Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Sunday and Goodbye to a Friend

Sundays I am supposed to meet with my Walk-It team at the park. This morning was so cloudy and dreary looking that I just wanted to stay in bed. But, with determination pulsing through my veins I got up and got ready. Ate a banana (2 pts; 109 calories) on the way for some much needed energy.

Today I walked instead of running because my left calf has been very tight from behind the knee all the way down to the ankle. I'm really not sure what that's about. I've been doing some stretching to try to work things out back there. Darn it. But I got in a nice brisk 40 minute walk and was sweating pretty good by the time I got back to the car.

We were out of eggs and cheese and some other stuff so I stopped by Target on the way home. Plus I was looking for some awesome rubber boots that I saw on MizFit's feet but, alas, I can not find them. Chuck was asking me where I would wear rubber boots. Dude, these are so cute I'd wear them with jeans to go out. Love em. :P Now if I could only find a pair.

While Chuck cooked breakfast I made Rachel do the Shred with me. We did level 2 this time and it was quite painful. Jillian is really crazy but she looks great and so I keep on going. Perhaps one day I will scare people with my abs. And if Nancy Pelosi were really concerned about torture she would lock Jillian up in a heartbeat.

Breakfast: big honkin breakfast burrito with egg whites, hash browns, cheese, salsa, and bacon (5 pts; 360 calories) and a Sugar Free Rock Star (0 pt; 20 calories)
Lunch: Udon Soup (4 pts; 220 calories) This is one of the rare times that a packaged food looks like the picture on the box. I liked this but I have a feeling it's one of those like it or hate it foods. The kids were a little grossed out because I told them it had worms in it. LOL
Back to Target again. Out of bread and Charlie had some money burning a hole in his pocket so he wanted to get a new Legos set. Why can we never leave this place with just the stuff that is on our list? I had to peek to see if they had any more Rock Star on the shelves (empty) but I did see this. And being the curious person that I am, I had to get some. The name alone...come on. I was curious.
So you know, Sugar Free Bawls are 0 pts and 0 calories. Bawls taste a lot like Zima but without the alcohol. Chuck got one too. He hesitated when I asked if he wanted a bottle of Bawls but then he succumbed. I think he imagined a later conversation that would have happened had he not got his own bottle.
ME: How is your Bawls?
Chuck: I didn't get any. Remember?
ME: Wha...??? You don't have any Bawls? I had no idea. Want some of mine?
Chuck: Stop it, Kelly. It's not funny.
Oh, this reminds me: we got our Shih tzu neutered today. Yeah, the Humane Society does it on Sundays too. Poor guy is so sore. They did send him home with pain meds but he was pretty groggy all day and just laid around and moved very, very slowly.

Snack: orange (1 pt; 62 calories)
Tonight we were going out with a long time friend for the last time possibly. He's taking a job where he'll kind of be like Jack Bauer and do top secret types of things. He can no longer have a Facebook page or anything like that. He no longer exists.
He and his wife wanted to go out to Carrabba's for the farewell dinner. Um, Carrabba's doesn't share the nutritional info of their food. It's one of those "if you have to ask, you probably don't want to eat here" places. I was stressing. I thought I would just order a bowl of soup and a salad with nothing on it. And then I realized I was obsessing again. That is not a healthy way to go through life and it's not realistic. Come on, this is the last time I'll see my friend. This is not an every day occurrence.
So, I ordered a bottle of Clos du Bois Merlot, had some bread and dipping sauce, about 3/4 of an Italian Chicken Pizza and a couple of bites of chocolate dessert. There is no way for me to even guess the calories on this. I have no idea. It was awesome and it was great to reminisce over old times. Bye, Mark. We'll miss you, buddy.
Since I can't know how many points I had for the dinner, I am just going to say that I used all my AP and weekly 35 points and my remaining points of the day before dinner. That's a total of 69 points. Yeah, I think I'm covered. :)

My jagua tattoo is still very light. You can barely see it. I think I will go over it again with the dye. It's a very simple design. It's darker than the pic shows. I have it on my deltoid and after it fades away maybe I'll try something different. I don't know.
Chuck did some sort of Spartan helmet on his arm. Now that's fancy!
Points: ??
Activity: 40 minute walk and Shred Level 2 +6 points

Calories burned: 2686

Calories consumed: 737 before dinner. Have no idea how much at dinner

Deficit: ??


  1. I am pretty sure Jillian and I would not get along. :)

    Sounds like good choices at the restaurant. We need to learn there's a lot of room between "salad, no dressing and a lemon water" and "I'll have the #4 special with a #7 special on the side, plus an order of garlic bread."

  2. I have a really REALLY hard time with the balance. Your food sounds yummy though!

  3. Oh dear, sounds like your husband needs to offer up his Bawls to your poor dog.

    Too funny!

    And good for you for following through on Walk-It despite wanting to stay in bed!

    (Ha-My word verification is "dogshi")

  4. I'm totally diggin the eggs with hummus! I am now out of hummus though, so am in need of making more!

    LOL @ the Bawls story. I'd totally do the same thing to Fireman...What do you mean you dont have any Bawls? Really? That's sad hehe.

    Level 2 fo the shred....insane. I've tried it and will not be going back for a while! Have you gotten into Master Your Metabolism yet?

    Dinner outs can be frustrating for me too, but I really think you did the right thing. Remember when Jillian made Tara go out and have a couple of glasses of wine? Sometimes you have to go out and enjoy every bite of tasty goodness, washed down with some wine! You were right back on track the next morning!!!

    The Oatbran that I got, was the one that Sweetie Pie recommended. It is Old Wessex Organic Oatbran. 1/3 Cup Dry = 100 Calories and 6 grams of Fiber (aka 1 point). My favorite so far is mixing it with 1 Tbsp Maple Syrup and 1/2 serving of berries. SO FREAKING GOOD!

  5. Good luck to your friend!! You are right not to stress over the dinner. Sometimes you just have to live life. You will get right back on and that's the important thing!

  6. LOL at your Bawls convo that could have happened :-)

  7. I love the transisition..."oh, this reminds me..." :-)

    I'm a Jillian fan, but she sure does hurt you!

    And yeah,I am pretty sure you are covered with the points too! lol

  8. LOL at Bawls!!!!

    Target is one of those places that you can never leave without a cart full of stuff you didn't know you needed!

    sound like you did great at dinner!

  9. The Shred is great. I like her other ones as well. I did the No More Trouble Zones one this morning and that is a good workout as well. Though it is 55 minutes instead of 20.
    Sometimes you just have to live a little. Good for you for getting what you wanted.


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