Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heart Attack Grill

Funny, clever marketing or stupid on purpose?

You lost me at "we don't serve Diet Coke." Well, I'm out!

This is a real place! I can appreciate their honesty on one hand but on the other hand I want some hand gel. It just seems a little wrong and gross. Especially the whole lard thing.

You can check out the Heart Attack Grill online....if you dare! ;-)


  1. You know, I would TOTALLY go to eat at this place. The only downside is the half naked girls running around. I like for the people that serve me food to be fully dressed, thanks.

    "Excuse me, waitress, yes, there appears to be an @ss in my fries. Would you please bring me some other fries, without @ss? Thank you."

  2. You know, I have no problem with them having the restaurant, serving what they serve, and just minimal problem with the scantily clad servers.

    The food reminds me of what I used to get at Fudruckers.

    What I have a problem with is their termonology.

    I have watched both of my parents have a heart attack. My 12yos and I got my dad to the floor and started CPR as the paramedics walked in. My dad 22 years prior had a quad bypass.

    My mom had severe heart disease, had several angioplasties and quad bypass. She died a month after her bypass.

    I find it extremely insulting that they make fun of this. It's not a funny matter.

    I could never eat there on a matter of principle. It's just wrong--only by the words they choose.

    But hey, if they hadn't chosen that terminology, they'd be just another restaurant.

  3. Jo, true. And I'm so sorry about your parents. Chuck's dad has had a surgery and I watched my neighbor die form a heart attack. It's not a laughing matter.

    It should be a slap in the face to the folks that eat this stuff though. Kind of like a reminder that "hey, you're killing yourself with this stuff! Do you need us to tell you what surgery you're going to need after dining at our fine establishment?"
    I don't think the Big Mac would be nearly as popular if it was called "this will make your butt as big as a bus" burger. Would you like a side of lumpy thighs fries with that?

    The one thing we can do is take care of ourselves so our kids will never have to see their parents suffer because of bad food choices.

  4. I saw this place featured on a Food show on the travel channel. Can you believe it??!!! How ridiculous! My husband is drooling over it though. The burgers, not the women- lol!!

  5. So, it's basically a Hooters for the burger world? lol There was an *almost* naked ass on the counter top when Nurse Tatas sat down. Ummmm, I'd rather not eat where your tush as been, lady. I will fully admit, I would kill for just one bite of that 8,000 calorie burger & a lard fry. Just one. Then I'd be off about my merry way.

  6. I like the bit where the "dr" is describing the burgers and says there's practiaclly a "whole" tomato, as it that's the bad thing.
    And the waitresses, it's obvious they haven't eaten anything there. Yet on the other hand I can see why people would eat there. SAD

  7. This is sick.. but if they are thriving I guess they are many sick (literally after eating there) people that enjoy it. I am guessing their guests die off eventually and then they will be gone?

  8. I'm sure I would eat there one time, and probably have eaten at places just as bad. However, the scenery reminds me a little of HOOTERS. Looks like a number of vices in that place, not just food:)

  9. Yuck. Too much fried food makes me ill. I can barely eat a hamburger from McDonald's anymore. I can't believe people would actually eat there, but when you think about it, a double Quarter Pounder at McDonald's or a double Whopper at Burger King is just as bad.

    Lard... Ewww.

  10. Yup it is a real place right here in my home town lol

  11. My husband would love this place. I'm sure he'd like the waitresses, but those burgers, he'd love to have one. I actually think this is sad...and I wonder how many of those "nurses" actually eat there?

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