Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's Play Gunsmoke and I'll Be Miss Kitty; EA Sports Active

Breakfast: Carb Check bagel with 1 Tbs chocolate peanut butter (4 pts; 225 calories) and a Rock Star (0 pts; 20 calories) One tablespoon is not a lot! 3 Tbs would have been perfect. Why is it that everything that tastes so good is so fattening? Not fair.

I must say I am enjoying this cool, dry weather we're having. I have developed gills from living in this humid environment over the years. It's either the humidity or that nuclear reactor plant down the road. I'm joking!

Today was PE day at the YMCA for the kids. While they did their sports I did mine.

The last time I tried the elliptical machine I nearly died. That was last summer. I could barely get in 5 minutes. Today was 15 minutes but I could have gone longer. Really works those glutes, doesn't it?! Holy cow.

Then got on the treadmill for 37 minutes of incline intervals. Just walked today. :) Did 3.6 miles total with that and the elliptical.

On the way home I picked up the brand spanking new EA Sports Active game for Wii. VERY cool. Comes with a band that you put around your leg to hold the nunchuk and a rubber band for strength training. The nunchuk is not included so get one if you don't have one because you will not be able to do this game without it. A balance board, like the one you use with WiiFit, is optional but it will work with it.

You set it up by creating your character, inputting your age, height, weight, and sex. Then you go to a journal and answer surveys. There is a 30 Day Fitness Challenge or you can go to some of the preprogrammed exercise sessions that range from aerobics, upper body strength, marathon, sports day, etc. There are a LOT of options on this thing.

I like that the workouts for the challenge change day by day so that no one muscle group is overworked. It's also very hard to "cheat" on exercises like squats because every move is monitored. You can also see how many calories you are burning in the top left corner the entire time. I'm not really sure how accurate it is. I will test it against the bodybugg tomorrow.

Today was my first day (obviously) and I did intervals of running, walking, kickboxing, inline skating, and strength training. The rubber band for the strength training is pretty weak. I would suggest just using weights or getting a stronger band to use with it. but if you're just starting out the band may be great for you then work up from there.

There is a learning curve in getting to know the exercises and how to hold the controls. It really does matter how you hold the controllers!

So far it's a lot of fun. I worked up a little sweat. The first day was nothing like the Shred but it may get harder as the days go by. We'll just have to wait and see. But I am doing the 30 day challenge right now. Rest days are even scheduled! Very, very cool game. It lists for about $60.

Click the pic to take you to Amazon where you can watch some videos of the game in action.

Lunch: burrito with "meat", beans, lettuce, cheese (4 pts; 201 calories) and 1.5 cups watermelon (2 pts; 85 calories) There really is some "meat" & beans under the foliage.

The jagua tattoo darkened some after I applied some more ink. It's really just a simple design but I wanted to do something easy the first time. It should fade in a couple of weeks.
Then it was time to go to the gun range! I got to shoot a Browning Buckmark .22 pistol with a cute red dot scope. That paper target didn't have a chance. LOTS of fun.

Also got to shoot Chuck's new 9mm CZ 75B which is very awesome. No recoil at all. he's going to use it in the IDPA competition this Saturday.

We were starving when we left! So we stopped at McD's and picked up chicken nuggets. It's not healthy but it's not too bad from a calorie/point standpoint. No fries. We had low cal chips at home. Like I said, not exactly healthy but it wasn't bad as far as calories go.

Dinner: 7 nuggets, barbecue and sweet n sour sauce & some fat free chips (10 pts; 310 calories)
Dessert: orange (1 pt; 62 calories)

Dessert #2: vitamuffin (1 pt; 100 calories)

Calories Burned: 2737

Calories Consumed: 1309

Calorie Deficit: 1428

Points: 24/24

Activity: 15 minute elliptical, 37 minutes treadmill; 25 min. EA Sports +6 pts total

Tomorrow is weigh in! Surely I've lost something besides my mind.


  1. I've never seen a seven-pack of nuggets before...Oh Texas. I miss it!

  2. Cool and dry is definitely something to be enjoyed when you are in Texas. Love your tatoo. ;-)

    I'm trying to quash my instructor mode that would offer stance correction. ;-) This weekend is our pistol class and I'm hoping to shoot my Ruger SP101 a bit after the round robin with the students. (Got it for Christmas and haven't shot it yet.) Not too many rounds, .38 and .357 ammo is not easy to find. We have plenty of 9mm and 45. No .380 though. :-( We get to shoot all kinds of guns in the round robin. An AR-15, an Uzi, shotguns, a muzzle loader, several variety of pistols. It's a pretty fun morning. Then we do one on one instruction with our student in the afternoon.
    Path to Health

  3. Wow you got yourself a new game and gadget! :> I haven't played Wii in a while but I think the Sports Active sounds quite fun. Somehow for me though Wii is only fun when I do it with someone else hehe (like a competitive game of some sort).

    Nice pics of you at the shooting range!! What did you have in mind while you were shooting?

  4. Great day! Thanks for the review on the Sports Active; I've been seeing the commercials and I wondered about it. Sounds cool!

    Come visit my blog; I did the nutritional breakdown(with calories, too) for you in the comments for our crackshakes! We can drink away for low POINTS! Crackshakes Anonymus here we come...

  5. We have a wii fit and some games but I always mess up holding the controller wrong. I got so frustrated, I just gave up on it. DS loves it.

    I haven't been shooting for years. I miss it, I used to love it.

    Great job working out!

  6. Awesome! Thanks for the review of the game, I was hearing about it and wondering if I should invest. Although I should probably try and fire up my Wii Fit that I've neglected for almost a year first!!

  7. Tricia, LOL We got the 50 pack!! I just took 7 out. Why be even when you have the opportunity to be odd? Right?

    Mama Bear, Chuck was trying to correct me too but I was just out there for the fun. LOL Your class sounds like a "blast." Get it...blast? I actually qualified for my CHL with a Luger. It was prtty cool. Chuck is having a tough tie finding ammo right now and reloading supplies. he buys it whenever he sees it.

  8. MMM I love McNuggets! They are pretty point friendly if you stick to 5-7 of them! They are pretty much all I ever get at McDonalds!

    Sounds like you had a good week, looking forward to hearing about your WI!

  9. M3M Challenge, the EA Sports has a mode where you can play with a friend too. So you can compete. :)
    Oh, and I was thinking "gosh i wish I could hit that little dot in the middle of the paper." Just having fun killing some evil paper. The world is a safer place today.

  10. I've been seeing the EA Active Sports EVERYWHERE! I'm glad that you reviewed it since I trust your opinion! I dont have a Wii Fit board, but it appears to work without it. Did you use your board when you did the workout, or did you feel it was pretty sufficient without it?

    Get your bootie back to reading tonight lady, I need to know if Jillian Michaels book is worth it. I am kidding of course! Night time is when I read as well, I should rephrase that. Night time is when I read to put my butt to sleep. I have the book on order with my book club (doubleday) so I plan on reading it while on vacation! Hoping that reading it while on vacation will help to keep me in line food wise!

  11. Scale Warfare, no the balance board is not necessary at all. You get a workout without it just fine. :)
    The Jillian book is good so far. It's about lving and eating right to get your hormones under control (applies to men as well). There are hormones that make you hold fat. I haven't reached the part where she tells us how to get things straightened out. I have a bad suspicion that I won't like her suggestions. Please don't try to take away my caffeine and Diet Cokes....I know they're bad for me. And my processed diet foods. I still have a long way to go in reaching "healthy" but I want to make sure I am "balanced" and can live with a plan for the rest of my life or otherwise it just won't work. You know how it goes. :)

  12. Love that pic of you with the tattoo! If that 30 day challenge works, I may seriously have to get a wii set up.

    And you totally cracked me up with the rapture comment on my post!!

  13. Wow that game looks like a lot of fun! It'd be really cool to have a Wii.
    Have a wonderful day!

  14. I just saw your before and now pic that you posted on Saturday. WOW!! Look at you and what a difference 44 pounds make. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!

  15. How cool that we started the 30 day challenge on the same day and did the medium intensity work out. My knees are bothering me a little bit from the squats (bad meniscus), but other than that I'm looking forward to continuing the workouts. Let's see what the 30 days brings us!

  16. Cool about the game! thanks for the review. I've been reading bits and pieces about it on Twitter. Contemplating the big purchase! :)


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