Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a Regular Day. Nothing to See Here :P

Not much exciting going on today. Sometimes it's nice to have days like that though.

Stayed up way too late last night. But it was fun hanging out with Chuck while the kids are gone. It's so quiet around here. I wonder how I'll handle an empty nest when the time comes.

Breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries, Bartlett pear Australian yogurt, walnuts & pumpkin seeds I could not eat it all but it was very good.

Now I'd like to introduce you to two things that totally kicked my butt:

Meet EA Sports Active for Wii. Works both upper and lower body. I changed the band to a more resistant one and now my arms shake while doing the exercises. Excellent.
Now meet Leslie Sanson's Walk Away The Pounds 4 Mile Super Challenge. Doesn't seem difficult. You have 4 basic moves and there's no dancing or jumping around but I burn 700-800 calories when I do it. Not bad!
Guess who's on the cover of Self Magazine for July. Jillian Michaels! I know, I know. You either love her or hate her. I'm in the love her camp. Whatever you may feel about her, she gets great results. In this issue she opens up and we see that though Jillian is hard and crunchy on the outside, she's soft and sweet on the inside. Kind of like a Skittle.
I sure would like to meet her. Oh, how about that?! Self is giving away lunch with Jillian in LA! Just go to and register for a chance. While there you can also sign up to receive daily exercise tips from Ms. Shred herself. Plus there is the Great 1-Month Slimdown exercises to try. Jill had to lose 60 pounds and she shows you how to drop 8 pounds in a month. I'd love to be 8 pounds lighter.
Lunch: leftover Thai Lime Chicken and Spinach Rice
For dinner my sweety took me on a casual date to Mooyah. Stupid burgers are so darn good. I got the junior one this time. I wonder if he liked me. I hope he asks me out again. ;-)
Afterwards we went grocery shopping then home then to bed. I wish we were independently wealthy so he could stay home or could work from home. Why is The Man always trying to keep us down? LOL
OH! Got some great samples from Amazing Grass so you'll be seeing that a lot in the days to come.
Giveaway alert: Iowa Girl Eats is having a Real Simple & Pure Giveaway.
Calories Burned: 2996


  1. Oh, I'll take you out again. If you'd like to go.

    How 'bout dinner and a movie tomorrow night?

    And don't forget to make your pedicure/manicure appointment.
    I mean it!

    Love ya. Always.

  2. you and chuck are the CUTEST.
    I'm going to try mooyah this weekend IF I have a loss!!

    Way to go on your LOSS!!! Friggin GREAT! YOu are such an inspiration...

  3. If I went to lunch with Jillian, I think I'd order a large platter of s'mores just to see what she'd do.

  4. You are so funny - love your date comments!

    About the Sansone DVD, I've always you walk inside? While the TV is playing the DVD? And if so, do you feel silly walking around your family room? Although, with the heat we Texans are experiencing, I would welcome walking in A/C!

  5. I can't wait to find out what Amazing Grass is, but I do love the name. That chicken looks delish.

  6. It always warms my heart to read comments Chuck leaves for you. It's nice to see a couple so in love still. =)

    Jillian: I don't love or hate her. I have only watched a couple episodes of TBL, and that was the first season. She kind of scared me a bit and I remember thinking if I were on the show, I'd like the guy. lol I don't know enough about her to base a judgment. I do know everyone loves her workouts.

    I'm going to watch TBL when it starts again so I can keep up with blogs better and because obviously people learn stuff watching. lol At this point I'm way too chicken to buy The Shred. I like my quirky Richard. Maybe I'll get brave.

    I didn't realize the Sansone tape burned so many calories. I have one, I forget which it is, and I haven't opened it. I have an old VHS of hers that is for over 40. lol I like it okay, I just never think to pull them out.

  7. haha Yeah, we're pretty sappy around each other. Almost 19 years of wedded bliss.

    Shelley, it is way too hot for walking outside right now. I burned my hand trying to put my car in gear yesterday. True story.

    You don't walk around the house with the Sansone DVDs. You have 4 basic moves: walk in place, step side to side, kickbacks, high knees. She uses those in different ways like maybe you'll do side steps with a kickback or something. She may even have you walk two steps forward then two steps back.

    The 4 mile challenge is 55-60 minutes long. I haven't timed it. It just keeps you moving at a brisk pace and it's supposed to be equivalent to a 4 mile walk. You will burn more calories the more you get into the workout. ie pump your arms, squat down for the side steps, etc.

    OK, her laugh grates on my nerves a little and maybe she's a little too perky for me but I'm willing to endure it for a low impact high calorie burning workout. There is no resistance training so you'd need to add that yourself. Resistance bands, weights, etc.

    Tuesday I did the 4 mile walk and burned almost 800 calories. Yesterday I did it and burned almost 700. I didn't put as much in to it because I was sore from previous workout with EA Sports Active.

  8. Not just your ordinary day b/c it started off with a great breakfast. I'm in the Love camp for Jillian. I'm enjoying her Shred workout and can definitely feel a difference in my strength. Can't wait to read the magazine and I'll have to check out the website to meet her :) Curious about the DVD workout...might need to check that one out since I'm almost done with my 30 days.

  9. itsawrapteacher, I need to start Shredding again. It's a great workout and only 20 minutes.

    Don't think that you are going to get the same intensity with the walk DVD. You just don't. BUT you do burn more calories. :)

    Have you seen Jillian's other workout DVD Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism? Holy cow! It's like Shred on acid. I bought it but I haven't tried it yet. I got sore just watching it.

  10. Those oats look extra cool today for some reason, haha. Maybe it's the blueberries and pumpkin seeds.

    That walking challenge sounds interesting! And I like Jillian. I was happy to see her on the cover this month

  11. Thanks so much for the info on the WAP! I have her earlier tapes, but WOW, I would have never thought that the 4 miler burned almost 800 cals! Whoooo hooo! That is awesome; I will definitely dig those out again!

  12. Boost your Metabolism is okay. Too much jumping for my liking but the No More Trouble Zones is awesome.

  13. piday, I don't have that one. So you like it? Can you tell me a little about No More Trouble Zones? Like Shred? How long is workout?

  14. yeah, Leslie's workouts are great, and she is so sweet...too sweet. But i still like her. And Jillain, for the most part. She just needs to pull up her pants. :-)

  15. I'm glad you are having a great week in the weigh in world, tasty ice cream sandwiches and burger dates with your honey!! How sweet! :-)

  16. That oatmeal looks awesome!

  17. I'm going to be switching it up to the moderate intensity for my next EA Sports 30 Day Challenge...I'm scared lady!!! The squat holds and lunges jumps (also my least favorite) are insanely hard in the low intensity, I cant even imagine the next level!

    Completely agree with your thoughts on Leslie Sansone. Absolutely love the walk away the pounds series, but chickie can be way to cheerleader for me at times. I do love how many calories it burns though, especially since you dont feel like you've killed yourself at the end!

    I love Jillian Michaels :D As much as she scares the crap out of me, I'd want her to be my trainer if I were to get onto the Biggest Loser.


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