Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can I Sign Up For the Quarter Marathon?;A Major Award; Weigh in Week 13

Remember how I was stressing about my final? I still don't have an official grade but I did get an email from my prof and she said it was a great exam and I obviously have an A in the class. yeah!!! I tried to do a back flip but slipped a disk. Not as pliable as I used to be. ;-)

Breakfast: Sugar Free Crack Rock Star (o pt) and egg white open face omelet with mesquite turkey and FF cheese and salsa (3 pts) I blend my jar of salsa as soon as I get it and then pour it back in the jar and store in the fridge. I don't like tomato or onion chunks. Oh and I make my omelets in the microwave. Just spray a bowl with some olive oil, whip up the egg white, micro for about 1 minute, add toppings and micro a few seconds, fold over and eat. Very easy and it doesn't stick to the bowl. And only one thing to clean up plus it's done in just a couple of minutes.

That darn Biggest Loser got me feeling all inspired like I could take on the world. I'm talking about the episode where the final four ran/walked a marathon. I know everyone was thinking, "Well, hell, if Ron can do it, I can do it!" *raising my hand* That was me. I was so close to signing up to walk a half marathon in December. I had it all up on the screen and all I had to do was push the "submit" button. And then reality slapped me in the face.

I haven't been training as hard as the BL guys. I still weigh over 200 pounds. (there, I said it. Tired of trying to keep my weight a secret) I don't know anything about keeping energy up and other strategies of completing a grueling task like a marathon or half marathon.

Did that stop me from trying yesterday? Nope! I laced up the Asics, made my own little water station (ok, I just stashed some ice water on the front porch), planned my route and took off walking with my music going. Not bad. I did my first 3 miles no problem. Then the heat started to hit me. You see, the super genius that I am, I decided to do this during the heat of the day: 12:15. During the heat of the day in Texas, no less.

The last 4.2 miles were pretty hard. I had to concentrate on each step while the sweat literally dripped off onto the pavement. I had to take 3 breaks on benches for 1 minute each. I stopped by a house for sale and used their water hose to refill my water bottle.

At 2:30 (2 hours 15 minutes later if you are counting) I finished my Quarter Marathon: 7.2 miles. It's a little over a quarter actually. I was so tired and I can't even describe. The bottoms of my feet ached. I was soaked with sweat. But on a positive side I earned 9 activity points! Plus at my pace I could have walked the Dallas half marathon coming up in December and finished.

I don't think I'm ready for a half marathon just yet and hats off to the Biggest Loser contestants for completing a marathon. I can appreciate it even more after only doing 1/4th of what they did. But I still want to do a half marathon. Not sure if I'll ever be able to do a full one. That's a daunting undertaking.

After cooling off and getting cleaned up I had a light lunch of Greek blueberry yogurt and golden raspberries. (3 pts) So delicious.

Then it was time to get ready for Weight Watchers meeting. I haven't been in a couple of weeks but I had been weighing at home. Though I had reached my 10% goal at home, I had not reached it at WW yet. Does that make sense? So I weighed in and there was my loss for my 10% and the 25 pound goal. Yeah!!!!! But from when I weighed at home last week I was only down .4 pounds. Not a lot but I thought I was going to gain. I think I was holding some major fluid from all of the water I drank during and after my mini marathon. Not smart to do before a weigh in.

So official weigh in results (official because it's on a WW scale and I get a sticker): down .4 pounds from last week for a total of 26.4 pounds gone in 13 weeks.

During the meeting I got my beautiful 10% key chain. It couldn't be more lovely if it were encrusted with diamonds (though it would be worth a lot more money!). Just look at it. This key chain represent so much to me. It means I finally took control and started to lose this weight. It means that I am helping my family lose weight and get in shape. It just means so much to me. And that's why it will probably always stay protected in its little box. I just love it!

I've been reading Finally Thin by Kin Bensen. It's a pretty good book. Contains a lot of stuff you probably already know but it has a lot of encouragement which never gets old. You see, Kim lost 212 pounds on Weight Watchers and has kept it off. She is now a Weight Watcher leader and has a great web site with all kinds of recipes, helpful tools (like figuring your BMR, BMI, how much water you need, and lots of cheat sheets) and bagels for sale.
I mention her book because it had some encouragement about scales and weigh ins that I really wanted to share with you. It helped me view the scale differently and I hope it helps you too.
"If I got on the scale and weighed 136 pounds, then stepped off the scale and drank a pint of water (remember, a pint is a pound) and stepped back on the scale, what would the scale say? 137, right! Does that mean I would be a pound heavier? Think now. the answer is yes. I would be a pound heavier. But that pound would be very temporary. It was a pound of water weight and would be gone in about an hour (or less). Think about it. The scale really is a very inaccurate measure of how we've done. Remember that." Amen, sister!!
"We measure the progress of our diets by the numbers on the scale. For that brief moment in time, this is what this machine on this particular floor in a room with this specific air pressure says. That's it. Nothing more.
The scale can't measure behavior or determination, two things that are much more important to long-term weight loss than the numbers themselves. So the scale cannot be the only measure we use to feel successful.
There will be weeks when yo do everything perfectly--plan and prepare and weigh and measure and exercise and stick like glue--and the scale stays the same, or (horror of horrors) goes up! Eeeeeeek!
It's hard to accept that our bodies aren't machines that always behave exactly the same way, even if we do exactly the same thing to them. There are a myriad of reasons--cycles and hormones and medication and bloating among them--that the scale doesn't show a weight loss. And though the slight gain may be temporary, its power to shatter your motivation and confidence can be devastating.
..I often have to remind myself that the scale is going to have only as much power as I give it. What is the scale, after all? It is a measuring device of our body's weight during that brief nanosecond in time."
I love those words because I knew that the moment I showed a gain on that scale I would be devastated. That's just how I am. I am so afraid of failing that I have to have an A in the class and I have to lose weight every single week and I have to have a running time in the top. It's just me. And I think that because life is what it is and I had a little gain or setback in the past that's why I gave up on my diets. Well, that and some were just not sustainable for me like raw foods and "the more you eat the more you lose" soup.
Reading Kim's words really put the scale in perspective for me. It's just a number! My clothes are fitting great and I'm feeling great and I'm happy and yet still eating foods that I love. Life is good, my friends. So far I haven't had a gain with Weight Watchers but the rodeo ain't over. LOL
Snacks: free sample of WW fudge brownie bar (1 pt) delicious! and a Fiber one bar (2 pts)
Dinner: Pei Wei Kung Pao tofu and veggies with brown rice and a chicken salad roll and a spring roll (12 pts)

Dessert: piece of crystallized ginger chocolate (1 pt)

TOMORROW is the drawing for the "Sweet Success" Giveaway! I'll draw at 9:30 am and let you all know the winner. You still have time to enter to win the package of sweetness.

Tomorrow is also the day that Rachel and I do a mother/daughter day at the spa for a Mother's Day treat. And that evening we're all going paddling with some friends under the moonlight. Can't wait!

Hope y'all have a great day! :)

Points: 23/24

Activity: 7.2 miles +9 pts


  1. Wow! You're a rockstar with that walking! Great job. I'd be willing to walk a half marathon with you. I have no training whatsoever though, except for walking 3-6 miles with the dog randomly. Let me know if you're up to it. But if you don't want to meet up with some weird internet person, that's okay too. LOL

    Congrats on your keychain! I wish I went to meetings for that reason. But I'm online only. Bah.

  2. Great job with the 1/2 marathon. That's awesome.

    Biggest Loser was very inspirational, esp with Ron limping through 26.2 miles.

    My one beef with that show is that I wish they'd keep all the contestants there all season; how inspirational would it have been to see that big boy Daniel lose about 200 lbs?

  3. Kristan Anne, I would love to! i just don't think I'm in the shape to do it yet. I barely made a quarter marathon. But it is something I'd like to work up to and HECK YEAH I'd like to do one with ya! I think I have to drop a few more pounds still before I can start training for something like that just yet.

  4. Jack sh*t, I wish it were a 1/2 but it was only 1/4th and I would also have liked to have seen Daniel lose that weight.

  5. WOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!! So proud that you got your 10% key chain!!! Did you get your 25lb thing to put on it?? Did you know if you turn the key chain to the right it looks like a "10"!!! :)

    Girl you are awesome doing your "mini marathon"!!! I kinda want to do one now!! Might be on the agenda for Saturday!!

    Kelly you are just doing SO awesome and such an inspiration to me!! So glad we're "blog friends"!! (sorry if that sounds corny!!)

  6. Great job on the quarter marathon! And yes, not smart to do that before a WI.

    I have a question/comment. Did you only eat 23 out of 24 daily points yesterday (day of this post)? If that's all AND you earned those 9 AP's, you may want/need to eat a little more. Your body may not be getting all the fuel it needs on the day's you are working out. It's just a thought, maybe something to switch up if your weight eventually stalls.

    Btw, you can definitely work up to a half marathon even over 200 lbs. I ran my first half marathon when I was about 230 lbs! The BL also made me want to do a full marathon even though I always SWORE I would never do one! lol

  7. So glad I found your blog yesterday...I've been reading post after post and love them all!
    Great job on the mini marathon...I might have stopped at a house too...but probably to ask them to cart my butt!
    Your very motivating...and I certainly understand your texas heat, I'm in FtWorth

  8. I have keychain envy haha. WTG! And awesome job on the 1/4 marathon!

  9. Everyone has been saying to come over and read your post today (including you) and I am so glad I did, not that I dont read EVERYTHING you post, because I do!

    I am going to add this book to my amazon list. She's so right, the scale is just a moment in time. A moment that I need to learn to tie myself to a little less!

    And KUDOS to you for doing the 1/4 marathon. Absolutely inspiratonal. I know you can do a 1/2!!!!

  10. **** Happy 10% ****

    Kelly, you are rockin' this thing OUT. I love it. I wish we could walk/run a half marathon together. Wouldn't that be fun? I'm not ready to go there YET, but will be someday. :)

  11. Darci, you are so sweet. And no it's not corny at all. Glad we're blog friends. (hug)

    Amanda, I just wasn't hungry after the walk and had to make myself eat the yogurt. And wow to you for doing 1/2 marathon! Wow, you're taking away all of my excuses. ;-)

    Angie, glad you found my blog too. Always nice to make new friends in bloggerville.

    And thanks Ang and Heather for the congrats. I have been waiting for this keychain since I joined. I saw a picture of Darci's and I knew I had to earn one too. :) heather, I'd love to do a half with you someday. Wouldn't that be a blast?! The Fit Bottom Girls.

    Scale Warfare, it's really a good book for the encouragement alone. Plus there are some good recipes in the back. :)

  12. Oh and Darci, I did not get my 25 pound award because my sweet leader was worried that people would think that I had weighed 250 pounds when I started and she wants to be discreet about everyone's weight anyway. BTW, I was 232 when I started WW. I was 250 last summer. :) So next week I'll get my 25 pound award.

  13. Congratulations on the 10% award and the Quarter Marathon. I do WW on-line as I do not drive at night and obviously a lot older than some of WW Bloggers. I lack 1.2 pd for 10% and probably weighed in somewhere near you.

    It hs taken me Jan 1 to May 6 to lose 21 lbs. I do an MSRO aerobicx class for Sr. Citizens and some treadmill and other machines in a fitness center to which I belong. Every time you move you burn a calorie. More good luck to you!!!

  14. WowKelly!! Congratulations on the 10% and the walking and the grades...all of it! You rock! :) I am so pleased for you!!!

  15. I think the only thing I miss about attending the WW meetings is the awards. If the leaders here weren't so uninspiring, I would go back instead of doing it strictly online. I think that is one of the reasons I love getting the badges and blog awards to put on my blog.

  16. Oh, I forgot to say "Woo Hoo, you are awesome!" Congrats on the loss and the 10% keychain!

  17. I see, Kelly (about eating more points). If you're not hungry, then you are not hungry, right?

    Great job on the 10%!

    Yup, I did the first 1/2 marathon when I was about 230 two years ago (that was before WW, I joined at 251). Last year, I did the half marathon again after losing probably 70 lbs and beat my time by 16 mins (2hrs 39 mins). I can't wait to run it again and try to beat that time.

    But take things at your own pace! Walking is actually harder for me to do b/c it takes longer, lol. I want to get it over with so if I run, I'm done sooner!

    Good luck.

  18. WTG! That key ring will be a great reminder of your accomplishment! I am so proud of you!!


    When I get out of this wheel chair we are gonna have to do a marathon walk together! :)

  19. Amanda, that's realy amazing. I'm really impressed.

    Sarah, start a blog girl. You can inspire some people and want to know more about you and how you are doing. You can share your journey. :)

  20. Wow- congratulations on your success! And, I totally know what you're saying about the Biggest Loser being inspiring! I had tears in my eyes when Ron crossed the finish line....can't wait to keep reading!

  21. You go girl! I am so proud of you for getting out there and doing it! A 1/4 marathon! WOW! Keep up the good work lady! Congrats on the keychain!

  22. Teehee I think Biggest Loser is a great motivator too. After a bit of loneliness bingeing in my Tokyo apt yesterday night I watched the season 6 finale again and I think I'm all good now, motivation-wise LOL :>

    GREAT JOB on the 7.2 mile run. You are too awesome for words......


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