Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weigh In Results and Foodie news (Holey Donuts and Vitamuffin coupons)

I have some foodie news to share with you.
Eat what you want day is here!
Actually, with Vitalicious you can eat what you want every day because you get the best of both worlds: delicious taste and nutrition in every bite. Now you no longer need to deny yourself the delicious treats you crave to achieve your weight loss goals. Reach your goals enjoying every bite along the way!
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Holey Donuts:
In all of my years in the donut business, I've never created something I personally thought tasted so great (and I am not even the biggest fan of blueberry). As you know, our Reduced Fat Cinnamon Buns have been our best selling product, written about in just about every piece of national media you can name.

Today, we created a Reduced Fat Blueberry Cinnamon Bun that is so moist, soft and flavorful that words cannot describe. The taste combination of the light blueberry, accentuated with vanilla extracts, freshly ground cinnamon and our famous fat free glaze is too good to describe.
Having been around donuts since I was a small boy (remember my dad was a pioneer with Dunkin Donuts back in 1959) makes me a bit jaded, and I don't get too excited about most donuts. I was literally blown away and could not believe how delicious this product was! So much so that I would love for you to try them FREE with any order you place between now and Friday 5/15/2009. They are only available to you in this special invitation, as they are not yet even listed on our website!

At checkout, go to the Discount Code Box and enter "bluebuns" then click "recalculate" and a box of 4 Jumbo Reduced Fat Blueberry Cinnamon Buns will be added FREE before we ship your order.

Breakfast: oatmeal with raspberries and 2 Tbs grape nuts (3 pt) 190 cals.; a vitamuffin (1 pt)100 cals; and a Sugar Free Rock Star (0 pt) 20 cals I think I haven't been very hungry lately because I'm getting a little bored with my food. Time to change things up a little.
Did Shred Level 1. I think it's time to take it to Level 2. I haven't met with Jillian in a while and she gave me a working over. For some reason the jumping jacks were a challenge for me. LOL Of all things!

Lunch: 5 potstickers and 1 tbs sauce (5 pts) 280 cals; 1/2 c. Asian Style Medley veggies (1 pt) 50 cals I'm in love with these potstickers! So darn good.
Speaking of potstickers (sorry Chuck, I have to share), Chuck brought a box of the Healthy Choice potstickers for lunch yesterday and I guess it had a little leak and some of the sauce dripped down his sock into his shoe when he went to warm it up. So he had to go around all day with potsticker sauce in his shoe. Ewwww. And then he tried to open his cupcake and it blew up when he opened the package. Poor guy. I actually rigged it. You didn't need that cupcake. Eat your fruit. LOL
I was minding my own business around the house and Chuck calls and asks if I'm getting ready to leave for my Weight Watchers meeting. I had no idea the day had slipped away so fast! I was sipping on a Rock Star (o pts; 20 cals)! Quickly got ready and headed out the door. I'll tell you about weigh in later. :)
At the meeting I had a Fiber One Caramel bar (2 pts; 140 cals)

I don't really like to cook after meetings. It's already getting late and I'm hungry when I leave. Tonight we got to go to Kappa's, a little restaurant that has great sushi and Asian food.

I mentally made up my mind what I would order before I got there so I would stay on plan. This is key for me to survive at restaurants.

Dinner: egg drop soup (2 pt; 100 cals); edamame (2 pts; 110 cals); spicy tuna roll (6 pts; 370 cals) I have to estimate calories on some things. The restaurant doesn't have nutritional info so I just go by the average calories found in books and online.

Dinner was awesome!!!
Then they brought out dessert: cut up orange with toothpicks. I had 2 pieces. I don't think that would be any points and I have no idea how many calories. It couldn't be much. I didn't count it in my total. They were so tiny. But very pretty!
OK. Let's get to the weigh in. I knew it would happen eventually and tonight it did. I gained .6 pounds.

I thought that this would depress me. You know, get all sad and "I'll never be able to lose all this weight. I'm a failure." That sort of thing. It didn't. It made me want to open up a can of this:
I have a boiling, raging fury inside me that I can't describe. I'm not mad at anyone. Not even myself! I know there are some water retention issues going on (don't think I need to say more on that subject).
I feel....driven and alive right now. This was just the fire I needed to light under my butt to get busy. A gain? Oh I don't think so!!! I'm going to kick my ass this week and I look forward to facing that scale next Wednesday. THIS will not happen.
I am so driven right now. I'm a mad woman, I tell you! It's kind of exciting.
After dinner I went walking at a very brisk pace for 45 minutes. Justin Timberlake got me going with "Sexyback" and then "Spotlight" and "Supermassive Black Hole" from Twilight soundtrack kept my pace going the rest of the time. I was a sweaty mess and it felt GREAT! Got in 2.6 miles. I could have easily run but it was supposed to be my walking day.
Got cleaned up then did 20 push ups, planks and wall squats. I can not gain anything but muscle. :)
At my meeting I did get my 25 pound award. Yeah! Seems a little bittersweet after a gain.
I think this little gain might have been good for me. It has awakened a beast within me that I didn't even realize existed. LOL I am just so driven! I love that feeling. It's a weird high. Oh man, I am so weird.
Points: 22/24
Activity: shred Level 1 20 minutes; brisk walking 45 minutes; 20 push ups; planks; wall squats
+5 Activity Points
Calories Burned per bodybugg: 2525
Calorie Intake: 1381
Calorie deficit: 1144


  1. Way to kick the scale right in the ass lady!

    I'm guessing next weeks loss is going to be HUGE; due to your renewed since of scale wup ass and the fact that you really are a great loser in the weight loss department!

    0.6 will be gone by the time you wake up tomorrow :)

    Your dinner looked super yummy!

  2. "oooh baby, don't you know I suffer.
    Ooooh baby, can't you hear me moan?"
    Yeah. That's right. The opening line in the lyrics of "Supermassive Black Hole".

    I swear, if I didn't know better, I would think you are trying to kill me. And spinning class tonight? WTF?!?

    I really do love you. But, if you are going to kill me, do it quickly. This is torture.

  3. That's a great attitude! I'm sure you're going to get some amazing results :D
    And that dinner looked awesome, yum!

  4. The push ups and jump ropes are what gets me. Especially after push ups. I feel like I'm 1000 pounds. They're so easy and awesome after using weights because then, I feel like I'm 50 pounds!

  5. Hmmmmm... how many calories in a can of wup ass?

  6. Loved the can of wup ass! lol

    Congrats on the 25 lb reward. And 0.6 is nothing. Don't worry about it at all! But great exercise!

    I won't harrass you on this too much but I am a firm believer that you should be eating a minimum of your daily points especially if you are working out. What might be happening is that your body is trying to hold on to its calories or fat reserves or whatever and therefore, you actually might not be losing as much.

    I guess you can just monitor your weight loss over the next few weeks and if you notice it's stalling a bit, maybe try to change up the amount of points you are eating or something. Just a thought. Looks like you had a great day though! Congrats again!

  7. Hi Amanda! I had the same thought with the points. Last night I was tallying everything up and thought about eating something for those last 2 points but decided against it since it was so late. But I'm going to get my minimum daily points in. Not sure about the weekly allowance and AP yet. I'll just see how it goes.

    My goal is to exercise like crazy and take in my daily points. I also want to make sure that I have a daily deficit of at least 500 calories. Shouldn't be a problem with that can of whup ass opened up. ;-)

  8. I have often wondered what I would do if/when I have a gain. You have just become my inspiration for when that happens. Thank you, thank you.

    Love the wup the attitude.

    Congrats on that 25-pound award. You earned it, despite the blip in the scale.

  9. Kelly!!! Love the Wup Ass! You ARE gonna do it - I know it! The fire is lit, go to it, girl!! Hey, you even stoked me up now!

  10. recovery after a gain was always a huge issue for me . . . it is awesome that you were able to take it and go with it without feeling crappy....

    what are your thoughts on the body bugg? is it worth it?

  11. Maybe our scales are in cahoots?!

    Good for you that it fired you up. This week was not the first time that had happened to me so I will admit that I was a little deflated but I jumped right back in today. It's a new week afterall.

  12. Wow are ready to go!! So glad the gain didn't get you down!!

  13. If we had a restaurant around here with those kind of choices, I might actually eat out...that looks great. Yeah, sounds like that scale is going to be begging for mercy next week! Your attitude is contagious!

  14. Thanks guys! :)

    Jessi, I LOVE my bodybugg. If you get one I would highly recommend getting the little watch that goes with it so you can just look at the display and check how many calories you've burned, steps taken, activity for the day etc. You can also compare it to yesterday's performance. It is pricey but I like it a lot.

  15. You are totally loony and completely hilarious! ;-) I guess sometimes it's a good thing to awaken the beast! Congrats on the 25lbs gone. That's wonderful.

    And a .6 gain? Puh-leeze, just go to the bathroom and it'll be gone. ;-)


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