Friday, May 1, 2009

Week 12 Weigh In Results and a New Food Obsession

What a glorious day! I didn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to study for a test. And Chuck was home. Ahhhh.

Breakfast: Carb Check Bagel with fat free cream cheese (3 pts) and a Sugar Free Rock Star (o pts)

Today was my day to get my first pedicure. It's part of my 10% goal achievement reward. I went to a spa because I wanted the full effect of living beyond my means. OMG, I can't believe I've been missing this all my life.

I get there and she has some sort of mini jacuzzi going for my feet and the water is scented like a eucalyptus forest. I sit in the chair and she brings me water and turns on the chair so it massages me. I tell her that this is my first time and that starts a whole conversation about weight and struggles and exercise.

She takes care of my feet and massages my leg with some sort of heavenly exfoliating lotion. I smelled pretty! Then she asks me what color paint I want. Um, I don't know. Something pink. You pick for me.

The whole experience was great and I got to leave in some funky foam flip flops with foam blocks between my toes. My feet are so much smoother. I've already messed up some of the polish because I'm just hard on my feet. A great experience and I want to do it again. :)

Last night we went to Pei Wei Asian Diner. Holy Cow! This place is so awesome. The kids loved it too. Why am I bringing this up now? Because today I got to have leftovers for lunch!
Lunch: brown rice and Mandarin Kung Pao tofu and veggies (8 pts) So good. I love that they have their nutritional info and menu online. Be careful because they count most dishes as 2 servings. Go to see if there is a Pei Wei near you because the food is great and most is pretty low in points/calories.
Mid-afternoon treat: caramel Frappuccino (1 pt)
Preblend ingredients......
Post blend yumminess........
Time to go for a run as part of my Walk-It Challenge training. This time the whole family came along. I chose a time when it was way too hot outside. Early morning and evening runs are the best time in the Texas heat. Plus it really wasn't smart to drink a big frappuccino before running. I felt like hurling more than once.

Walk 5 minutes; run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes; repeat 8 times; walk 5 minutes=34 minutes total

We were all craving Pei Wei again tonight. I think they put something in their food to make you want more. I'm suspicious. ;~)
Dinner: Thai Dynamite Tofu and Veggies, spring roll, brown rice, sweet chili sauce, Vietnamese Chicken Salad Roll (10 pts) This is only half of the food they give you. The chicken salad rolls and the spring rolls are only 1 point each according to the nutritional info on the web site.
Thai Dynamite: Sriracha chile sauce, soy, fresh lime, scallion, red bell pepper, carrot, Thai Basil, broccoli, tofu, snap peas
I needed (ok I wanted) some chocolate for dessert. For your viewing pleasure, here is a 100 calorie Milky Way and a 100 calorie 3 Musketeers. You can see that the 3 Musketeers is larger. So that's the one I chose and gave the Milky Way to Chuck. LOL How selfish of me. And I had it in the refrigerator so it was cool and chewy. mmmmmmmmm
Dessert: 100 calorie 3 Musketeers (2 pts)
And now for the weigh in results:
I had forgotten to go to my meeting because of I was obsessing so much over my final. I was just going to wait until next week to weigh but the Weight Watchers web site kept bugging me to enter my weight. I got on the Wii Fit after running and in my workout gear and expected my weight to go up some. Imagine my surprise when it was down 2.8 pounds for a total of 26 pounds in 12 weeks. Holy crap, y'all! I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could lose this burden. But I'm doing it. I'm still in shock. It's a good shock though. Thank goodness for Weight Watchers.
Help me decide what to ask for for Mother's Day: a Bosu ball or a day at the spa with my daughter. I want them both.
Don't forget about the Sweet Success Giveaway! Only 1 more week before a winner is announced. I can't wait. I love giveaways. :)
Points: 24/24
Activity: 2.3 miles run/walk +2 points


  1. Glad you loved your pedicure!

    Yay for homemade fraps! Great that we can make them at home, not have to wait in line and also we save 4 bucks!!!

    Pei Wei sounds amazing! Not sure if there are any near me. Gonna search for one...

    Congrats on your loss!!! I say go for the spa day ;)

  2. Congrats on your weigh in!!!

    Glad you liked your pedicure, now it is clear why I went pretty much every month :)

    I LOVE Pei Wei! In fact I just had it for dinner tonight. I can usually get 2-3 meals out of each dish. They are very accommodating with any of my requests like sauce on the side or to use stock velvet chicken instead of the fried chicken that is in some dishes. My favorite is the Pei Wei spicy.

  3. How can I say no?
    You shall have both for Mother's day. :)

    Shall I make the plans for you, or shall we discuss it first?


  4. I'm so happy for you that you enjoyed your pedicure! You really earned it!

    I love Pei Wei, but you're right, their dishes are 2 servings so you really have to be careful with how much you eat. Mmmmmmm, now I'm hungry just thinking about it!

    And I was gonna vote for the spa day, but I see Chuck is being wonderful and giving you both - lucky you!

  5. Oh, wow! A pedicure, great food, exercise and a wonderful doesn't get any better than that!


  6. Umm that frapp looks great! Hey don't you just love those pedicures!! That's one of my guilty pleasures that I give myself every couple weeks!

  7. Sounds like a fabulous day! Congrats on the loss!

  8. Wow I'm glad you got yourself real nicely pampered!!! I need a pedicure too!
    I got my long awaited haircut and it looks a total failure. sigh.

  9. Great work! Congrats on your weight loss. I have never had a pedicure either. Maybe I'll try it.

  10. Oh wow, look at you go! congratulations on the loss!

  11. First of all, you have nice feet. Jealous!

    Second- I woke up and started reading many poop stories, and was giggling... then I got to yours and the vision of your poor dog being drug outside in its kennel... I was dying. Seriously. We had a poo and kennel incident and I wish we would have done that. YOU made my day! HAHAHAAA! The funny ways we support eachother...

  12. How awesome are you? Seriously? You're my hero! You are so driven!

  13. I know I have already congratulated you on the loss, but I wanted to ask you to stop by my blog. I have something for you.

  14. 2.8 lbs SO AWESOME!!!! Lady you are on a roll and are goign to be at your goal in no time.

    I'm a big fan of Pei-Wei, we have a few around here. The tofu is so yummy there! I need to figure out how to make it taste so good at home.

    That frap looks a-mazing!

  15. tasty looking food and very cute looking pedicured toes! :) I LOVE getting a pedicure, too, but so rarely do. (and you can tell from the frightening look of my feet, I'm sure) :P Glad you had a good one! I love the spa lotion smells, too. (half of how they suck you in, I'm sure!) :)

  16. oh! and congrats on your amazing weight loss!! :)

  17. Congrats on the loss!

    You have such pretty feet! Mine look like pigs trotters!! Cute flip flops too. I LOVE pedicures, it is my favourite treat.

    I've been wanting Chinese food lately so your pictures made me drool.

  18. Congrats of magnificant weight loss. I am about 40 yrs older than you and do WW exclusively on-line. Although a life member, I don't like to emphasize that due to many failures. I don't drive at night, and nearest group is 15 mi away, with huge membership. I like groups less than 50.

    Anyway I've lost 20 since Dec. 31, pretty good for a 70+ yr. old. I encourage you to make goal and find some way to stay there. It only gets harder when you are older. I've been that route a number of time.


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