Tuesday, May 19, 2009

These boots were made for walking (in the rain)

Since I saw a twitpic of Mizfit's rubber boots I have been obsessing just a little. Maybe a lot. Chuck got tired of it and told me to order my own pair. I can't wait to get them in! Aren't they cute?!

Now I just need it to rain so I can wear them out. Heck, I may just wear them out anyway. Chuck thinks they would look good on a motorcycle. I don't know.

Breakfast: oatmeal and blueberries (3 pts; 160 calories) and My Strawberry Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard (2 pts; est. 100 calories) Marisa (again) had a picture on her blog and I knew that this would be awesome. Instructions: 2 Tbs sugar free pudding mix (I used white chocolate); 1/2 cup almond milk (I used 1 cup); about 6 strawberries, some ice and blend. Good to the very last drop. This is something that you will want to try.
The weather outside is downright glorious. Cool breeze and clear skies in May in Texas? It's hard to stay inside. I told Charlie that we were going to do school at Brazos Bend State Park today. My plan: go on a hike and the kids find either an animal or plant that they would like to learn more about. Get home and do research and write a paper complete with a drawing. On the way I was going to have them do math drills with the Flashmaster. This assignment would cover math, PE, English composition and science.
Charlie has developed a slight attitude lately. He said he was fine just staying home doing school. So, I worked him over. He got a LOT done today plus all of his chores and no toys during school hours. It's work time! Pretty soon he was begging me to take him on the hike. Maybe next time he won't be such a butt when I recommend a cool field trip. Darn it! I really wanted to collect some water samples to look at under the microscope too. :( Parenting is hard sometimes.
Lunch: turkey sandwich (3 pts; 180 calories); Light Lay's chips 28 grams (1 pt; 75 calories); and a cup of cantaloupe (1 pt; 60 calories)

Snack: vitamuffin (1 pt; 100 calories) and later a piece of cornbread (2 pts; 136 calories)

I put crockpot cheeseburgers on for dinner. I put them on kind of late and had them on low but decided to crank them up to high while I was weeding the landscaping.

My oregano plant had grown over into the sidewalk and was just everywhere and my rogue tomato plant was dead (it survived the snow in January but finally kicked the bucket). Discovered that one of our little, cute palms has nasty thorns that will tear you up! I'm all cut up today. I guess gloves would be a wise purchase. OMG, I wonder if they make gloves to match my boots!!

Anyway, I go in the house and the crockpot cheeseburger mixture is D-O-N-E! Curdled done. I told asked Chuck to taste it and he said it tasted just fine. So we ate them and they were still very good.

Dinner: crockpot cheeseburgers (6 pts; est. 300 calories); more chips (1 pt; 75 calories) and 1 cup watermelon (1 pt; 85 calories)

Curdled crockpot cheeseburgers? I guess I haven't reached the "Domestic Goddess" stage yet. I'm still at trophy wife stage. LOL Yeah, right.

I took today off from structured exercise. My body just felt tired. But I did go outside and jumped on the trampoline a while. That's a lot of fun....until every one else suddenly decides that it looks like fun and tries to get on there at once. So I just went inside and watched 24. Really, guys? That's how you end it? Does Jack die? Did that chick beat the crap out of the other guy? Come on!

Dessert: low fat vanilla crumb Holey Donut (3 pts; 148 calories) These are so good. I was moved to write a haiku:

Sweet donut goodness

I eat all three points of you

'Cuz you are real good

Meh. I'm not a poet either.

Points: 24/24

Activity: none

Calories Burned: 2309

Calories Consumed: 1283

Calorie Deficit: 1026


  1. I dont have kids yet, but am seriously thinking about home schooling once I do have them. I think it's great that you have the chance to do it! They get to go on so many great adventures!!

    Trampolines=fun excercise!!!!

  2. LOL at your haiku!!! I think you are a faaaabulous poet ;)

    Those boots are fantastic - are they Ed Hardy?? Oh, and btw, I LOVE your husband; can he have a talk with mine? I usually have to provide a dissertation paper when I want to buy something -lol!

    I'm thinking we have to name Becca's milkshakes - crackshakes! But, hey at least it's cheaper than our previous addiction of fraps!

  3. We homeschooled my oldest daughter, and she's absolutely tearing it up in college. So many freshmen were burned out by the time they started college. She still thinks it's all fresh and new.

  4. One of the reasons I am such a push over for Kelly is that not too long ago, I had a couple of 'Bawls'. She took one.

    I haven't gotten the other 'Bawl' back yet.

    (just kidding of course. She's just an awesome chick and I can't say no to her)

  5. Love the Wellies. There's plenty of rain over here to find a use for them.

  6. I cannot believe how beautiful the weather is here...I have to keep reminding myself to "go outside" because the dog days will be here once again, soon!

    P.S. Cute, cute boots!

  7. Love the boots.

    I'm not a domestic godess, either, although I was never a trophy wife. lol

    I have made those cheeseburgers on the stove. I never thought they would curdle in a crockpot...weird.

  8. Marisa, I'm not sure if they're ed hardy or not. It looks like it though and it costs like it! I really spent way too much for a pair of ruber boots. Had a little buyer's remorse but I got over it.
    Found them at Amazon but I got the last pair of size 8: http://tinyurl.com/phusw4

  9. Cute boots! Sorry to hear the field trip was a no-go :(
    I wish I had a trampoline-- that would be so fun! My parents would never let us get one because they were worried the neighbor kids would climb up and hurt themselves.

  10. I'm lovin' the boots Kelly...totally bad-a$$!!! :) might have to check some out for myself...i've secretly wanted some for a while, but never known where I would wear them!!

  11. Please share where you got the boots. I'm thinking I need those!

    I homeschooled my son from 7th to 12. We had a great time. I worked full-time so I had some other parents and my mom teach some subjects. He's a perpetual student now at college and loves learning. Something I could never say when he went to public school!

  12. Darci, where did you see the boots for sale? I only went to Target looking for them but no dice.

    Tena, I had to order them at Amazon.com. I didn't put a link up because I was a little embarrassed about how much I spent. :-} But I made it where you can click the picture for the link to Amazon.com

  13. Those boots are ROCKIN' and you must wear them every day! Don't wait for rain! LOL


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