Monday, May 11, 2009

Slow Cooker Pork Chops and Gravy (5 pts) and Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake Pie (1 pt)

It was so nice not to be all whacked out in the head from hormones. I actually got some things accomplished this morning!
  • cleaned up kitchen
  • cleaned bathroom
  • did school with kids
  • watered lawn
  • cleaned out water fountain on front porch

I've decided to do something a little different this week. I'm going to keep track of my points AND my calories. I have the bodybugg and it tells me how many calories I burn. I would like to know what my calorie deficit is each day and I've always been curious how points compare to calories. It's the geeky scientist coming out in me. I can't help myself. :)

Breakfast: Carb Check Bagel with I Can't Believe You Call This Butter spray (2 pts) and a Carb Free Rock Star (o pts) Calories= 160

Lunch: grilled cheese (2 pts) and Amy's Alphabet Soup (2 pts per can) Calories=270 I eat all of the green beans first because I don't like them but I know they're good for me. Then I can just enjoy my little alphabet noodles which I love. :) More cleaning. My house is such a disaster right now. I really let things get away from me while I was doing school this semester. Shame on me!

I love mashed potatoes but I really hate peeling the taters. I'm lazy in the kitchen, what can I say? I was so very happy to find these peeled and cubed potatoes at Kroger. You just steam the entire bag in the microwave and then add milk and whatever else you want and squish them. I just added 1/4 cup milk and a few squirts of the butter spray and some garlic powder and salt. Was freakin awesome! And the potatoes are only 80 calories per 3/4 cup PLUS whatever you add to them.Dinner: Slow Cooker Pork Chops and Gravy (5 pts); broccoli (o pt); mashed taters (2 pts) calories for whole meal= 325 Slow Cooker Pork Chops and Gravy (5 pts)

1/2 cup flour
1 1/2 teaspoons dry mustard
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
4 lean boneless pork loin chops trimmed of all fat
1 (10 3/4 ounce) can condensed chicken broth (I couldn't find condensed so I just got a can of regular)

Combine 1st four ingredients in a shallow dish.
Dredge chops in flour mixture and set aside.
Combine what is left of the flour mixture w/ the chicken broth and pour into your crock pot.
Spray olive oil into a large skillet and cook the chops in hot oil until browned on both sides.
Place chops in crock pot and cook covered on High for about 2 to 5 hours or until tender.
Serve w/ hot rice and/or mashed potatoes.
++If the gravy becomes too thick just add a little water. If you accidentally add too much water then add a little more flour.
Season w/ salt and pepper too your taste.

4 servings at 5 pts each or approx 203 calories

I got calorie info from

Very yummy!

And now dessert!!! I had received an email from Weight Watchers a few days ago and it had a recipe for Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake Pie that was worth 3 pts per slice and used the WW brand chocolate muffins. I figured I could make it even lighter with the Vitamuffin chocolate muffins. And here is the result: (yes, it's 1 pt)I have run this through the recipe builder on the WW site several times and compared it with the nutritional info on the packages and it really does equal 1 pt (117 calories) for 1/6th of the pie. That's a big piece! Of course, I drizzled it with a little sugar free chocolate sauce. You'll have to add points for any of your drizzles. :)

I don't want you to be disappointed: this does not taste like cheesecake. I'm really not sure why WW named it that. You can choose to call it anything you like but don't think you are going to get a cheesecake out of this. Just enjoy it for what it is: a 1 pt dessert. :)

Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake Pie (1 pt) or 117 calories per slice

3 Vitamuffin Deep Chocolate muffins

3 Tbs cold water

1/8 oz unflavored gelatin (about 1 1/2 tsps)

6 oz Weight Watchers Amaretto Cheesecake yogurt

1 1/2 cups Fat Free Cool Whip

1 cup strawberries, sliced

To make crust, slice the vitamuffins into 4 slices and place in a pie pan. You'll have to kind of press them down after they're all in there to make them cover the bottom. It should look like this: Put water in microwavable bowl. Sprinkle the gelatin on top and let it set for 2 minutes. Then microwave at medium high power for 20 seconds. It should be dissolved. If not, microwave for another 5 seconds and stir.

Put yogurt in medium bowl and stir in gelatin mixture. Fold in Cool Whip gently. Spread over chocolate muffins evenly.

Top with sliced strawberries. I used this mushroom slicer contraption that I got from Pampered Chef years ago but I'm sure you can get them at any kitchen supply place. Let pie set in refrigerator for at least an our and then serve. Each serving is 1/6th of pie. 1 pt each or 117 calories

I did NOT want to do our scheduled run today. I got the whole family out there so we could all suffer together. Why should I be the only one feeling like I'm dying out there?

Today we started a new ratio of 2 minutes running and 2 minutes walking. It sucked so badly. Rachel was barely making it and even little Charlie was sweating. Chuck, of course, was way ahead of us but I think it even worked him out. :) Total was 34 minutes: 5 minute walking warm up; 2 minutes run, 2 minutes walk, repeat 6 times; 5 minute cool down walk Distance: 2.3 miles

Today my calories are way too low. 964 calories is not enough and I know it. But I'm just not hungry. I'm going to go force myself to eat some yogurt and/or grapes or something. I don't want to though. What would you do? Would you eat to make sure you get a minimum of calories or would you listen to your body even if the calories are too low?

Points: 19/24 Calories=1220

Calories burned per bodybugg: 2693

Calorie deficit: 1473 (3500 calorie deficit should equal 1 pound lost)

Activity: run walk 34 minutes at 2:2 ratio +3 AP according to WW site.

**UPDATE: It probably wouldn't have hurt to have one low calorie day but I went ahead and had a cup of grapes (1 pt) 105 calories and a chocolate coconut energy bar (3 pts) 140 calories. I've changed the stats above to reflect it.


  1. I would try and get another 100 calories in... but that is me. I do think days o fhigher vs lower calories does speed up weight loss, so it is really 50/50 in my book.
    How do you like the Body Bug? I really think they look cool and would love to get one- but they are kinda pricey and I want to make sure they work well.
    Dinner looked AMAZING- YUMMM

  2. you desert looks GREAT!! I want to try it!!

    I am interested to see how the cals/points come out this week!!

  3. Dessert looks HEAVENLY! Makes me want to get those vitamuffin things, just for that!

  4. Kristan, Target has them in the freezer section. :)

  5. ok! that dessert looks super good! LOL. Way to go on all your food.

    (I hate peeling potatoes, too, but since I get them in my veggie delivery, I feel like I have to peel. *sigh* and I don't think we can get your peeled ones here anyway- so I'll just have to live with my jealousy from afar. ;))

  6. 1 point dessert... omg... have another slice of that :)

    In all seriousness though, I would use that time to have a glass of fruit juice. That way I'd get in a serving of fruit and since your average glass of apple juice is 150 kcals or so, it won't fill you to the point of being sick since you're not hungry, but you'll get the calories you need to avoid starvation mode.

    Even though it's rare for me to have a day like that... I find that when I do eating anything, even some fruit just makes me feel horrible which is why I lean toward a light drink (oh yea a beer works well too hehehe)

  7. Sometimes I'll eat a carton of yogurt or something, but once it was just too much and I felt sick. So now I usually listen to my body and will just go low on calories for one day.

    Nothing better than grilled cheese! That photo almost had me running to the kitchen. ;-) That cheesecake looks pretty yummy, too!

    Thanks for your support on my blog. You've been very sweet.
    Path to Health

  8. Oh Yum...I just barley had breakfast, and now I'm ready for lunch reading this post!! Thanks for sharing the recipes! I have been looking at that bodybug, but it's too expensive for me right now! Keep us updated with points vs calories. I'm curious too.

  9. I just came here from Marissa's blog and I have to say I love your blog! The recipes look really good and I've already made note to try the dessert. Good job on the weight loss also!

  10. I wouldn't let one day bother me. I think you should listen to your body and if you're not hungry, you're not hungry. If you're worried then maybe drink the calories, glass of milk, juice or a hot chocolate, it doesn't have to be food.

  11. The porkchop recipe looks great I can't wait to try it and you get gravy too.

    You are a great inspiration and friend. I haven't received the ww book yet, but it should be hear any day.

    Have a great day.

  12. I am so interested in your calorie/point comparison. I have always wondered about that myself! And I am glad you are feeling better.

  13. I track my calories a couple of days a week and compare them with my points. I've really found that a point averages out to be about 60 calories, unless I have a particularly high fiber day, then a bit more. I think we are a lot a like in that way! How many more ways can I figure out how to lose weight??

    The pork chops have just been added to my recipes to try list! I am really looking for more things to cook in the crockpot that are point friendly!

  14. I left something for you on my blog. Check me out!

  15. Kelly - if it's ONE day of low points/calories, it's not a big deal. But I do notice it happens to you quite frequently and with the running/etc you are doing, I really believe you need to plan your day just a little better. Maybe eat a few points extra in the first half of the day so you don't feel like you are shoveling anything down. Maybe some PB on toast or a handful of almonds or something healthy. It may not make a difference now but it probably will in the future.

    But good job. I was always wondering about the body bugg. I would like to see a few more posts of calories and body bugg stats!! And great job on the running!

  16. Amanda, I went back through the days to check on my average points intake and it looks like that I do tend to be a little low on most days. Usually I'm eating 23 out of 24 but I did notice an 18 pt day (way too low) and of course yesterday. I certainly wan't that way on Sunday though! I don't know. It seems to come and go in waves where I'm hungry (like starving) for a couple of days and then a few days I'm not.

    I think the lowest I'd feel comfortable going is a 1200 calories day. Counting calories and comparing that to calorie expenditure should be an interesting little experiment. I do want to say that I am not cutting point and calories to the extreme to lose weight faster. I just eat as I am hungry (or not hungry).

    I'll be posting more bodybugg and calorie stats this week. :)

    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to monitor the points/calories closely to make sure I am getting enough. Advice is ALWAYS welcomed.

  17. I always end up wiping drool from my chin whenever I visit your blog, Kelly. LOL Needless to say, the food looks and sounds delicious!

    I like your idea of counting calories as well as points. I’ve been to WW many times through the years and am old enough to remember when they changed everything and we had to learn something entirely new. That happened twice through the decades, so I’m always just a bit leery of depending solely on their point system--just in case they get antsy and change things again. Plus, it’s good to learn about fat and calories and fiber, etc. A little extra knowledge about what (and how much) we’re eating never hurts. :-)

    Kelly, thank you so much for adding your kind words, support and encouragement to the comments on my post yesterday. I truly appreciate it!


  18. Really wonderful looking recipes,especially the dessert. I was impressed with how well rounded your dinner was--seemingly indulgent but good for you. Great job. Thanks for the post.

    Boda weight loss blog

  19. I would just listen to my body. One low cal day isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    I REALLY want a Bodybugg. I'm getting one to reward myself when I finally get a job!


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