Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hog: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

I am so late getting things posted. Better late than never. :)

Started day with a 35 minute walk/run at 2:2 ratio for 2.2 miles. I was slow. Gosh it's hard to run when it's so hot and humid outside!

Then did EA Sports Active Game for wii for 30 day challenge. Had to do some pretty tough moves but it was a lot of fun. Also, the calorie read was much more accurate. The Wii said I burned 152 calories and bodybugg said 163 calories. My calorie burn was already slightly elevated from the run.

Still having trouble with some of the remote positions but I'll get it.

Breakfast: Rock Star (0 pts; 20 calories) and English muffin with egg white, FF Swiss cheese and bacon (4 pts; 230 calories) Thanks for cooking breakfast, Chuck. :) But why just have hog for breakfast when Hog is good all day long? Yep, we went to a Harley-Davidson dealership just to look around. OMG, I want one so bad. I had no idea how heavy those things are! I tried to set one up while sitting on it and it's pretty tough. But it would be so much fun to ride with my honey in the hills somewhere. I just worry about wrecking. So still weighing the pros and cons of motorcycle ownership. Sure was fun to look though. :)

My Chuck looking good on a bike.
Time for lunch. Eating out can be intimidating when you're trying to lose weight. You have worry about points, calories, sodium, fat, etc. But you get sick of Subway every time you go out.
I was thinking Arby's!
A bad day for pigs........more hog.
Lunch: ham and swiss melt sandwich (6 pts; 268 calories)and a fruit cup (est. 1 pt; est. 60 calories)
More running around looking for gun pieces and boots for Chuck's Saturday competition.
Dinner: 1 Vietnames Chicken salad Roll with Sweet Chili Sauce (2 pts; 123 calories); 1/2 of Pei Wei kung pao tofu and veggies (6 pts; 290 calories) and 1/2 brown rice (3 pts; 170 calories) I never liked tofu before but since eating at Pei Wei I love it! I just need to learn how to cook it. Any instructions or recipes from you guys would be appreciated. :D
As we were leaving Pei Wei there was a beautiful cloud formation that people were stopping to admire.
A couple of more errands and then home....finally. It's been a long day but fun.
Dessert: the most freakin' awesome donut in the universe!!! Holey Donut Boston Cream Oreo Cookie Reduced Fat Donut (4 pts; 218 calories) OMG! I cried a little it was so good. Chuck said it was the best donut he's ever had.....ever.
Each one of these babies is hand made. Just look at that cream filling.
Still had some points left so I drank 16 oz of Tropicana50 OJ (2 pts; 100 calories)

Points: 23/24

Activity: 35 min. run/walk at 2:2 ratio for 2.2 miles; EAS wii game +5 pts

Calories Burned: 2678

Calorie Intake: 1151

Calorie Deficit: 1527


  1. Oooh, I'm crying looking at that Holey Donut, too! Wow, does that look good!

    I've become a big fan of tofu in scrambles and my new favorite way is to bake it. Slice it, press as much water out as possible, season it and bake in 400 degree oven for about 30 min. It gets a nice chewy texture that way! You can search my blog for some different ways that I have used it. It's really good!

    I agree with you on running when it's hot. I just got back from mine and it was brutal! I like the cold much better!

  2. That cloud formation was from my stomach blowing up looking at pic of that donut.

  3. I see more one blog with Those donuts..I'm giving in and ordering them..LOL..

    Looks like you had a great day!

  4. THE DONUT! AHH! It look so good and then you said it tastes good and its reduced fat, who could have asked for anything more? =0

    I love looking at the pictures of your food, gives me ideas on meal options, thanks! Keep up the good work! ;)

  5. omg, I want that donut! it looks so good!

    yea, running in the humidity (AND heat) is hard! It feels like it takes so much more effort.

  6. I noticed that the EA Sports is getting closer (MUCH) to what the GoWear Fit says now that I'm on day 3. I did 2 workouts today and it was only 12 calories off!

    Hunk-a hunk-a hubby! Your husband is such a cutie! There's something about men on motorcycles hehe. Fireman keeps talking about getting one, and as scared as I am, it'd be so much fun!

    It is such a good thing that I dont have an extra freezer to store the donuts in. Oh.My.God. that donut looks amazing!

  7. i think you have a typo...that doughnut has at least 218,000,000,000,000 calories, right? You are trying to make me come to the dark side, and you are not fighting fair!! ;-)

  8. Patty, come to the dark side. We have cookies. You can even get it on a tee shirt:

  9. I could never get a Harley--I lived in Rapid City for 11 years, and every August the Hogs descended upon us--we couldn't hear a thing for two weeks. lol (I'm dead serious!)

    If you get one, you have to go to the Rally in Sturgis.

    I eat at Arby's sometimes. No more potato cakes for me, though!


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