Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Recap & Cool Running Stuff

I'm back from my little vacation from blogging. Things got busy around here and I had raging hormones so I was a little street rat crazy for a couple of days. All better now. :D


Rachel and I went to the spa for my Mother/Daughter Mother's Day gift. It was so relaxing and fun. We got out toes and our nails and hair done. My favorite is the pedicure! Love it. We were so relaxed afterwards.

We were supposed to go paddling that night but I was a little worried about Charlie's head wound re-opening if he hit it or fell out of the boat, etc. I really need that thing to heal. It is looking better though. Plus we had to get up so early the next day.

Stayed on plan but had to use one of my weekly allowance points. 25/24

no exercise


Got up before the crack of dawn to take the kids to their races. Charlie's 1k was at 7:30am. He did very well! I was so proud of him. We discovered that morning that he had outgrown his race/running shoes so he had to wear his every day shoes. Oh well. It was a short distance.

And here is the happy but tired boy with his ribbon. He also got a tee shirt.

Rachel's race started at 8am and she was VERY nervous. Her time has improved since her race last summer but we still need to work on it. I'm just proud of her for wanting to do this! She got out there and almost ran the first mile but then had to go into her walk/run routine which is just fine. As she got close to the finish line Charlie jumped out there and escorted her across. Sweet brother/sister moment. LOL You can tell that Rachel is tired in the picture.
She got a tee shirt and we went home and rested.
Stayed on plan: 18/24 Wasn't very hungry today.
Sunday: Happy Mother's Day
Did you know that points don't count on holidays? I think that should be an official Weight Watcher position. ;-)
Met with my walking team at the park but I knew I wasn't going to be able to walk. I just wanted to let them know that I'm still around and would be there next week. You know, just to make an appearance. Told them "hi" and explained why I couldn't walk to the team leader and left.
Chuck made a breakfast of a "fried" egg, toast and bacon. So good! I took 4 Midol and passed out while every one watched The Dark Knight. The parts I could make myself stay awake through looked really good.
The kids gave me sweet pictures and homemade paper flower arrangements and a Bosu ball. yeah! I think the kids are having more fun with that ball than I am. LOL
That evening we went to Chuck's parents house for hot dogs (not fat free and not sugar free wheat buns) and chips and strawberry shortcake and brownie. No points, remember! :P
To go along with my raging hormones I had some chocolate and wine and 2 sugar free margaritas.
Points: NONE though I did just count my weekly points
Running Info:

I've enjoyed my running schedule recently. Well, I take that back. I dread doing it every single time but then I feel fantastic afterwards.

If you would like to work towards running a 5k there is a program that many people use called Couch to 5K (or you'll see it abbreviated C25K). Go HERE to get the program. If you click to download it you will be asked to pay $19.95. Just print out the page on the main web site because that's really all the info you need. Follow it and you should be able to run a 5k in about 9 weeks.

If you would like to do this program, there is a terrific podcast that you can get for either your ipod or your other mp3 player HERE. Just look at the top of the page for "podcasts" and "mp3 podcasts" to chose which is right for you. Each week has a download and tells you when to run and when to walk. It's set to music to help you keep the right pace. It's really great. I downloaded them all. :) This is specifically for the Couch to 5K program and it's free.

Did the Biggest Loser inspire you when they ran a half marathon? What about when they ran a full marathon? NOVA produced a documentary where they took sedentary people and trained them for a marathon to see if it could be done. Throughout the program are clips of how the body works when running and how it improves your heart. It's really fascinating. So were the sedentary, including an overweight woman, able to train for the marathon? Did they burn a lot of calories while training? You can watch the NOVA Marathon Challenge HERE to find out.

Today is back to my photo journal and, hopefully, sharing some new recipes. I have a new one that I want to try. If it all works out ok it should be a chocolate cheesecake pie worth 1 pt per serving! Wouldn't that be wonderful?!

Hope every one had a great Mother's Day. :)


  1. "Street rat crazy" is now officially a term that I've got to start using on a regular basis. :)

  2. sounds like a great weekend!

  3. Chocolate cheesecake pie worth 1 pt?? Wow! I'm ready to find out about that!

    That's great that your kids are doing those runs.

  4. Awww I love that both of the kiddies are getting into working out just as much as you are! Youre being such a wonderful role model for them to live a really healthy life!

    Happy belated mothers day! And no, points shouldnt count on holidays :)

  5. "I've enjoyed my running schedule recently. Well, I take that back. I dread doing it every single time but then I feel fantastic afterwards."

    Did you crawl into my head and find that thought? Because that's how I feel. I miss that fantastic feeling afterward on my rest days. I think that means it's time to find something else to dread on rest days. lol

  6. How wonderful that your kids completed their races!!!

    Glad you enjoyed your spa day - you totally deserved it!

  7. aww, sounds like you had a great weekend and the kiddos & hubs treated you well for Mother's day!!

    oh and glad you enjoyed the pedi!! They are my fav!!!

  8. Eh, those pesky hormones.

    Otherwise, what a great weekend! I had to google Bosu my fitness level, that thing would be dangerous for me. I'd fall off. lol

    Looking forward to your chocolate cheesecake!

    I'm inspired by your kids! I will show this to my DS and see if it piques his least plant a seed!

  9. 1 point chocolate cheesecake????

    I'm hanging on this blog until you report back! Chocolate AND cheesecake OOOOHHHHHH

    Sorry you were feeling "street rat crazy" this weekend but hope you had a great Mother's Day anyway. You are right, points are negative on Mother's Day! I got this out of week 13 book. Oh you didn't get a week 13 book? Wow! It's chock full of little pearls like negative points days etc. ;)

  10. Oops! I wanted to add....

    Kids are doing great! KUDOS to the kids for great running!

  11. Glad you got to enjoy yourself a little!

    Thanks so much for that NOVA link; I'm looking forward to checking that out!

    Glad your back on track today; you're doing AWESOME!!!

  12. Gah! I hope you're feeling better... four midol is intense!

    I got a special package in the mail today... All these things are new to me... so I'll have to do some reviews on my blog... after exams are over... uh oh back to studying :(


  13. The brother/sister pair is sooo cute and sweet!! I wish my brother and I were that close :)

    Thanks for all the info on the Couch to 5K program! I am gonna take a closer look and decide if I should start it hehe.

  14. LOL, I love the term street rat crazy. Thanks for that!
    And thank you for the links to those podcasts! I've been wondering how to best time everything if I'm doing my runs outside. I guess I don't need to now!


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