. Freakin kids. >:-/ Chuck was smart and didn't comment except to make some suggestions.
Points: 27/24
Activity: 40 minutes EA Sports for wii +5
Calories Burned: 2576
Calorie Intake: 1375
Calorie Deficit: 1201

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hog: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

I am so late getting things posted. Better late than never. :)

Started day with a 35 minute walk/run at 2:2 ratio for 2.2 miles. I was slow. Gosh it's hard to run when it's so hot and humid outside!

Then did EA Sports Active Game for wii for 30 day challenge. Had to do some pretty tough moves but it was a lot of fun. Also, the calorie read was much more accurate. The Wii said I burned 152 calories and bodybugg said 163 calories. My calorie burn was already slightly elevated from the run.

Still having trouble with some of the remote positions but I'll get it.

Breakfast: Rock Star (0 pts; 20 calories) and English muffin with egg white, FF Swiss cheese and bacon (4 pts; 230 calories) Thanks for cooking breakfast, Chuck. :) But why just have hog for breakfast when Hog is good all day long? Yep, we went to a Harley-Davidson dealership just to look around. OMG, I want one so bad. I had no idea how heavy those things are! I tried to set one up while sitting on it and it's pretty tough. But it would be so much fun to ride with my honey in the hills somewhere. I just worry about wrecking. So still weighing the pros and cons of motorcycle ownership. Sure was fun to look though. :)

My Chuck looking good on a bike.
Time for lunch. Eating out can be intimidating when you're trying to lose weight. You have worry about points, calories, sodium, fat, etc. But you get sick of Subway every time you go out.
I was thinking Arby's!
A bad day for pigs........more hog.
Lunch: ham and swiss melt sandwich (6 pts; 268 calories)and a fruit cup (est. 1 pt; est. 60 calories)
More running around looking for gun pieces and boots for Chuck's Saturday competition.
Dinner: 1 Vietnames Chicken salad Roll with Sweet Chili Sauce (2 pts; 123 calories); 1/2 of Pei Wei kung pao tofu and veggies (6 pts; 290 calories) and 1/2 brown rice (3 pts; 170 calories) I never liked tofu before but since eating at Pei Wei I love it! I just need to learn how to cook it. Any instructions or recipes from you guys would be appreciated. :D
As we were leaving Pei Wei there was a beautiful cloud formation that people were stopping to admire.
A couple of more errands and then home....finally. It's been a long day but fun.
Dessert: the most freakin' awesome donut in the universe!!! Holey Donut Boston Cream Oreo Cookie Reduced Fat Donut (4 pts; 218 calories) OMG! I cried a little it was so good. Chuck said it was the best donut he's ever had.....ever.
Each one of these babies is hand made. Just look at that cream filling.
Still had some points left so I drank 16 oz of Tropicana50 OJ (2 pts; 100 calories)

Points: 23/24

Activity: 35 min. run/walk at 2:2 ratio for 2.2 miles; EAS wii game +5 pts

Calories Burned: 2678

Calorie Intake: 1151

Calorie Deficit: 1527

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dermatologist Visit and Food Log

Lumps are bad, right? We don't want lumpy gravy or lumps on our buns or thighs. We especially don't want lumps anywhere near the girls!! Well, I had a little lump a little too close to the girls but it was further up...more like close to the shoulder under the bra strap. But the thing had grown and it stood out and was starting to freak me out just a little. So I went to the dermatologist to see what she thought it might be.

Turns out to be a cyst and nothing to worry about. I can get it cut out at any time (jeez, I hate needles and cutting utensils aimed at me) but it will require a stitch or two.

Also asked about skin care. Here is my current skin care regimen: wash my face with a bar of Zest or Irish Spring (or whatever is on sale). That's it. Dermatologist was surprised and amazed. She at least said my skin looked great and she didn't see any wrinkles. I disagree but that was nice. Hers was flawless.

Wanna know the #1 thing that ages your skin and gives you wrinkles? The sun! It is recommended that you put on a light sunscreen before you put on your makeup or walk out the door every day. She recommended one for me called SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense. I tried it yesterday and it's not heavy at all. Very nice.

The next thing she recommended was changing my soap routine. Here are the 2 cleansers she recommended which can be found at CVS Pharmacy. Just pick your favorite:
Before I left she asked me some questions about my bodybugg. She wants one. :) And speaking of bodybuggs can I just say how much I love that Tara has a bodybugg tan line? LOL
Breakfast: Carb Check Bagel with 1 Tbs. chocolate peanut butter (4 pts; 225 calories) and a Rock Star (0 pt; 20 calories)
Rushed to take the kids to PE at the Y but it was my "off" day so I didn't exercise.
Stopped at Starbucks for a Venti Espresso Frapp with 2 Splenda (2 pts; 150 calories) Taking pics of your food is a great visual reminder. I totally forgot to log this in my points until I was going through the pics for this post. Also had a Fiber One Bar (2 pts; 140 calories)
Lunch: burrito and cantaloupe (5 pts; 261 calories)
Snack: 100 calorie cocoa almonds (2 pts; 100 calories)
Even though it was my day of rest I couldn't miss spinning. I was looking so forward to it. I dragged Rachel along with me this time. We both had a great time. I may have to start taking this twice a week. LOVE it. I did 15 miles in 45 minutes. Have you tried spinning?
Dinner: 2 black bean burgers crumbled over lettuce with FF cheese (6 pts; 320 calories) and broccoli with an ounce of 2% Velveeta (2 pts; 120 calories)
Dessert: Holey Donut low fat chocolate crumb (3 pts; 150 calories) I wouldn't have eaten this had I remembered about the frapp earlier. :( Oops.
Points: 26/24
Activity: 45 minutes spinning 15 miles +7 AP
Calories Burned: 2417
Calorie Intake: 1485
Calorie Deficit: 932
Not a very high deficit today. At least not like usual. At that deficit it will take me 4 days to lose 1 pound. See how important exercise is when losing weight? :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mojito Recipe (2 pts; 100 calories) and Various News and Info

Captain's Log: Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 and I'd like to apologize in advance for the huge spaces in the post. I have no idea what's going on with that.

My buns were really feeling the burn after the elliptical and incline training. Ouch!

Bonnie and I started the 30 Day Challenge on the EA Sports Active wii game on the same day. It's nice to have someone else suffer along with you. :) Today was day 2 and I did intervals of running, kickbacks, high knee lifts, side lunges (ouch because you do them very slow and controlled), tennis and lunges with a knee lift. Also did some shoulder raises and bicep curls.

The lunges got me today. This is not as intense as the Shred but you still get a pretty good workout and I would bet that these exercises get more intense as the challenge progresses. I do know that the rubber band is not enough for strength training for me. I've been using 5 pound weights with the Shred and these just don't offer that same resistance.

The calorie monitor for the game is not terribly accurate. I did not burn as many calories as they say. At least that's what my bodybugg told me and I tend to believe it. :)

Great game. Worth the money. Still learning how to hold the remotes to get the most accurate readings for the various moves.

Breakfast: "Nutty Nugget" cereal, almond milk and raspberries (4 pts; 252 calories) and strawberry milkshake (1 pt; 64 calories) Thanks to Marisa for figuring out the calories on this thing. I really appreciate it. This shake is so darn good! Take 1/2 c. unsweetened almond milk, 5 strawberries, 1 Tbs. sugar free pudding mix, ice and blend. I usually add just a little sweetener because I like things sweet. :)

Lunch: pizza made with low carb pita and sauce and WW mozzarella and turkey pepperoni (5 pts; 254 calories); Jazz apple the best apple in the world (1 pt; 81 calories); pack of strawberry cupcakes (1 pt; 100 calories) Those cupcakes have major binge triggers for me. Need to stop getting those. Pizza was delicious!
Thanks for the congrats on the weigh in post below. :) I'm pretty pumped to see the loss. I've been working hard and tracking calorie deficits with the bodybugg. The math adds up! I changed my "Skinny chick on the beach" ticker and my "brag badge" from HYC to reflect my total loss instead of just my Weight Watcher loss. I worked for every pound lost...might as well claim them. :)

We usually eat out on weigh in days and this time pizza was on the menu. I got home and had Domino's deliver thin crust and deep pan pizza. I was so excited about my weight loss that I didn't want to blow things with pizza so I made my own Mediterranean Chicken Feta pita pizza. But the smell. OMG, why does pizza smell so good?! I took a slice of the deep dish pizza but when I took a bite it tasted oily and I thought, "I'm not using a bunch of points on this!" Then I put it up. Yeah!

Dinner: Mediterranean Chicken Feta pita (6 pts; 225 calories); bite of pizza (est. 1 pt; est. 70 calories?) For the pita I just took a grilled chicken breast and tossed it with some romaine and fat free feta and some light Italian dressing and served on low carb pita. It was full of flavor and great! Dessert: Strawberry donut (3 pts; 150 calories) Seems to be a strawberry theme going on today. :)

Chuck and I went for a run after dinner but we really, really didn't feel like it. But it was one of those "just do it and get it done" things so we put on our shoes. You know, for as sore as my glutes and back of the legs are I did pretty good. I was slow but I could hold a conversation while I ran instead of huffing and puffing. It was actually enjoyable! Doesn't hurt that the weather has been so nice lately. Did 40 minutes of run/walk combo at 1 min run/2 min walk and did 2.6 miles. Like I said, I wasn't very fast but I think my endurance might be getting better. yeah!!! One day I'll run that mile!

And now, my friends, I'd like to introduce you to my new BFF Mojito. :)

This baby is so good. I can't even tell you how good it is. Just come on over and I'll make one for you and then you'll know. I know what I'm having on Memorial Day! Chuck said that this is his new favorite drink.

Mojito (2 pts; 100 calories)

Recipe from Laaloosh

- 1.5 oz Bacardi Rum

- 12 fresh spearmint leaves

- 1/2 lime (I used 1 Tbs lime juice)

- 7 oz sprite zero or club soda

- 2 tbsp. Splenda (I used 3 packets Splenda but could use Stevia)

Directions:In a cool tall glass, muddle the mint, Splenda and lime juice. Add crushed ice. Add rum, soda and stir well. Garnish with a lime wedge and a few sprigs of mint. Serve and enjoy!
Recipe makes 1 serving

Each serving = 2 point value; 100 calories

Want to work on some trouble zones? Jillian and her BFF Vanessa Marcil work your abs, arms, buns and legs with these free online videos.

You know you've been wanting one of those donuts that I keep showing. Now is a great time to order some with free shipping! Read on....

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Go to Holey Donuts to order.

Blueberry Cheesecake Muffin Recipe from Vitamuffin

(2 pts; 138 calories; 1g fat; 6g fiber)


1 package of Blue Bran VitaMuffin Mix

2 egg whites

1 cup water

8-oz tub Philadelphia Fat-Free Cream Cheese

6 Tbsps. powdered sugar

1 low-fat graham cracker sheet, crushed (2 squares or 4 rectangles)

Preheat oven to 400 F.
Line a standard 12-cup muffin pan with paper baking cups.
Prepare according to package: In a large mixing bowl, combine VitaMuffin Mix, egg whites and water. Blend well. Set aside.
In a bowl, mix fat-free cream cheese and powdered sugar to thoroughly blend.
Divide muffin batter evenly among the baking cups. Spoon the cream cheese mixture evenly on top of the batter in each cup. Sprinkle the graham cracker crumbs over each muffin. Bake according to package, about 25 minutes, or until firm. Allow muffins to cool, then indulge your cheesecake craving in a lusciously light way!
Tip: Baking VitaTops at home can save you more than 50% - each fresh-baked VitaTop is only $0.50.

Get 10% OFF VitaMuffin Mixes when you enter coupon EVR527Z9. Coupon expires 5/27/09. Shop Now!

Points: 24/24

Activity: EA Sports Active; 40 minutes run/walk combo 2.6 miles +5 AP

Calories burned: 2513

Calorie intake: 1296

Calorie deficit: 1217

That's it for today. Hope y'all have a great Thursday. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weigh In Results Week 15

Drum roll please............Down 2.6 pounds for a total of 28.4 pounds lost through weight watchers and 17.8 on my own for a grand total of 46.2 pounds lost.

If you come by here very often, you know that I have really been trying to work myself over from the .6 pound gain I had last week.


Thursday: walk/jog combo 51 minutes on treadmill 3.3 miles; 45 minute spin class 14.7 miles

Friday: off

Saturday: run/walk combo at 2:2 ratio 2.3 miles; walk for 1 hour

Sunday: walk 40 minutes; 20 minutes Shred Level 2

Monday: off

Tuesday: 15 minute elliptical 1 mile; 37 minute walk on treadmill incline intervals 2.6 miles; EAS wii game circuit training

Wednesday: EAS wii game circuit training; 40 minute run/walk 1:2 ratio 2.5 miles

I also made sure to get all of my daily points eaten and monitored my calorie intake, burn and deficit with the bodybugg.

I am determined to get a hot bod and be healthy. It'll happen. I feel like a kid going on a road trip sometimes though: "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How much longer?" It just takes time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's Play Gunsmoke and I'll Be Miss Kitty; EA Sports Active

Breakfast: Carb Check bagel with 1 Tbs chocolate peanut butter (4 pts; 225 calories) and a Rock Star (0 pts; 20 calories) One tablespoon is not a lot! 3 Tbs would have been perfect. Why is it that everything that tastes so good is so fattening? Not fair.

I must say I am enjoying this cool, dry weather we're having. I have developed gills from living in this humid environment over the years. It's either the humidity or that nuclear reactor plant down the road. I'm joking!

Today was PE day at the YMCA for the kids. While they did their sports I did mine.

The last time I tried the elliptical machine I nearly died. That was last summer. I could barely get in 5 minutes. Today was 15 minutes but I could have gone longer. Really works those glutes, doesn't it?! Holy cow.

Then got on the treadmill for 37 minutes of incline intervals. Just walked today. :) Did 3.6 miles total with that and the elliptical.

On the way home I picked up the brand spanking new EA Sports Active game for Wii. VERY cool. Comes with a band that you put around your leg to hold the nunchuk and a rubber band for strength training. The nunchuk is not included so get one if you don't have one because you will not be able to do this game without it. A balance board, like the one you use with WiiFit, is optional but it will work with it.

You set it up by creating your character, inputting your age, height, weight, and sex. Then you go to a journal and answer surveys. There is a 30 Day Fitness Challenge or you can go to some of the preprogrammed exercise sessions that range from aerobics, upper body strength, marathon, sports day, etc. There are a LOT of options on this thing.

I like that the workouts for the challenge change day by day so that no one muscle group is overworked. It's also very hard to "cheat" on exercises like squats because every move is monitored. You can also see how many calories you are burning in the top left corner the entire time. I'm not really sure how accurate it is. I will test it against the bodybugg tomorrow.

Today was my first day (obviously) and I did intervals of running, walking, kickboxing, inline skating, and strength training. The rubber band for the strength training is pretty weak. I would suggest just using weights or getting a stronger band to use with it. but if you're just starting out the band may be great for you then work up from there.

There is a learning curve in getting to know the exercises and how to hold the controls. It really does matter how you hold the controllers!

So far it's a lot of fun. I worked up a little sweat. The first day was nothing like the Shred but it may get harder as the days go by. We'll just have to wait and see. But I am doing the 30 day challenge right now. Rest days are even scheduled! Very, very cool game. It lists for about $60.

Click the pic to take you to Amazon where you can watch some videos of the game in action.

Lunch: burrito with "meat", beans, lettuce, cheese (4 pts; 201 calories) and 1.5 cups watermelon (2 pts; 85 calories) There really is some "meat" & beans under the foliage.

The jagua tattoo darkened some after I applied some more ink. It's really just a simple design but I wanted to do something easy the first time. It should fade in a couple of weeks.
Then it was time to go to the gun range! I got to shoot a Browning Buckmark .22 pistol with a cute red dot scope. That paper target didn't have a chance. LOTS of fun.

Also got to shoot Chuck's new 9mm CZ 75B which is very awesome. No recoil at all. he's going to use it in the IDPA competition this Saturday.

We were starving when we left! So we stopped at McD's and picked up chicken nuggets. It's not healthy but it's not too bad from a calorie/point standpoint. No fries. We had low cal chips at home. Like I said, not exactly healthy but it wasn't bad as far as calories go.

Dinner: 7 nuggets, barbecue and sweet n sour sauce & some fat free chips (10 pts; 310 calories)
Dessert: orange (1 pt; 62 calories)

Dessert #2: vitamuffin (1 pt; 100 calories)

Calories Burned: 2737

Calories Consumed: 1309

Calorie Deficit: 1428

Points: 24/24

Activity: 15 minute elliptical, 37 minutes treadmill; 25 min. EA Sports +6 pts total

Tomorrow is weigh in! Surely I've lost something besides my mind.

These boots were made for walking (in the rain)

Since I saw a twitpic of Mizfit's rubber boots I have been obsessing just a little. Maybe a lot. Chuck got tired of it and told me to order my own pair. I can't wait to get them in! Aren't they cute?!

Now I just need it to rain so I can wear them out. Heck, I may just wear them out anyway. Chuck thinks they would look good on a motorcycle. I don't know.

Breakfast: oatmeal and blueberries (3 pts; 160 calories) and My Strawberry Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard (2 pts; est. 100 calories) Marisa (again) had a picture on her blog and I knew that this would be awesome. Instructions: 2 Tbs sugar free pudding mix (I used white chocolate); 1/2 cup almond milk (I used 1 cup); about 6 strawberries, some ice and blend. Good to the very last drop. This is something that you will want to try.
The weather outside is downright glorious. Cool breeze and clear skies in May in Texas? It's hard to stay inside. I told Charlie that we were going to do school at Brazos Bend State Park today. My plan: go on a hike and the kids find either an animal or plant that they would like to learn more about. Get home and do research and write a paper complete with a drawing. On the way I was going to have them do math drills with the Flashmaster. This assignment would cover math, PE, English composition and science.
Charlie has developed a slight attitude lately. He said he was fine just staying home doing school. So, I worked him over. He got a LOT done today plus all of his chores and no toys during school hours. It's work time! Pretty soon he was begging me to take him on the hike. Maybe next time he won't be such a butt when I recommend a cool field trip. Darn it! I really wanted to collect some water samples to look at under the microscope too. :( Parenting is hard sometimes.
Lunch: turkey sandwich (3 pts; 180 calories); Light Lay's chips 28 grams (1 pt; 75 calories); and a cup of cantaloupe (1 pt; 60 calories)

Snack: vitamuffin (1 pt; 100 calories) and later a piece of cornbread (2 pts; 136 calories)

I put crockpot cheeseburgers on for dinner. I put them on kind of late and had them on low but decided to crank them up to high while I was weeding the landscaping.

My oregano plant had grown over into the sidewalk and was just everywhere and my rogue tomato plant was dead (it survived the snow in January but finally kicked the bucket). Discovered that one of our little, cute palms has nasty thorns that will tear you up! I'm all cut up today. I guess gloves would be a wise purchase. OMG, I wonder if they make gloves to match my boots!!

Anyway, I go in the house and the crockpot cheeseburger mixture is D-O-N-E! Curdled done. I told asked Chuck to taste it and he said it tasted just fine. So we ate them and they were still very good.

Dinner: crockpot cheeseburgers (6 pts; est. 300 calories); more chips (1 pt; 75 calories) and 1 cup watermelon (1 pt; 85 calories)

Curdled crockpot cheeseburgers? I guess I haven't reached the "Domestic Goddess" stage yet. I'm still at trophy wife stage. LOL Yeah, right.

I took today off from structured exercise. My body just felt tired. But I did go outside and jumped on the trampoline a while. That's a lot of fun....until every one else suddenly decides that it looks like fun and tries to get on there at once. So I just went inside and watched 24. Really, guys? That's how you end it? Does Jack die? Did that chick beat the crap out of the other guy? Come on!

Dessert: low fat vanilla crumb Holey Donut (3 pts; 148 calories) These are so good. I was moved to write a haiku:

Sweet donut goodness

I eat all three points of you

'Cuz you are real good

Meh. I'm not a poet either.

Points: 24/24

Activity: none

Calories Burned: 2309

Calories Consumed: 1283

Calorie Deficit: 1026

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Sunday and Goodbye to a Friend

Sundays I am supposed to meet with my Walk-It team at the park. This morning was so cloudy and dreary looking that I just wanted to stay in bed. But, with determination pulsing through my veins I got up and got ready. Ate a banana (2 pts; 109 calories) on the way for some much needed energy.

Today I walked instead of running because my left calf has been very tight from behind the knee all the way down to the ankle. I'm really not sure what that's about. I've been doing some stretching to try to work things out back there. Darn it. But I got in a nice brisk 40 minute walk and was sweating pretty good by the time I got back to the car.

We were out of eggs and cheese and some other stuff so I stopped by Target on the way home. Plus I was looking for some awesome rubber boots that I saw on MizFit's feet but, alas, I can not find them. Chuck was asking me where I would wear rubber boots. Dude, these are so cute I'd wear them with jeans to go out. Love em. :P Now if I could only find a pair.

While Chuck cooked breakfast I made Rachel do the Shred with me. We did level 2 this time and it was quite painful. Jillian is really crazy but she looks great and so I keep on going. Perhaps one day I will scare people with my abs. And if Nancy Pelosi were really concerned about torture she would lock Jillian up in a heartbeat.

Breakfast: big honkin breakfast burrito with egg whites, hash browns, cheese, salsa, and bacon (5 pts; 360 calories) and a Sugar Free Rock Star (0 pt; 20 calories)
Lunch: Udon Soup (4 pts; 220 calories) This is one of the rare times that a packaged food looks like the picture on the box. I liked this but I have a feeling it's one of those like it or hate it foods. The kids were a little grossed out because I told them it had worms in it. LOL
Back to Target again. Out of bread and Charlie had some money burning a hole in his pocket so he wanted to get a new Legos set. Why can we never leave this place with just the stuff that is on our list? I had to peek to see if they had any more Rock Star on the shelves (empty) but I did see this. And being the curious person that I am, I had to get some. The name alone...come on. I was curious.
So you know, Sugar Free Bawls are 0 pts and 0 calories. Bawls taste a lot like Zima but without the alcohol. Chuck got one too. He hesitated when I asked if he wanted a bottle of Bawls but then he succumbed. I think he imagined a later conversation that would have happened had he not got his own bottle.
ME: How is your Bawls?
Chuck: I didn't get any. Remember?
ME: Wha...??? You don't have any Bawls? I had no idea. Want some of mine?
Chuck: Stop it, Kelly. It's not funny.
Oh, this reminds me: we got our Shih tzu neutered today. Yeah, the Humane Society does it on Sundays too. Poor guy is so sore. They did send him home with pain meds but he was pretty groggy all day and just laid around and moved very, very slowly.

Snack: orange (1 pt; 62 calories)
Tonight we were going out with a long time friend for the last time possibly. He's taking a job where he'll kind of be like Jack Bauer and do top secret types of things. He can no longer have a Facebook page or anything like that. He no longer exists.
He and his wife wanted to go out to Carrabba's for the farewell dinner. Um, Carrabba's doesn't share the nutritional info of their food. It's one of those "if you have to ask, you probably don't want to eat here" places. I was stressing. I thought I would just order a bowl of soup and a salad with nothing on it. And then I realized I was obsessing again. That is not a healthy way to go through life and it's not realistic. Come on, this is the last time I'll see my friend. This is not an every day occurrence.
So, I ordered a bottle of Clos du Bois Merlot, had some bread and dipping sauce, about 3/4 of an Italian Chicken Pizza and a couple of bites of chocolate dessert. There is no way for me to even guess the calories on this. I have no idea. It was awesome and it was great to reminisce over old times. Bye, Mark. We'll miss you, buddy.
Since I can't know how many points I had for the dinner, I am just going to say that I used all my AP and weekly 35 points and my remaining points of the day before dinner. That's a total of 69 points. Yeah, I think I'm covered. :)

My jagua tattoo is still very light. You can barely see it. I think I will go over it again with the dye. It's a very simple design. It's darker than the pic shows. I have it on my deltoid and after it fades away maybe I'll try something different. I don't know.
Chuck did some sort of Spartan helmet on his arm. Now that's fancy!
Points: ??
Activity: 40 minute walk and Shred Level 2 +6 points

Calories burned: 2686

Calories consumed: 737 before dinner. Have no idea how much at dinner

Deficit: ??

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nature: Let's Eat It!!

Today I am will forgo the usual food pics and share my latest adventure in the great outdoors.

I have followed a certain blog for quite a while that I just love. The blogger, going by the name of Merriwether, is an amazing man who does things that I would LOVE to do and eats things that are not listed in any Weight Watcher points book.

Merriwether knows a LOT of cool stuff. Chemistry, history, survival skills, plant knowledge, paddling...probably just about everything. Actually, I think he may know too much. This man knows how to kill you with your own landscaping. It's true.

Saturday I got to meet Merriwether in person! I was very excited. You see, I'm somewhat of a fan. I wanted to ask for an autograph but refrained. Maybe next time.

He generously offered a class on wild edible plants for our area. Eat nature? How cool is that?! Just so you Houston area folks know: he has reasonable rates and will do classes for small groups. Just contact him at his blog.

Here is Merriwether teaching about some wild plants that are edible. This is before we start our walk into the woods.

The paths through the woods were beautiful. It's different than any other trail I've been to in Houston. If you're interested in visiting it's at the Peckinpaugh/Old Riley Fuzzel Nature Preserve; 1209 Old Riley Fuzzel Road in Spring, TX.

The sand was recently deposited by some recent flooding we had in April.

Merriwether showed us edible plants along the way and explained the history of the area. Caddo Indians liked to hang out around here.

This is spiderwort and is very edible. I tasted it and it really was pretty good. It's difficult to eat things with "spider" in the name though.
Merriwether took us to a pond where alligators lurked and braved the edge to show us a water lily root. Also edible but incredibly ugly. I'd have to be pretty darn hungry to eat this. Fortunately I have plenty of fat reserves to keep me going in a crisis situation.
Dr. Livingstone, I presume? Nope, just our fearless adventurer braving the "jungle" to get his class some elderberry flowers. Edible. So are the berries.

A beautiful view of Spring Creek and the sand bars. I was wanting to go exploring so badly. Maybe another time.
One of these will kill you and the other is nature's caffeine. Which one is which? Hint, when you need some espresso in the woods, go for the one on your left, his right. It's ok. See how the leaves are chaotic? Chaos=caffeine. Remember and don't forget it. Oh, it's a yaupon holly.
Yaupon holly again. See those berries? They will turn red. Just a couple of the berries will make you vomit like that girl on the Exorcist. Be careful when eating nature. Sometimes she bites back.

Looks like something you might try to smoke but don't. It's a cassava plant. This is where you get tapioca from. It is also known as a yuca plant but please notice that this yuca is spelled with 1 "c". If it's the yucca with 2 "c" you are in trouble. Don't eat those.

These were brought from Africa and are wild in many areas now. Very cool "Dr. Seuss" looking plant as Merriwether pointed out.

I learned that much of the landscaping around me is edible. I also learned that there are plants out there that will literally make your heart explode. Also learned that Merriwether knows very cool stuff!! He knows where to camp on a sandbar that was inhabited by native Americans and later by the Spanish army. And I learned that for every edible plant there seems to be a mimic plant that is very dangerous.

Can you tell that I had a blast? LOL

Food Log:

Breakfast: burrito with eggs, cheese, hash browns and bacon (5 pts; 306 calories)

Lunch: Subway 6" steak and cheese on wheat and baked chips (12 pts; 530 calories estimated) We had to eat at a gas station Subway and it had filthy magazines just right there. It's hard to eat when boobs are staring at you. Nasty. I used copious amounts of handgel when I got in the car.

Dinner: grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches, fries and cantaloupe (6 pts; 340 calories)

Snack: sugar free popsicle (o pts; 30 calories) and a vitabrownie (1 pt; 100 calories)

Points: 26/24

Activity: walking around in heat and sand for a couple of hours during class; run/walk for 36 minutes +6 activity pts

Calories burned: 2637

Calories consumed: 1306

Calorie deficit: 1331