Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Chips; Free Holey Donut Shipping; Random stuff

Sorry. No technicolor post today. I didn't take any pictures yesterday. I was just a nervous wreck before my final. Ya know, your body can do some really horrible stuff when it's nervous. On a plus side, I think I lost 4 pounds. Don't worry....I found them later. ;-)

Quick run down of the food log:

Breakfast: bagel and cream cheese (3 pts)

study snack: pineapple cake (2 pts)

lunch right before test: Fiber One bar (2 pts)

snack waiting for Chuck to get home: popcorn (1 pt)

Dinner at Pei Wei: chicken roll with some sauce (2 pts); some dan dan noodles (5 pts); kung pao tofu and veggies (5 pts); some brown rice (2 pts)

late night snack: 100 calorie pack chocolate stars (2 pts)

Points: 24/24

Activity: none though I sure got my heart rate up a few times.

The test took me a solid 2 hours and 17 pages of handwritten essays. ouch! Think I did ok but I don't expect a 100 like my last test. SO glad it's over. I was so nervous I had to force myself to eat that Fiber One bar. I knew if I didn't my stomach would start growling through the test and totally embarrass me. haha

Now for some goodies!

Try a bag of 100 Calorie Pack Cape Cod Chips for free! This is limited to the first 500 people so go get yours fast.

You know you've been wanting some of those Holey Donuts that I keep showing. Now's a great time to get some because it's free shipping. And their shipping is via FedEx so you get them fast.
Here are the details:
Holey Donuts
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And today, Friday, I am going to go get my first pedicure as part of my 10% goal reward. Can't wait. Am I supposed to take my old nailpolish off before I go? Not sure how all this works.


  1. Have fun at your first pedicure! I got them for past year and a half, but I am taking a break to save some money :)

    You can keep your old nail polish on and they will take it off for you.

  2. I love pedicures! I am hoping to get one this weekend too. You can keep your old polish on; they will take it off for you!

    Free shipping on those donuts is tempting!

  3. They will take the polish off for you - just remember to relax (it's kinda of hard for me since someone else is touching my feet and legs).

    Thanks for the free chips alert! Gonna pass on the donuts, though...don't trust myself!

  4. Yay for your final being over!

    I love getting pedicures. What a nice treat for your 10%

  5. Got the pedicure and it was wonderful. Can't believe I've never done this before. My feetsies are so soft and smell pretty. :)

  6. I'm glad you can check that exam off of your to do list!!

    I hope you LOVE your pedicure. I'm always so happy when I get my toes all purtied up! :-)

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  7. Yay for pedicures!!! Enjoy and relax - you deserve it!

    and stop tempting me with those stinkin Holey Donuts !!!! LOL!!!!

  8. Pedicures are one of my favorite "me time" activities. During the summer I get them every two weeks. Yay for you for going, beware, its easy to become addicted!!

    The donuts look dangerous to me! But free shipping? Very tempting!

  9. I've never had a pedicure. I'd be too embarrassed because my feet are big, flat, wide and just not pretty enough to stick under anyone's nose. LOL But the thought of having someone pamper my little gunboats is appealing.

    Hope you aced your test! :-)



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